Do You Need Special Helmets for Motovlogging?

Motovlogging has now become a new trend that most riders want to do. It will be challenging to find any motorcycle-touring lover who doesn’t want to capture everything along the trip. Capturing travel or adventure footage is the easiest way to share your social media experience. For capturing the best video footage, one of the most crucial accessories you will need is a helmet. 

Unfortunately, not all helmets will be suitable for motovlogging. This is because motovlogging needs to mount an active camera in the right place of the helmet to get the best footage. Using the right helmet specially designed for motovlogging helps you easily mount almost any action camera. As well as, recording everything from scratch will be easy without reducing your focus on riding this way.

Do You Need A Special Helmet For Motovlogging?

Whether you will need a special helmet for motovlogging completely depends on you. You may not need a special helmet if you want to make a few moto vlogs just for fun or share on social media. But, if you are serious about your moto vlog and want professional footage, then a special helmet is a must for you. 

This is because mounting an action camera to a traditional helmet will be challenging for its mounting mechanism. Even if you can mount the camera, there is a chance of not being able to capture your desired footage. 

In that case, using the best helmet for motovlogging will ensure that your action camera is perfectly mounted. Once the camera is mounted in the right place, you can capture the best video footage.

Why Do You Need A Special Helmet For Motovlogging?

Mounting action cameras on a helmet is a prime task of motovlogging. In that case, mounting the camera in the traditional helmet will sometimes be challenging. This is because these helmets are made to keep in mind safety purposes. Besides, some cameras come with modern technologies that won’t be easy to mount on regular helmets. 

This is why special helmets have come for motovlogging. These helmets are specially designed for those who do or want moto vlogs. With maximum head protection, special motovlogging helmets offer you to mount your action camera at different angles to capture your desired footage. 

These helmets are designed to mount any action camera, whether it has a modern mechanism. Additionally, motovlogging needs a high-quality audio system. So, you will need to mount an audio adapter on your helmet. In that case, special helmets are well-designed to mount any audio system without any hassle. 

Moreover, special helmets are designed to offer maximum comfort with proper ventilation so that you won’t be disrupted while vlogging. Another good thing is these helmets are pretty lightweight; even if you mount an action camera, it will not put pressure on your head.

Different Mounting Location For Camera On Special Motovlogging Helmets

Special Motovlogging helmets enable you to mount any action camera in different locations. Here we have discussed some possible mounting locations on these helmets you can go with.

Top Mounting

This is a common mounting position on the helmet for any action camera. It gives you the freedom to set up your camera in either direction facing backward or forward. You can also mount the camera at the highest point to record the maximum wide angles. This position is usually used to capture what the rider is seeing. That way, you can record audience feedback and riding scenarios. 

Side Mounting

Side mounting on motorcycle helmets has become quite popular. Traditional helmets don’t allow mounting a camera on the side. In that case, special Motovlogging helmets are pretty suitable for this mounting. You can capture the view as a little offset to the left or right according to your mounting side with this mounting position. 

Chin Mounting

Chin Mounting is a favorite spot for some riders, like top mounting. This mounting location allows recording the best POV (point of view) and the recorded footage will appear to be filmed from eye level. The biggest advantage of mounting the camera on the chin is that it is more aerodynamically. This position will not create wind drag or pull the helmet around.

How To Choose The Special Helmets For Motovlogging?

All helmets will not be suitable for motovlogging. You have to pick a helmet that is specially designed for motovlogging. Here we have explained some crucial factors of helmets that will help you get the best motovlogging helmet.


During motovlogging, you will need to mount an action camera to your helmet that will add some additional weight to your head. If your helmet weighs too much, you may have to make a lot of force to roll your shoulders. So, you need a lightweight helmet. A lighter helmet will create less pressure on your head so that you can ride without disruption.

Aerodynamic Characters

The aerodynamic structure is another most important feature to consider while choosing a helmet, especially for motovlogging. While riding a motorcycle, you have to ensure that the helmet offers maximum safety. In that case, aerodynamic helmets help to reduce overall drag force and noise of road and wind. Besides, you can ensure that you get proper ventilation all over your helmet while riding.

Inner Lining or Padding

Apart from maximum safety, a helmet should be comfortable to wear. So, the inner part of a helmet has to be soft and easy to wear. The softness of the helmet’s inside depended entirely on the amount of cushion and the materials used. Once the helmet provides maximum comfort, you will feel more at relaxation when motovlogging.


Stability is also a key aspect to consider while choosing a motovlogging helmet. Once you get sufficient stability or balance integrity from your helmet, you can make videos more accurately. If your chosen helmet isn’t stable and correctly adjusted, your camera will mount properly. As a result, the camera can bounce and make your video recording erratic. So try to have a helmet that fits your head and mount the camera properly. 

Strong Outer Shell

Considering the exterior of a helmet is also very crucial for motovlogging. A strong material building outer shell will provide the highest defense in possible embarrassing situations. So, you have to ensure that your chosen motovlogging helmet’s exterior is built from high-quality materials that are both sturdy and lightweight. In that case, ABS or fiberglass materials constructed helmets will be an excellent choice.

Bluetooth Technology

Whenever it comes to motovlogging, having a helmet with powerful Bluetooth connectivity is essential. This is because Bluetooth technology enables a rider to communicate with other vloggers more effectively. Besides, sometimes Bluetooth is necessary to connect a microphone to the helmet to record clear audio with video footage. So, you have to ensure that your helmet has a powerful Bluetooth system 2.0 or 3.0.

Is It Legal To Mount Action Cameras On Motorcycle Helmets?

The short answer is yes. There are no specific laws against mounting anything on your motorcycle helmet unless it damages the structural integrity of the gear or motorcycle. That means you can’t make any holes in your helmet. In that case, having the right motovlogging helmet will allow you to mount the camera properly. This will assist you in recording your desired videos, whether you are on adventure trips or on race tracks. Apart from recording videos, a motovlogging helmet offers maximum comfort and safety in your riding. 


Hopefully, you might have figured out whether you will need a special helmet for motovlogging. Using a traditional helmet, and mounting an action camera properly will be challenging. This will lead to not getting the proper footage while you’re on a trip or adventure. 

In that case, a motovlogging helmet allows you to mount any camera in the right locations. This way, you can assure that you will get the best footage. The good thing is, that these helmets also offer maximum safety, comfort, and ventilation so that you don’t disrupt during riding.