Do Small Motorcycle Windscreens Work

Yes, they work. After installing a windshield on their Bike, one driver noticed an increase in mpg and less noise inside the vehicle. They also noted that rain got deflected away from them at speed and buffeting decreased as well. A windshield is an important feature for any biker, especially those who ride long distances. Windshields protect riders from bugs and debris while providing a comfortable trip with protection against the elements such as rain or harsh sun. Whether you’re riding your bike on a warm day or riding in the rain these features will make all the difference to how enjoyable of a journey you have.

Provide Protection To Your Face And Body

Motorcycles are a great way to experience the world around you, but they’re not perfect. The road debris and bugs that fly up at your face can be unbearable when riding for hours on end in poor weather conditions. Luckily there’s an easy solution: installing aftermarket motorcycle windshields/windscreens This will keep all of those elements off of your chest and out of your face so you can enjoy yourself no matter what time of day or night it is.

Fatigue Reduction

Riding a bike for a prolonged period can be quite tiring. A windshield/windscreen cuts down on the wind, which makes it easier to ride and less fatiguing.

Listen to the bike better

Motorcycle windshields/windscreens are a popular accessory for your bike, but they can also be an important safety feature. With the wind in their ears, riders have to strain harder just to hear how well their engine is running. If you don’t want the wind in your ears, Luckily there’s a simple solution: motorcycle windshields let you keep on riding comfortably and allow you to make sure that your bike is running well.

Motorcycle Windshield

Types of motorcycle windscreens


Acrylic/lucite windshields/windscreens are popular because they provide a cost-effective alternative to other types of shields. They’re easy enough for new riders, but if you want something more permanent it’s best not to invest in one unless your ride is frequent and long-distance. The downside is that this kind can get scratched easily with time; however, buffing them out will restore their clarity and luster without too much hassle or expense. The benefit is that they are not yellow and not dull when they come to UV light.


Polycarbonate windshields/windscreens are perfect for bikers that spend a lot of time on the road, especially those who take their bike out in all types of weather. They can’t be repaired when there’s deep scratches or scuff marks and they turn yellow over time but with these minor setbacks polycarbonates reign supreme as your best choice to keep safe while you ride because it is so durable against abrasion damage.

Those Windshields/windscreens made from polycarbonate have many benefits – they’re more durable and less likely to shatter than acrylic counterparts which makes them ideal for biking lovers who like taking their bikes everywhere. There are some disadvantages too though; if your windshield gets scratched deeply then you’ll need another one.

What is the price of windshields/windscreens?

Wind deflectors and windshields are often priced between $20-$100. This collection is a good-quality product that keeps you safe from rain, wind, and rocks while making riding more comfortable. Some windshields have a higher price over $100 dollars depending on the brand such as Honda GoldWing or Harley Davidson Road Glide etc.

How to protect windshields/windscreens?

Windscreens are a delicate barrier between the rider and nature. Taking a motorcycle ride can turn into even more danger if you’re not careful. Motorcycle windscreens are made out of plastic and if you’re not careful, it can be really easy to make a bad windshield even worse. A motorcycle windshield is a preventable thing. Not only can it be damaged by rocks and other road debris, but you may accidentally scratch the plastic surface with your gloves or keys if not careful.

There are some procedures to protect your windshields/windscreens

  1. The sun is the worst enemy of any windshield, so make sure you always keep your bike in a safe place out of direct sunlight to prevent it from chipping or cracking. If that isn’t possible at least cover the windshield/windscreens if your anti-UV coating has already been damaged or lost then cover up the windshield from a soft lining cloth. When it comes to keeping a windshield/windscreen in good condition. Cover up its windshield with something like a soft lining towel before covering the rest of the bike with a clean one.
  2. If your windscreen is dirt The first thing you should do is clean your windscreen with warm water, lots of it. Then add a drop or two of mild soap and scrub away any dried-on debris like squashed bugs until they are gone using only a soft towel.
  3. Ideally, your windshield should be as clear and scratch-free as possible. It can be a difficult task if the surface is damaged with deep scars, but you stand a better chance at restoring it back to its original condition by using mild cleansers that will not scratch or damage the delicate shield while washing away dirt, grime, bugs, and other debris.

What Are the Best Methods for Removing Scratches From a Plastic Windshield?

If you want to remove any scratches from the plastic windshield then follow the following procedure to remove scratches perfectly. 

  1. Spreading the plastic cleaner onto your windshield is a breeze with this handy applicator. Simply pour some of it into one side, put the pad on that end and then work in circular motions to spread out until you’ve covered everything.
  2. Reapply the windshield cleaner and polish until you get the entire windscreens covered. This will put a haze over it, which is fine.
  3. Polish off the cleaner with a towel. Remember to turn it so that you’ll always have fresh surfaces for polishing! Ensuring you’re polishing in a circular pattern.

Look at your windshield and Look for any scratches in the reflection of plastic. If you find any scratches then repeat steps 1 to 3 until all scratches are removed from windscreens.


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