Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets With Armor

It doesn’t happen often, but a day does come around when you’re going to need a jacket. Odds are good that this is one of those days, because it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially on the road.

The best motorcycle leather jacket with armor should be designed with CE-approved protectors within the body panels and upper arms made to take the brunt of any impact. It should have a sturdy zippered closure system, with no gaps or openings for dangerous debris or particles to get through.

Here are our recommendations for jackets, as well as why you should always wear one no matter the length or heat of the ride.

List of best leather motorcycle jacket with armor

Vintage Cafe Racer jacket

You’ll love the look, feel and smell of this vintage upcycled leather motorcycle jacket. This biker style has been distressed to show off its rugged charm while the included armor comfortably protects your elbows, shoulders, and back.

Classic YKK metal zippers keep you cool in warm weather and extra ventilation panels offer even more airflow when needed. Not breathable enough? We recommend wearing an undershirt or scarf underneath so that your skin can still breathe through the cloth.

A removable liner with multiple zippered pockets is perfect for keeping your money-related items safe during a ride: put it on before you leave in the rainy season, and take it off once the sun’s out to dry it up in no time!


  • Made of premium leather
  • Multiple inside Pockets
  • Removable liner
  • Multiple zippered pockets
  • Affordable
  • Suede reinforced around the elbows, back, & shoulders for durability
  • Armored shoulders will protect you during sudden stops or falls
  • Armor on both inside & outside protect elbows & shoulders


  • Is a bit large
  • Uncertain whether or not it’s good for long rides

Xelement B4495 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Introducing the Xelement B4495 Leather Motorcycle Jacket – a must-have for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere! Made from premium cowhide leather, this jacket is tough, durable, and perfect for keeping you safe on the road.

It features CE-approved armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back, as well as five other pockets of armor to keep you protected in case of accidents.

Additionally, it has high visibility fabric to increase your safety on the road, as well as metal zippers and ventilation zippers to keep you cool even on the hottest rides.


  • You’ll be safe when you ride your motorcycle. 
  • The leather is soft and comfortable. 
  • The armor is CE-approved. 
  • You’re a badass biker who knows how to take care of yourself. 
  • Feel the wind in your hair as you zip through traffic.


  • Not waterproof (it’s water-resistant)
  • compatibility can be improved

Vintage Motorcycle leather jacket

A leather motorcycle jacket picks up a style from the 1960s with a vintage appearance. The ergonomic design includes armoring for protection and a quilted liner that runs throughout to keep you warm on chilly nights.

Roll down the sleeves for lightweight summer wear or insert snaps into the cuff and waistband to protect your clothing layer during night rides. In sleek black leather with an iconic US flag patch sewn on the sleeve, this motorcycle jacket is perfect for every rider!

An iconic style of the 60s, this motorcycle jacket has removable elbow/shoulder armor, non-allergenic polyester lining, and a snap collar.

Mfg Co Motorcycle leather jacket

The Mfg Co Motorcycle Men’s Leather Jacket is made from genuine Diamond Naked Cowhide leather. This jacket zips at the sleeves and cuffs for a perfect fit, with a zipper that goes across the shoulders as well.

The back of this jacket has ventilation zippers to let you decide where along your spine you want cooler air to hit, which makes it even more comfortable when riding.

For emergencies, there are two large armor pockets in the back of this jacket as well as armor on your elbows and shoulders for protection without weighing you down during those long rides!

Motorcycle Leather Jackets with armor by HWK

Anybody can forget their gloves or scarf at home, but you never want to forget your jacket when you go on a ride. The HWK Motorcycle Leather Jacket with armor should be the next thing on your list so you’ll never have to leave anything behind again. 

The adjustable zippered cuffs and CE-approved armors mean there’s no way air’s getting too close for comfort and you won’t even have a thing to worry about when taking your dirt bike for a spectacular upside-down flip.

Brotherhood Classic Leather Motorcycle

If you’re thinking about cutting corners by just buying yourself a simple helmet, think again. The Brotherhood Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket is five levels deep when it comes to protection features, including full sleeves removable liner.

Forgot your sunscreen? Not to worry! This biker jacket has convenient ventilation zippers for when you need an air conditioning break in the middle of nowhere, Texas, even in July. Plus with YKK Metal zippers and plenty of large pockets, this fiery hot seller doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Is a leather jacket enough for a motorcycle?

Well, even though leather jackets are the first choice of riders for motorcycle safety, it is not enough to protect you during accidents.

Leather jackets are mainly made out of pure animal skin, and they have lots of cuts and seams. This means that your skin will essentially be directly in contact with the road during an accident or fall.

To avoid this situation, you need high-quality biker armor inside the jacket. The armor that comes with the jacket should be very light in weight and easily fit into the jacket.

Do you have to wear a jacket when riding a motorcycle?

When you are riding a motorcycle you have to wear biker leather jackets. Whether the weather is hot or cold, safety requires that you must always put on your jacket before taking your bike out for a ride. By wearing this protective gear, you increase the chance of staying safe during an accident.

Even on hot summer days, accidents are just as possible as in winter, so you should make sure to wear your jacket. They’re made to protect you in all kinds of weather and seasons. If the heat of the summer is a big issue for you, choose a jacket that’s designed with vents to keep you cool.

Why do bikers wear leather jackets?

When non-bikers see someone on a motorcycle, they may think that he doesn’t care about safety too much. This is not even close to the truth. Just because you’re riding the bike alone doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your safety or well-being at all.

A lot of accidents happen involving motorcycles every single day across America and around the world, so it only makes sense for riders to make sure they have their protection in place in case an accident were ever to occur with them in it.

This is why riders wear leather jackets whenever they take their bikes out for a spin. Another reason is that leather jackets look good and stylish on anybody, whether you’re young or old.

A motorcycle jacket is a must for all bikers. The main reason why they wear this kind of jacket is to protect themselves from road accidents and chilly weather since most bikers always ride in the open air.

Leather jackets are made of high-quality material so they would last long without breaking apart which makes them very expensive but worth your money because they can be used on cold or rainy days.

Why are motorcycle jackets so short?

If you’re a rider, biker, or whatever you want to call yourself, then I’m pretty certain you’ve seen a lot of jackets around. Motorcycle jackets come in all shapes and sizes catering to everyone’s needs.

However, the majority of them are short, usually covering only the top part of your body without dropping any further down.

Why? Well, it all comes down to safety and comfort. Firstly, it’s easier for you to move around the motorcycle when you’re not wearing a jacket that has oversized sleeves.

And secondly, because the upper body is more sensitive, and with a short jacket, you have better protection without sacrificing the comfort of your ride.

If an accident were to occur, the protection ends at the top of your waistline which is usually safer than going further down where your legs are positioned. Don’t forget though, there’s still a place for protective pants that go along with these kinds of jackets.

Should Motorcycle jackets be tight or loose?

When it comes to buying motorcycle leather jackets, you have two choices: To either buy a pre-used jacket or just go for a new one. Whichever way you want to go is fine as long as the jacket fits you correctly and snugly.

Jackets should be in the position where they give you comfort and safety. It should fit you just right: snug enough so that it doesn’t slip off during a ride, and loose enough so that you have room for movement.

Plus, in addition to protecting you from accidents, wearing this kind of outfit makes you look cool, which makes motorcycling even more fun. If ever you’re with friends on your bike, then why not dress up in style to make their experience with you memorable!

Also, these types of jackets are comfortable to wear, making them worth every cent spend on them. As for colors, choose ones that look good with the rest of your motorcycle gear like matching gloves and pants et cetera…

What is armor in a motorcycle jacket?

Would you consider wearing a suit that doesn’t have any protection in case your bike decides to crash? I don’t think so…

And this is the same thing people should be thinking about when buying their motorcycle jackets. Rather than getting something cheap and useless, why don’t you invest in high-quality armor for added protection?

Armor comes with different designs depending on where it’s positioned. You have it around the shoulders, elbows, arms, and even ankles just to name a few spots for maximum coverage. These are usually made of a strong pliable material that can take quite an impact before being torn.

However, there are times that during accidents the armor will crack or break away from its initial position especially if you have fallen hard on rocks or rough surfaces.

Anyway, armor in a motorcycle jacket is a bonus and you should never look at them as extra weight because they are there for your safety.

Buying a Jacket

What to check in buying a motorcycle jacket?

Now that we’ve covered what these kinds of jackets can do, let’s go deeper into what you should be looking for when making the purchase.

Make sure it is made from good quality material because it won’t last long if it is too thin or too flimsy. Durability and comfortability are two important aspects that matter in this case so I suggest going for something made of thick leather with securely stitched seams and zippers.

Besides this makes the price worth every penny since you will get more out of your investment compared to purchasing a cheaper version.


And so there you have it. A comprehensive guide on what to look for in motorcycle jackets. This simple outfit is something that not everyone knows much about so I hope this article has helped you out in making the right decision when shopping around next time.

We also reviewed all of the best jackets that are available on the market. And if you’re looking for something more specific, feel free to drop me a comment below!

Best of luck and always wear your gear responsibly.

Happy riding!