Can I Work On My Motorcycle In A Storage Unit?

Motorcycle owners are always looking for a way to save time and money. One of the best ways is by performing motorcycle maintenance in your storage unit. This post will give you some tips on how to successfully work on your bike in a self-storage unit, as well as provide links that lead to more information about the topic.

Now Come To the Question Straight Forward that can I work on my motorcycle in a storage unit: Well, the answer is yes you can work on your motorcycle in a storage unit. There are some things to keep in mind when working on your bike in a storage unit:

1. Clean Storage

One of the most important things to remember is to make sure your storage unit is clean and free from any debris, oil, or other hazardous materials. You do not want to work on your motorcycle in a dirty unit because you will get corrosion and rust all over the place; this can damage your bike when you put it back together.

2. Ventilation

Another important thing to consider when working on your motorcycle in a storage unit is ventilation. Motorcycles give off carbon monoxide fumes when running, so having proper ventilation is crucial for survival. Make sure the storage door is open during the repair for optimum airflow into and out of the unit. You may even want to climb up on some sort of platform that elevates you up to proper working height; this will help with ventilation as well as provide a comfortable workspace for yourself. I know all of this sounds like common sense, however, some people might not realize they need to cut the engine before working on it and may try to do some wrench turning while the bike is running…this is very hazardous and dangerous!

3. Lighting

Another important thing to consider when doing motorcycle maintenance in a storage unit is lighting. Make sure you have enough light so that you can properly see what you’re doing during repairs or adjustments. You may want to use an extra tall ladder or even rent a tall, rolling scaffold just for the added elevation and lighting benefits. If your storage does not have windows making use of natural lighting, then you should invest in a good set of lights.

4. Protective Clothing and Gear

Last but not least, make sure you have proper protective clothing and Motorcycle gear if your storage unit does not already provide it. You may want to invest in some earplugs so that the sound of your engine will not damage your hearing; as well as some safety glasses to protect yourself from any small bits of flying metal or debris (especial motorcycle chains). Remember, motorcycles use hazardous chemicals such as gasoline, oil, and anti-freeze; you need to make sure these don’t get on anything because they can cause corrosion and other rust damage. Before storing your bike for a long time, make sure you have all the necessary repairs done!

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Does Public Storage Allow Motorcycles

Public storage units, depending on size, will typically allow at least one motorcycle to be stored inside. However, if you are looking to store more than one bike or many of your personal belongings you may want to look into getting a private storage unit. Private storage units come in larger sizes and can accommodate up to about 10′ x 30′, whereas public storage units typically stop around 5′ x 10′.

Where to store a motorcycle if you live in an apartment

you can store your motorcycle in a storage unit if you live in an apartment sometimes. Try to get a storage unit that has motorcycle facilities, normally you will have to pay a little more than usual but it is worth it if you are looking for long time storage.

Where can I store my motorcycle near me?

If you live near New York City, I would recommend Public Storage. Public Storage offers great service and they have plenty of space to store motorcycles or many other items. If you want to get absolutely free truck rental during move-in, then this place is the best choice; also they are pretty much always available (even on weekends).

Tips on how to get the most out of your space while storing bikes at a facility

When you’re paying for a storage unit, most often the bigger it is, the more it will cost. However, there are a few tricks that can be employed to make sure you get every available ounce of space out of your unit.

1. Space with a View – The first thing you might want to try is putting your motorcycle up on blocks or stands. This will allow air to pass under your bike allowing it to naturally dry and keep rust from forming as quickly as if it were sitting in a puddle of water on the ground. In addition, this type of set-up may also help ventilate exhaust fumes from accumulating underneath your bike which could potentially be harmful to the other contents in the unit as well as those living next to you.

2. Rubber it Out – If you’ve already used up all of the potential space in your unit and simply need to organize your bike a little bit better try using old tire inner-tubes to separate items from each other. You can cut them to fit around different parts or even just use them as cross supports inside of the unit. They’re relatively free, incredibly simple to work with, and will give you another layer of protection between your stuff and the moisture in the air which will definitely help extend the life of whatever is stored there!


While it may sound like a crazy idea, working on your motorcycle in a storage unit is actually an option for many people. There are some things to keep in mind when doing this though, so read through the list as we showed you at the begging of the article.

Let me know if I missed something. feel free to comment below.

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