Do You Need A Motorcycle License To Buy A Motorcycle?

The purchase of a new or used motorcycle does not require a motorcycle license in all states. There are some rules when you buy a motorcycle but the license is not necessarily one of them. The buyer will not need a license to buy a motorcycle. but it’s illegal to ride a motorcycle without a full endorsement of a motorcycle license.

In fact, the buyer will need to get a temporary permit then take a moto course depending on your district before getting your full license.

you’ll have to get all these documents from the DMV in which you live.

In fact, it’s illegal to ride a motorcycle without at least having a temporary permit issued by the DMV after attending their mandatory education period about traffic laws that apply specifically to motorcycles and motorcycle drivers.

You can’t get this permit on your own so be sure while going through this process, talk with some people who have gone through it already.

But without having a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers’ license, you would not be allowed onto any public roadways on a motorcycle by yourself.

Buying a motorcycle is easy and doesn’t require any additional license beyond your regular driver’s license unless there is some sort of restriction on it, for example, you cannot drive a motorcycle on a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

Once an application for a new motorcycle permit is approved by the division of motor vehicles, the applicant will receive another visit from DMV inspectors who will visit his/her residence with all required documents in order to issue him/her with the temporary card. The temporary card will be valid for some specific days and allows for riding motorcycles under the supervision of a licensed driver or a driving instructor.

However, some states may require you to complete a motorcycle safety course and carry the certificate of completion with you when riding. States without mandatory training laws typically offer shorter permit periods for new riders, typically 6 months rather than 12 months,

which helps reduce your insurance rates. Some motorcycle companies offer free Motorcycle courses that will prepare you for the licensing exams in many states.

In some states, you must have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license to operate any size motorcycle. The endorsement is typically added when you obtain a new license or come into compliance with the state’s vision and/or knowledge requirements. In most cases, this can be done at the same time as you obtain an initial license, without additional testing or fees being charged.

Some endorsements are valid for a specific period of time, while others are good forever. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office before assuming which type you have been issued by simply looking at your license.

Some states have different requirements for a motorcycle permit depending on what kind of vehicle you wish to ride (moped, light motor-driven cycle, etc.

To buy or ride a motorcycle, you must have at least a basic driver’s license. This is the case regardless of your age, which seems to cause some confusion on the part of parents who wish to purchase their child a motorcycle for his birthday.

Do You Need A Motorcycle License To Buy A Motorcycle

Do You Need A Motorcycle License To Get Motorcycle Insurance?

No, you do not, but I strongly suggest getting one. You may be able to get insurance without a motorcycle license depending on your state or province, but if you ever need to make a claim, you will almost certainly have a lot of trouble.

Most carriers require either a Class M1 or Class M2 permit before issuing coverage and the motorcyclists who end up in court having an accident frequently bring this up as part of their case against the other driver involved because they were not insured as required by law.

Even if the carrier was willing to insure someone with no license at all, many won’t write these policies except as excess coverages over larger ones issued for those with licenses. In some states, there is “under 21” coverage which is usually available for those with motorcycle training, even if they do not have licenses.

Even if you are able to get insurance without a license or rider training, I strongly recommend that you take the time to learn how to ride anyway – it will make costs much cheaper and costs are almost always cheaper than injuries (except in instances where someone with skills beyond their licensing level gets hurt).

If your state requires motorcycle insurance coverage before allowing riders under 21 to take an MSF course, consider taking one anyway. It’s cheap and most states offer “under 21” rates when you show proof of completion of one when trying for your license.

Many carriers require either license or permit because once again, they want to be sure that if you get in an accident and need to make a claim, the motorcyclist has at least some skills. Of course, we want you to take training, but if we cannot require it, we strongly suggest that you do so anyway – not only because it will help keep your premiums lower than someone without training, but just as importantly it could save your life. 

To answer the question directly: Your carrier may or may not require a license to issue coverage for motorcycles or just bikes. If they don’t let us know, I’ll add them here.

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance To Buy A Motorcycle?

Probably you do not need insurance to buy a motorcycle. but it should be good to have motorcycle insurance. But you can buy the bike first and then go for insurance.

If any other person or any other vehicle’s damage is due to your fault, then you will be responsible for all the expenses that occurred during treatment including the cost of repairing the vehicle. So if you are not having any insurance then a big problem may occur at any time.

You should probably get motorcycle insurance before buying a motorcycle to prevent any financial loss that may occur. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a bill after an accident, this could destroy your credit and make it hard for you to obtain anything such as a car, house, or apartment.

so it’s better to have insurance when you are going on the bike.

But in some states and provinces, you will need motorcycle insurance to purchase a motorcycle. Again, your state may have some exceptions where the seller takes the risk but if you want to be covered for any injury or damage to other vehicles while riding, you will need coverage.


No, you do not need insurance before buying a motorcycle. But it is better to have one. Because you may be underinsured or uninsured also, then the financial loss will depend on your insurance coverage plan. If you are not having any cover then any injury or damage due to your fault during riding a motorcycle can ruin your credit and bank balance. To Keep away from these types of problems by purchasing Moto Insurance before buying a new bike.

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