Are Motorcycle Boots Necessary?

Motorcycle boots are not necessary but it’s a very important gear when you are riding motorcycles. In my opinion, I said motorcycle boots are necessary for the rider so that his feet are protected from being injured in the event of a crash. with another vehicle. 

Some have a hard time understanding the need for motorcycle boots until they’ve been through a crash. While torn jeans and leather jackets might be the norm as far as street fashion, it’s not as though this idea has never been questioned before. In fact, decades ago many riders would wear everyday shoes while riding because what was available at the time wasn’t very good.

In those early days of motorcycles, there were no standards for protective gear so part of being a responsible rider was wearing something that kept you from getting seriously hurt or killed. As times changed over the years an entire market grew around creating various styles and types of motorcycle boots to meet each rider’s needs.

all based on how they intended to ride their bike. So whether your thing is cruising, touring, motocross racing, or dirt biking – there is a motorcycle boot for you.

If you are a dedicated rider, motorcycle boots should be at the top of your list. In fact, if riding is one of your passions in life it may even be worth considering buying a pair before you buy your first bike! However, to answer the question – ‘Are motorcycle boots necessary?’, well… yes and no.

Of course, all gear is designed with safety as its primary purpose so wearing these items will always enhance any ride. But let’s face it; some would argue they look better than others so obviously don’t need as much as an item with full-on armor plating attached! This is where many riders fall into difficulty when trying to justify their spending on protective clothing that doesn’t really fit their style or needs.

A true motorcycle enthusiast will always go the extra mile to protect themselves on board their prized machine due to an inherent deep-rooted desire, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make good use of our bargaining skills and try and get a top deal too! For example, you will rarely catch me using any of my “unnecessary” summer riding gear such as knee sliders or back/shoulder armor because I feel that they spoil the look of my awesome leathers.

however, I am fully aware that I should be wearing them and would do so if (and more likely when) I end off my bike. So like most things in life – think before you act, know your limitations and ride within them, don’t be afraid to make use of good protective gear, and when in doubt, look the part (or at least protect yourself!).  

“Motorcycle boots are often made from top-grade leather with extra reinforcement on the ankle/heel area for added strength. This makes them durable, stylish, and more than capable of protecting you during everyday riding or even just cruising around town.”

Don’t Ignore Your Feet!

Motorcycle Boots

So why spend money on motorcycle boots?

Well, let’s start with your feet – one of the most important areas of your body to protect. If you think about it, your feet are probably some of the least protected parts of your anatomy during an accident so investing in a premium pair is easy to justify.

As the weather is beginning to heat up, more and more motorcyclists are hitting their favorite twisty roads. However, along with the riding season come dangers including debris, gravel, tire blowouts, and other road hazards that can send motorcycle riders sliding.

If you haven’t ridden for very long or at all, it might surprise you to know how much your feet are used while riding; especially if your ride involves twisty roads (which most of us like!). 

But One of the main reasons for riders not wearing boots when riding motorcycles during summer is because they find them heavier and uncomfortable to wear, especially on hot days. Another reason could be that they feel the need to wear them only when they are going to have accidents or are involved in some kind of risky ride. 

What protection do motorcycle Boots provide?

Motorcycle boots provide riders with several safety features including. Proper design and construction ensure the motorcycle boot will not loosen or slip when you put your feet down during an emergency stop.

This is more of a concern if you ride a cruiser or even an upright-style sportbike. The added bulk of forward-set footpegs can make it tough to feel confident in putting your feet down during certain maneuvers. And depending on where they are positioned, you might find yourself off balance when trying to prop your bike up on its stand after rolling to a stop.

Heat resistance ensures your feet will not be burned if you have to lay your bike down in traffic or some other place where it may get hot.

Slip-resistant soles ensure your feet stay planted safely on the pegs so you can focus on maneuvering your bike rather than worrying about losing control.

Now that we’ve established the necessity of protecting yourself on your bike, let’s take a closer look at motorcycle boots. 

While many riders scoff at this type of gear, which is perfectly understandable for those who don’t want to sacrifice their style; it won’t stop you from getting hurt if you make poor decisions or ride beyond your limits.

On top of that, there are usually studs embedded in the soles (known as cleats) to help prevent slipping (preventing falls). Other features include gussets, speed laces or zippers, and the all-important sole with a good grip for walking around in.

Now I will admit that not having motorcycle boots probably won’t lead to you getting seriously hurt when out on your daily ride but what if you were doing some twisty back roads at an appropriate pace? What if there was gravel on the road? Or what about when you are stopped at a stop sign or red light – is it easy enough to get both feet down in time for you to come to a complete stop without sliding out.

Anytime you’re riding above your skill level or being irresponsible then protection becomes even more important. Sure, dirt biking seems like it’s just too much fun! You could buy a pair of those little MX boots and wear them every time you ride but why not just get a motorcycle boot that can be worn on the street as well.

What about protection under the circumstances? Nowadays there are hundreds of options to choose from when looking for motorcycle-specific boots. You can go with something that’s heavy-duty, waterproof, insulated for colder weather, and so much more. The only thing you really need to consider is how each item will protect you and your feet in an accident; because it happens sooner or later.

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Why Wear Motorcycle Boots?

The fact is that you cannot avoid accidents from happening, just as you can’t prevent a flat tire. If it happens, what will you do? Can you stay on the bike and ride it to a safe location? If not, then maybe a better boot with a steel or composite shank would help so your foot doesn’t go all the way through the sole. Now I’m going to tell you why you should consider wearing motorcycle boots.

One of the most important factors in being able to walk away from an accident is having some sort of protection for your feet. Boots are made out of tough material like leather which helps protect your feet; but only if they fit properly. The best way to ensure there’s no room for debris (such as gravel or sand) to get in is with a wider opening.

As mentioned earlier, boots should be made from leather in order to withstand the potential “hot spots” that you may find yourself riding through (such as tall grass). If your feet are exposed it will only take one piece of hot debris like rocks or glass piercing the skin before you’re injured which can potentially lead to amputation.

Rest assured that no matter what material they are made out of; motorcycle boots provide excellent protection for your entire foot and ankle area by covering them completely (from top to bottom).

If there’s any sort of accident where you need to make a quick escape then having footwear with easy lacing or zippering makes life easier. This is especially important if you have to walk through gravel or other debris because boots are usually the first thing that gets scuffed up. With no laces or zippers, it’d be almost impossible to leave the scene of an accident without taking your shoes off which could potentially allow further damage.

The shape and thickness of motorcycle boots help with ankle support which can prevent injury during a sudden or awkward turn or fall. While this isn’t directly related to safety, having good support also reduces stress on other areas around your feet (like your Achilles tendon). This way you can ride for extended periods of time without always having to worry about how much impact you’re putting on your heels – thus making boots comfortable enough for everyday use as well.

Boots can be worn on and off the bike, but they should also fit well during a ride. If your toe is hitting against the pegs/bars or if your ankle isn’t supported then it’s time to go up a size or get different boots altogether.


I’d like to stress that you can’t simply walk into your local cycle gear store and pick out any boot, even if it looks identical. Every manufacturer will make their boots slightly different from one another (size/fit) so the only way you’ll know for sure is by trying them on.

A lot of riders I meet don’t wear boots because they’re afraid it will be too hot or restrict their movement. While this might be the case at first, they quickly realize that protection outweighs a little discomfort after a bad fall – which they would have never had in the first place if not for wearing motorcycle boots.

This is why you should start wearing motorcycle boots. Once your feet are protected, the rest of your body will feel more comfortable and relaxed while riding; which means you’ll be that much safer on the road.

It’s also worth mentioning that motorcycle boots can last a long time (depending on how often they’re worn). You save money by not having to purchase new pairs of boots every year or two.

We hope this article was helpful. Please let us know if you’d like to see more articles like this one in the future.

Happy riding.

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