Who Makes Extra-Wide Motorcycle Boots?

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There are several companies making extra wide motorcycle boots. At least these 8 companies I am aware of (if you find any others, please post in the comments below). These are all very popular boots with riders needing extra wide shoes. Generally speaking, the following companies make extra-wide motorcycle boots Alpinestars  TCX Sidi Harley Davidson … Read more

Why Do Motorcycle Boots Have Zippers? [Explained]

Why Do Motorcycle Boots Have Tire Zippers

They’re intended to keep off water and road grime while providing easy, protective entry. They also provide an option for venting, which is good in warmer months or climates. And they make getting the boot on and off easier. zippers boots also give the stylish look and protections that the riders want. Motorcycle Boots have … Read more

Difference Between Motorcycle Boots And Regular Boots

Difference Between Motorcycle Boots And Regular Boots

Motorcycle boots and regular boots are two different styles of footwear that serve different purposes. Motorcycle boots usually have a higher ankle shaft than regular boots, providing more protection in the event of a fall. They also offer thicker soles to provide better traction and protection against heat or pavement when riding. Regular boots typically … Read more