Can You Push Start A Motorcycle [If So How]

Yes, you can push start a motorcycle, but it will be difficult for you to do so. You need to know the basics of how to push start a motorcycle before you attempt to do so. You should also have enough time and patience to learn this process. If you are not sure about what is involved in pushing start a motorcycle, then you may want to read our guide.

How To Push Start A Motorcycle.

  1. Starting a motorcycle by pushing it, Pressurising a motorcycle can be tricky. To do so, it’s better to get someone else to help hold the bike steady while you turn on the ignition and then push. This process is much easier if you are going down an incline. Before starting to pressure the bike, make sure that your starter motor is in 2nd gear.
  2. Once you have selected the second gear and held the clutch, start moving your bike forward. This means that you might need to take it down a hill or have someone push or help you ride the bike until you’re going at least 10 miles per hour.
  3. If you are going 10 miles per hour, get ready to push down on the clutch. You need to let your friends know that it’s about time for you to release the clutch. Make sure that they wait until the last second before giving you a push because you’re going to have to release the clutch quickly in order for the crankshaft to gain enough torque so it can start moving the pistons.
  4. When you release the clutch, at the same time you want to hit the start button. While you release the clutch, the engine will crank and is going to be able to rev up on its own. You need to push that start button just at that moment.
  5. Don’t rev it all the way, but hold it around 2000 to make sure that the battery won’t die. The battery might take an extended period of time to charge, so be sure it idles for a little bit before turning off again.
  6. Sometimes your motorcycle battery just needs a push. While you might try to fix it by charging the battery, it may not solve the issue because old batteries can only be jump-started several times before they need replacing. If your motorcycle won’t start, don’t fret. The best thing you can do is push start your bike then bring it to a shop to get your battery replaced.

Is it bad to push start a motorcycle?

It’s not inherently dangerous, but it is something you should avoid doing if possible. The reason why is because when you start a motorcycle, there is a lot of torque being applied to the drivetrain which could cause damage to your transmission or other components in the drivetrain.

A bike should be pushed in an upright position. Pushing a bike while standing up is dangerous because you might fall off. Also, if a bike doesn’t start after pushing then the user needs to try getting it back to where they pushed it from.

Can you push a motorcycle in gear?

As long as the bike is in gear, and the clutch is not engaged, the wheels will be connected directly to the engine. If you try to push the bike forward, the rotation of the wheel will be transmitted to the motor via the transmission, so the motor will also move. but it is difficult to move a bike if you are alone because it requires much more force by hand. With two people or even one person who has strength, there should be no problem at all. 


A motorcycle is a very cool vehicle but sometimes it can be a fault or problem, therefore, you need to know about the problem so you can solve it by itself. If you can face any starting problem But if you are trying to move a bike without someone to assist you, you will probably fail. It would be impossible unless you have sufficient physical strength and endurance.

Pushing a motorcycle is easy as long as you know what you’re doing. It involves some skill and practice. It is hard to do without proper training. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes fun and easy. 

Pushing a motorcycle in gear with a friend or in the presence of others is safe and it’s necessary depending on the situation. Try and learn this technique so that you’re always prepared when it comes to riding your motorcycle.