Are All Motorcycle Clubs Bad?

No. Not all motorcycle clubs are bad and not all bikers are criminals even though the movies and media would like you to think so. While there is criminal activity within motorcycle clubs, it’s unfair to stereotype every member of a motorcycle club as being involved in or condoning such behavior. The following article will hopefully change your mind about the stereotype that all motorcycle clubs are bad.

All religions have their extreme fanatics, but that doesn’t reflect on the majority of good people who follow the same beliefs. Many motorcycle club members aren’t gangsters or criminals.  They simply enjoy the brotherhood, lifestyle, and freedom that is associated with riding motorcycles.

Some of these riders may break a law or two and some may cause a few problems. That, however, does not mean that all of the members will be involved in such behavior. Just as some people who don’t follow any religion can be criminals, so too can some motorcycle club members be criminals.

there will be only 1% groups of them who see themselves as above the law…

That doesn’t mean that our judicial system should treat them as such. They may have a few members, but they are still people with rights and need to be treated fairly under the law.

Some motorcycle clubs also hate being lumped together with other “outlaw” clubs which have been labeled as gangs by police agencies even though they don’t meet the legal requirements of a gang. They believe that these allegations tarnish their name and honor.

Unfortunately, there is no formal list of outlaw motorcycle clubs or gang affiliations available since most clubs choose not to comply with governmental requests for information about their membership. This causes problems when it comes to gathering information on those groups involved in criminal activity since it’s hard to tell which ones are truly involved in the criminal activity unless the person doing the research is personally affiliated with a motorcycle club or gang.

They may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that they are all bad. There are many of these “outlaw” groups who abide by most laws and cause few problems for society. Those members who do break the law should still be punished, but they shouldn’t be judged by their entire group based on one or two criminals within their ranks.

All motorcycle clubs should be judged on their individual merits and not lumped together as one. Many motorcycle clubs claim to be charities, raise money for good causes, and help out in the community when needed even though no charity events or fundraisers may be listed on their website.

While some may disagree with that philosophy, it’s still important to support the freedom of every group and allow them to do what they feel is necessary to accomplish their goal or follow their beliefs. It might take a few minor sacrifices from society to keep everyone fully informed about what each motorcycle club does, but it would ultimately make our world a better place if we did so.

Since most groups aren’t vocal about what they do behind closed doors, it’s impossible to know who they are unless you’re personally involved with one. It’s always easy for people to believe the worst about certain groups of people without any personal experience or knowledge of them.

As I mentioned, a few groups will have some bad members due to some bad members which the group as a whole blames. again the ratio of bad motorcycle clubs will be 1% or 1.5%…

the majority of them are well behaved and doing a lot for their communities. and you should find out what you can about them, and who they are and do not be lazy to ask questions and learn the truth…

and I repeat: there is 0% criminality in any motorcycle club that constantly holds charity events. if your local bikers constantly participate in such events – then it’s safe to say that they are good guys/riders.

I know a few well-behaved people which came from well-known outlaw motorcycle clubs. we all have different views but we share one important thing: we constantly support freedom for everyone…

we aren’t a real threat to society – we just want our freedom and respect!

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  • bikers are just misunderstood, but just want to have fun and enjoy the open road. they are hard-working people that contribute to society as much as anyone else. it’s time to stop judging them on what other bikers have done in the past and realize that not every motorcycle club is a gang!
  • there are some movies made that motorcycle clubs are bad, they are trouble makers, life losers, killers. The clubs are all about fighting with the police. These kinds of points are found in the movies. and these movies are made in the 80s and 90s mostly.

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why do guys join motorcycle clubs?

They are brought together by their common interests. The clubs are formed by people who want to be around each other and enjoy the same things. The majority of motorcycle clubs are formed by people who are passionate about motorcycles. They can also come about when bikers wish to take up different social causes.

but the main point of guys who are joining motorcycle clubs is to enjoy some type of freedom, to be free from the world. In a society where there is so much control, you have to do this and have to do that. If you can get on a motorcycle and ride away from all these rules and regulations it is a passionate form of freedom.

most guys who join motorcycle clubs are males because they have long traditions in this sport which was born in Europe or America. today almost half of all motorcyclists are women…

the main reasons for guys to join motorcycle clubs

– they love motorcycles and riding

– the social aspect, meeting up with friends and enjoying time together

– freedom from responsibilities

– they can organize themselves and become self-organized.

-and most important to see the beauty of nature.

why are some motorcycle clubs bad?

There are some motorcycle clubs formed by people who do break the law. they don’t respect society’s rules and regulations, they think that a motorcycle club is a brotherhood and everyone has to obey what other guys say. it’s an autocracy, not democracy. So, motorcycle clubs are bad because they try to control people instead of letting them be free.

these people are also known to be criminals, they are drug dealers and sometimes they kill people. but these guys are not in the majority of motorcycle clubs, they are just a few isolated cases.

but some motorcycle club members only do legitimate activities like taking part in all kinds of ceremonies, weddings, funerals, etc, or celebrating biker events. these guys are not doing anything wrong at all…

and some motorcycle clubs even do charity; they help old people, veterans, or homeless people.

bad clubs are just a few isolated cases…

why did motorcycle clubs start?

they are invented back in the 30s when motorcycling became more popular all around the world.

but motorcycle clubs existed long before that time, they were formed by bike racing fans and riders who wanted to create a club and to be organized.

in Europe and America motorcycle clubs were having men only, but today many ladies join these clubs.

but motorcycle clubs are not dangerous; they only seem like that because movies try to show them in a bad way and with violence and crime, but most members of motorcycle clubs just want to enjoy their life and ride on the roads.

can women join a motorcycle club?

yes, today many ladies join motorcycle clubs. they ride together with their male friends and it’s very common to see club members at weddings or funerals.

but it depends on the rules of each specific motorcycle club; some don’t let women in while others accept to have them as fellow brothers.

like men’s women also need to have a passion for motorcycles to join a motorcycle club. and also need to have their license to ride a bike.

in some cases, ladies can even be the president or vice-president of their motorcycle club depending on all the rules and regulations of each club.

when someone wants to join a motorcycle club they should keep in mind that it’s not about riding along with friends to have fun; it’s also important to obey all the club’s rules and regulations.


In conclusion, I consider that some bad movies about has been made but actually motorcycle clubs are nice places considering how they were formed by people who want to enjoy life with their friends on motorcycles They found friendship and brotherhood after something they love doing together! It’s very curious how many women are also interested in motorcycle clubs nowadays. I am sure that more movies will be made about the subject of motorcycle clubs.

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