Best Way To Sell A Motorcycle [2022]

Anyone who has ever looked to sell a motorcycle knows how difficult the process can be. Selling your motorcycle is even more difficult than selling cars because it is harder for potential buyers to test drive a bike before making their purchase decision, which makes you as the seller responsible for telling an interested party all about the bike and showing them that it will make a good addition to their collection. Anyone looking to buy motorcycles should consider following these steps if they want to find the best deals. Some salesmen work on commission and are paid in full once they have successfully sold their products.

Others work on salary, so taking advantage of this common practice can help you sell your product much easier by allowing them to earn some extra money at no additional cost or time from their employer.

Ask around and listen for offers from nearby motorcycle enthusiast groups that might be interested in buying your bike.

Many people who are looking to buy a motorcycle will not only want to see what is available online, but they will also be in the area scouting locations and going to garage sales simply because they like doing it and have nothing better to do with their time than look for second-hand bikes or parts online. So you can find potential customers by asking around at local motorcycle clubs.

It might also be helpful if you post any information about your bike on trusted websites that deal with selling used motorcycles such as Craigslist’s partner eBay Motors.

This platform was created specifically for this purpose, so posting the info on here could attract more potential buyers who catch wind of it through the site’s search engine or news feed. You can also get a little help from the site by using eBay Motors’ “For Sale” page to list your bike’s information for free.

Finally, if you are only selling your motorcycle locally, consider putting up an ad at a local motorcycle shop or dealership that specializes in selling used bikes. Many of these shops hire people who specialize in this work, so they might be able to give you advice on how best to sell your bike quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking to get the highest price possible for it, you can just have them buy it from you outright instead of listing it online as described elsewhere above. The bottom line is that there are all kinds of ways to start the process of getting a potential buyer interested in buying your motorcycle, so having a plan to tackle your selling situation will make the whole process much more simple.

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Prep Your Motorcycle Before Sell

If you know you’re going to put your bike up for sale soon, there are a few things you can do beforehand that will make the process go smoothly and provide potential buyers with confidence in your bike. The following tips apply to the pre-sale preparation of any motorcycle but are especially important for vintage bikes.

Tune it up. Make sure everything is working. Most prospective buyers will not have the knowledge, experience, or tools necessary to perform a full maintenance check on their own.

Wiring problems, slipping clutches, and worn valves may never show up as an issue until they get several hundred miles from home and begin experiencing trouble in unfamiliar territory. Be upfront about it when you’re selling the bike.

Make sure it starts. Not all buyers are mechanically inclined, and some may never have seen or heard of your motorcycle before. They’ll expect the bike to work perfectly right out of the box. If you’re not confident that it will start when you need it most, take it to a mechanic for a tune-up so the timing is set properly and everything is in working order.

Make sure you’re getting the best price. A buyer may appear to be interested in buying your bike, but nothing’s official until they pay you for it. The closer it is to the time of sale, the more power you’ll have when negotiating a final price.

Wash Your Motorcycle Before Sell

If you are thinking of selling your old motorcycle, then make sure it is clean. Your bike should be thoroughly cleaned and you should give it a good polish. If a buyer asks for post-wash pictures of the bike, don’t hesitate to send in pictures of the cleaned motorcycle so that he/she will get an idea of what kinda condition the motorcycle is in.

This way you can save yourself from any unnecessary argument with buyers. Also, make sure that there is no scratch or dent on the body as this may affect the resale value of your motorbike. Most bikers who have sold their bike before always advise other riders to at least wash the engine and change engine oil if not done regularly to have a better possibility of getting more potential buyers interested in your motorcycle. 

Clean your bike. Few buyers like more than the smell of fresh-mown grass on their new purchase. Dirt doesn’t sparkle and shines like that on freshly washed bikes. If you’re selling in the Spring or Summer, do yourself a favor and give the bike a quick bath before showing up to make your sale.

In addition to this, it is really important to remember that the motorcycle should be in its best condition when you’re planning on selling your bike. Make sure it’s clean and tidy for a better chance of selling it quickly.

Take High-Quality Photos Of The Motorcycle

These days pictures are used to sell a product. While selling your motorcycle you must provide clear and high-quality photos of the bike so that potential buyers can have an idea of how the bike looks and how much it is worth.

It’s always better to take professional pictures instead of taking the pics with your smartphone as they tend to look blurry. Once you’re done, spread these taken images across different websites such as Autotrader or Craigslist so that buyers will find them on popular search engines easily.

Sell Your Motorcycle Through Social Media

Social media has made it extremely easy for people to reach out to one another and communicate effectively and quickly over distance.

By using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and using popular hashtags, you can easily sell your motorcycle quickly. Make sure you get in touch with a lot of people through social media as this is a low-cost way to market your bike.

Have Your Bike’s Engine And Gearbox Tested Before Selling It

It may be impossible for most buyers to test the engine of the Motorcycle before purchasing it. Therefore before selling the motorcycle make sure that it is tested by an expert who will highlight any problem that does not come out on a normal visual inspection of the gearbox or motorbike engine from outside.

This will increase the chances of potential buyers showing interest in buying your motorcycle since they’ll know whether it suits their needs or not. If there are any problems with the motorcycle, you should have them fixed at your own expense.

Online Motorcycle Marketplaces like ChopperExchange

Many platforms allow you to list your used motorcycle for sale and get it sold. For instance, you can use the online PC marketplace which has a section dedicated to motorcycles for two-wheelers and four-wheelers called MotoExchange where people from across the world come on the platform, view pictures of different motorbikes available for sale by riders and contact them through phone or email.

You’ll be surprised at how quick people respond when they’re selling their bikes through outlets like these since there is no middle person involved in between. This makes sure that your potential buyers only have to deal with you directly in case of any problems concerning payment or delivery issues!

A lot of research goes into buying a new motorcycle but it’s always surprising how little research goes into selling it. If you want to know the best ways of selling your motorcycle, then make sure that you read this article and apply each tip when it comes to selling your motorbike for cash.

Having a great-looking bike that drives well is just one part of the story – unless you’re planning on keeping the machine until your dying day, chances are, at some point down the line, you’ll have thoughts about buying or selling a motorbike. This is why getting familiar with all the options out there in terms of selling bikes online can be incredibly useful ahead of time.

There are lots of companies who will advertise their services through classified adverts in local newspapers or websites dedicated solely to motorcycles such as, to name just one of a handful of options that are out there on the web when it comes to selling motorbikes for cash.

The following information will help any rider looking to sell their Motorbike gain a better understanding of what they should be doing next. But before we get started with talking about the various options open to riders, perhaps the first thing you’ll want to think about is: how much money do I want for my bike? The answer to this question can have a very real impact on your sale, so make sure you’re not asking too little – or else nobody will even give you a second glance!

It’s also worth keeping in mind that most people who come into contact with your ad will be looking to buy a new machine, perhaps a second-hand bike. This is because most folks who want to sell their motorcycle are in the same boat as you – they’re trying to replace it with something new.

Before we look at some of the options out there for selling your bike, let’s take a moment and talk about exactly why you would be wanting to sell your motorbike in the first place? If you’re replacing your beloved motorcycle with a brand new machine, more than likely you won’t be particularly bothered about getting rid of it. But if that’s not the case, maybe one or two things have gone wrong with the vehicle and its age means repairs (or replacement) just aren’t financially viable anymore? Or perhaps you just want a new bike but can’t afford it yet? Whatever the case, there are some great tips out there about what to do with your old motorcycle when you’re in the process of selling it.

Once you have asked yourself and answered these questions, you’ll be able to work out how much money you should put down as a price for your vehicle.

The choice is yours on whether or not to hold an auction for your motorcycle – although these tend to be more popular for cars than they are for bikes. You will probably find that having a set asking price is preferable for first-time users anyway, but if you decide against this then at least ensure that all adverts show clearly what kind of offers/bids you’re open to.

Large Popular Classifieds Websites to Sell Your Motorcycle 


Here is the guide for selling motorcycles through eBay. We’ve done this and we can sell a bike without leaving our home within hours if not minutes of posting it on eBay. Here’s how to do it…

Posting your motorcycle listing on eBay.

Before you list you must have all the pictures ready, know the condition of your bikes, be able to tell people what parts are included (if any), and give a very specific description of what is wrong with the bike or missing parts. People will pay more for a complete bike so don’t forget to mention whether or not it’s complete when describing its condition.

 The pictures should be taken outside or in a garage and not right next to your furniture. The bike can’t be propped up on something since you don’t want the picture to deceive people into thinking there’s nothing wrong with it when in fact it is – so find a way to lay it down that looks good yet depicts its condition well.

Make sure you get every angle of the bike from front, back, sides, top, etc. I even took a picture looking down from above the engine which showed the serial numbers off both engines and frames (just in case anyone was unsure).

Also, take at least 3-5 pictures of any defects you’re going to mention in your listing and put them on their separate page as close-up shots. That way people can go through your whole listing and see all of the defects you have pointed out without having to look at each of the photos separately.

Before and after shots are helpful as well! I had an old pair of goggles that were cracked that I took a picture with one side completely covered in blue tape, then took another picture with half the tape off so I could show how crappy they looked next to my clean bike. You don’t want to be deceptive but you also want to turn people on by showing what it looks like when it’s all cleaned up – even if the parts aren’t included.

In regards to pricing…a lot depends on where you live. So when you say your bike is complete and has some extras it could be worth anywhere. If there are any missing parts or it appears to have been damaged it will be a little less price.  Remember that frame rust might scare people away! Also, don’t forget about shipping costs if you have to ship from where you live to somewhere else for an out-of-state sale.


craigslist is an online platform where you can search for things to sell, buy, or trade. To list an ad on craigslist, you’ll need a valid email address and a bank account (to pay fees) associated with your name. Craigslist is easy to use but it isn’t without its risks …

craigslist scams are rampant because so many people use the site. Hackers have found creative ways to steal your information. avoid getting scammed on Craigslist.

Step one.

You should start by posting what you want to sell in the appropriate area of craigslist (an online classifieds site). Do a quick search for your city and see if other sellers listed something similar. Some sellers list used cars, motorcycles, boats on craigslist. 

don’t forget: once you post an ad on craigslist someone might contact you via email directly asking for more information. If you don’t know who they are, be sure to ask.

Step two.

you should decide whether or not you’d like to accept offers on craigslist that is lower than your selling price. If so, it’s helpful to have some extra information handy when potential buyers contact you. How much is the bike worth? What’s the mileage? pictures of any recent damage? These details can help speed up the process and get both parties on the road sooner.

Step Three: making a deal over craigslist…

don’t send cash through the mail. Once someone sends payment via certified check or money order, this eliminates all risk for them and they may return your motorcycle with “problems” (probably nothing). it would be a good idea to tell a friend or relative about the deal you’ve made over craigslist. he or she can pick up your motorcycle from the buyer if need be.

you can also go with the buyer and have them meet you for a test ride. however, be sure to get their driver’s license number and vehicle information before you leave. Get it in writing and have them sign it.

craigslist provides an advanced search feature that allows users to input details like mileage, model year, year of manufacture (YOM), make/model, color, etc … all relevant information that could affect a buyer’s interest in your motorcycle. The advanced craigslist search feature will also allow you to set your price higher or lower than other sellers.

Step four: finalizing details…

It’s important to know whether or not the seller has a title before you agree to meet them at their home. If they do have the title, make sure you see it and take pictures of some key details (like mileage).

you could also take it to a notary and have them verify that it’s authentic. Once you agree on a price, money for the bike can be held in escrow with an independent third party (a family member would work well).

don’t forget: title transfers should only occur at the buyer’s address and/or place of business. Throughout this process, keep detailed records on everything.

For different kinds of sales, Craigslist has specific sections. When posting something that fits into more than one category, make sure you’re putting it in the most appropriate section. When in doubt about where to post your ad on craigslist, look out for these words or phrases; cars & trucks, motorcycles & ATVs, and boats & jet skis. for more information on craigslist posting rules in your city/state/country visit the craigslist help page. 

Sell Motorcycle Through Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell your motorcycle if you want to do it fast, and don’t mind having a little less control over how much you get for it. The advantage is that by posting on Facebook, you’re opening up access to an audience that could be larger than Craigslist (depending on where you live). You can also list things other than motorcycles like furniture and more.

The biggest downside to selling through the Facebook marketplace is that non-paying “buyers” are common. This means someone sees your motorcycle post and asks if they can come to check it out but then never goes back with cash in hand. With this in mind, I’d recommend setting a minimum bid as low as possible so potential buyers have to show up in person.

Posting your motorcycle for sale on the Facebook marketplace is a pretty easy process. You simply start by logging into Facebook and clicking the “sell” icon at the top of your screen.

From there you’ll be able to choose what kind of item you’re selling and from there you can upload photos directly from your phone or computer. It’s also very important that you list how much your motorcycle is selling for with this option as it will keep people who aren’t willing to pay a certain price out of your inbox.

The other thing you’ll want to do when the listing includes any additional information that would help someone decide if they want to buy your bike or not such as mileage, year model, special features it’s a good idea to list that as well.

Overall I find the Facebook marketplace to be a good option if you want to move your motorcycle quickly but don’t care about getting the most money possible for it. It’s also an excellent way to sell used parts or other accessories off of your bike instead of having someone contact you through Craigslist and have them try to bargain down the price based on how nice/ worn the item is.

To a Friend, Family, or Colleague

Selling is a difficult task if you want to sell your motorcycle or anything else, first of all, ask your friend, family, or colleague if someone wants to buy, and then post an ad on different websites or classifieds. If your friend or family members already know you’re selling your motorcycle, they can let their friends contact you.

If someone is interested in buying your motorcycle then he/she will contact you and show how much money he is ready to spend for it and negotiate the price which may be higher or lower than your expectations.

If one party agrees to pay the full amount of the asking price while if the other person wants to reduce that amount, you should try to find the middle point by yourself or ask for some help from them so that both sides can agree on a specific amount. Your friend or family member may give his own opinion about this matter, just try to listen carefully and understand what he/she is saying because any action taken after listening to their advice could not be wrong.

It is important to be patient with the buyer because it might take a longer time to find a suitable motorcycle buyer for your bike. So if you want to sell quickly, then you should post an ad on different websites or classifieds and wait for the users who are ready to buy your motorcycle.

Before posting an ad make sure that your motorcycle is in good condition and at a decent price because after receiving some calls or messages from interested buyers it’s not always possible to tell them about any problem which exists in the old bike. In this way, potential buyers will become suspicious of selling bad condition motorbikes and decide to purchase the same model in different places where they can easily check the bike before paying money. don’t forget to also write a full description of motorcycles including engine, body parts, mileage, and some other useful information.

2 Ways You Need To Avoid:

there are two ways you need to avoid these days and there are some websites that recommend you to use that method but I personally do not recommend them. The Ways are Newspaper Ads, And Magazines these two ways are very old ways and I think it doesn’t work at all. you definitely should avoid


Finally, we can conclude that selling a motorcycle is a difficult task because there are many things which you have to do and think about while selling it. If you want to have an easy way of bike selling then you should first give some more effort in making your particular bike unique and different from others otherwise even though the prices are low people may not easily purchase your motorcycle. Several websites provide free services for motorbike recycling where any type of bike sells easily. If you want to sell your motorcycle then get a good amount of money for it then you should post an ad online or in the newspaper. If you have any questions related to this topic, please feel free to ask me in the comment box.

If there is something wrong with this article or if I missed out on something, please let me know in the comments below.

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