Best Way To Clean Motorcycle Helmet Visor

The proper process for cleaning a helmet visor at home needs to be followed. The purpose of this article is to guide you on Best way to clean motorcycle helmet visor. because Your helmet visor is your window. It is important to keep it protected. Cleaning a helmet visor requires microfiber cloths, washcloths, and clean towels. You can clean the exterior side with soap or visor cleaner, and the interior side with a small amount of shampoo. To properly clean your helmet visor, follow our instructions. Plain water, visor cleaner, and window cleaner should be used.

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Helmet visor scratches clean in different ways and scratches removable are a simple process. It takes around 20 minutes from your time but if you have the proper products. First of all, you have a bucket of soapy water, power buffer polish, fluoride toothpaste, elbow grease, and quality auto cuts and polish cream or paste. For removing scratches on your helmet visor, this equipment is necessary and great.

The helmet visor should be cleaned beforehand, then used with a rotary buffer machine to be cut and polished. To fulfil this work, I prefer Ryobi’s easy-to-use, portable buffer machine. Wash the helmet with warm soapy water after removing the visor. Dry the sandpaper and water placed into the visor at all times. Then, use 3000 grit to remove the deep scratches in the helmet visor after completely sanding it with 2000 grit. You can now shine the helmet once you have finished this step by using Various auto-cut polishes and a polishing tool. The new and fresh look will be wonderful. Beware this process removes the exterior visor tinting.

The visor is already scratched, but if you still want to remove scratches on the visor. Simply clean the above process and apply toothpaste directly onto the scratch. Spread it around evenly with your fingers and wait for 5 minutes before rinsing off. The scratches will vanish without leaving any residue behind.

Can you use toothpaste on a helmet visor?

Definitely yes toothpaste is an advanced buff agent. Toothpaste is made from aluminum oxides, magnesium carbonate, dehydrated silica gels, phosphate salts, and fine silicates.  These decreases are rough but small e

This abrasive is rough enough to remove the fine scratches and swirls on your helmet visor while being small enough to avoid scratching. Toothpaste is great to clean or polish your motorcycle visors. As long as toothpaste polishes your teeth, then it will also polish Polycarbonate motorcycle visors.


First of all, clean your visor and then apply a small amount of toothpaste on the scratch marks.

Then rub the paste using a microfiber cloth in a circular motion for about 5 minutes.

After that, use a wet cotton towel and clean water to remove all the leftover film and dirt from your helmet visor using a clean microfiber cloth.

The best thing is that the removal of scratches from your motorcycle face shield does not require expensive products. Instead, you can use basic ingredients from your homes such as toothpaste, car wax, and other DIY cleaning products to get it back in its original condition.

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What should you clean a visor with?

A lot of products are specially designed to help you to clean your visor but if you want to clean at home and you are away from the market then you use only warm soapy water. Don’t use  the abrasives and household cleaner

How do you maintain a helmet visor?

If you want to maintain your helmet visor for a long time you must need  to

  •  wash and clean ones in a week 
  • Buffing and polish 
  • Deep cleansing the inner lining pads
  • Replace the straps 
  • Keep the helmet clean and scratch-free
  • Visor protects your eyes and face from dust, bugs, and road debris.

If you are looking for motorcycle helmet visor scratch remover then we listed some of them

It’s a spray from the Optix brand and it works great on all glasses and plastic material. Just spray a small amount onto the visor on both sides. Applying evenly a  circular motion across the entire surface, wait one minute, and then use a dry soft cloth to remove the residue. Our exclusive water mist formula is non-irritating, easy to apply, and perfectly safe for eyes and skin.

This is another cleaner from the bug slide brand and it’s called all in one cleaner, completely waterless, and scratch-free detailer. This cleaner is easy to use. Just spray on the visor both exterior and interior sides and wait one minute then clean the surface with a dry soft cloth. Your visor looks new.

The plexus cleaner is also the best and you can use it on glasses and plastic. It’s specially designed for cleaning and protecting. It’s easy and quick to use. Just spray on the visor both exterior and interior sides then clean with a dry cloth. It’s a completely waterless cleaner. Keep your visor clean. 

That is a unique plastic and acrylic cleaner and easy to use and instantly clean and polish your element. This plastic and acrylic polish works on motorcycle windshields, car headlights, retail or antique displays, windows, etc. it’s easy and quick to use and it’s a complete waterless cleaner and reduces visibility. 

This cleaner is specially designed by plane perfect to clean your plastic and glass visor. It’s 3 in 1 formula plastic and glass cleaner, polish, and protractor. Quick and easy to use available in a simple bottle spray just spray on the surface and clean with a dry cloth. 


Cleaning the motorcycle visor from scratches is something you know how to do. if you clean properly  You will never purchase another one because it’s scratched up.  It’s time to wash and clean your helmet visor. If you don’t have a motorcycle helmet sound system, buy one and enjoy your ride. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to clean the visor please write in the comment section.

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