Does a Kickstart Motorcycle Need a Battery?

Does a Kick-starter motorcycle need a battery? No, if you are starting your motorcycle through kick you don’t need a to have motorcycle battery.

If you go for a Kick-starter motorcycle, then there is no need for a battery while you are starting the motorcycle because it will start using its own power. The only thing that would be required is an ignition key and starter button.

but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a battery in your motorcycle. Batteries can also be used as accessories like lights or horns. So they should be kept ready.

So when you buy a motorcycle from a reputed dealer make sure that he has all the necessary accessories like battery, horn, etc.

It’s better to check thoroughly before buying anything else other than engine parts. Because it is not safe to buy any other accessories without knowing about their safety features. so always ensure that the person selling them is trustworthy and provides genuine information.

Can you push start a motorcycle without a battery?

Yes, you can really easily push start a motorcycle without a battery or with a dead battery. But you have to take care of these things:

1) You must use a new ignition key and turn on the motorcycle by pressing the starter switch.

2) Turn off the ignition at once after the first attempt.

3) Keep the engine running until it starts moving by itself.

4) If the engine does not start immediately, repeat steps 1-4.

5) Check the fuel tank level before trying again.

6) If the engine fails to start even after 3-5 attempts, contact your nearest mechanic for assistance.

The above steps can help you get started with a motorcycle. Now let us see how we can start a bike without a battery.

But before going ahead you must know what type of motorbike is this one which you want to start. It might sound stupid but I request you to ask your friends/relatives who own a vehicle of the same brand whether they had problems starting such motorcycles earlier or not?

I think you will find out many people have issues with their bikes. As most of the time manufacturers do not provide proper instructions for starting their bikes. For example, some modern bikes require you to turn the ignition key multiple times in order to start the bike. It depends on the model and manufacturer. This is where users come into play as they will either give you tips or simply refuse to help to start your bike.  

How do I start a motorcycle without a Battery?

This method is very much common among people who start motorcycles without a battery. It is simple but effective. All you need to do is apply pressure on the starter motor using your foot. This will start the engine.

You might have seen some videos where someone starts his/her motorcycle just by applying pressure on the motorcycle. In such cases, they don’t have a battery on their bike. They press the starter button to start the engine. And this is exactly what you should try out.

You may think that this isn’t possible. Well, you don’t know unless you try it out yourself. So why not give it a shot. and see for yourself whether you can successfully start your bike without a battery. All you need is to keep your foot lightly pressed against the starter motor. Be careful that it won’t damage your engine while pushing it.

some people say that this technique is unsafe. Why? Because it damages the starter motor which is under extreme pressure. However, we cannot deny the fact that they do work perfectly as long as you avoid putting too much pressure on a single spot.

Can I jump a motorcycle with a car?

Yes, you certainly can! There are many ways to jump a motorcycle. Here are two of them.

The first one is called “jump-start”. You basically connect the jumper cables between the negative terminal (negative pole) of the battery and the positive terminal (positive pole) of the motorcycle. Then you remove the key from the ignition and start the motorcycle manually. Once the engine starts, disconnect the jumper cables. You can now drive away safely.

The second way to jump a motorcycle is similar to the above technique except that here you directly connect the jumper cable to the ignition coil instead of connecting it to the battery.

In both techniques, make sure that you have removed the ignition key from the ignition. Otherwise, you might lose control of the vehicle.

Can you start a motorcycle without a starter?

Yes, there are many ways of starting a motorcycle without a starter. it is actually quite easy if you know-how.

One of the most common methods is known as ‘kick’. The basic idea behind this is that you put yourself in front of the motorcycle and then push it with all your force. This will cause the engine to start. Another way is to get hold of the throttle lever and pull it towards you. Again, this action triggers the engine to start.

Another very famous way of starting a motorcycle without an engine is known as ‘hot-starting’ or ‘jumping’. To hot-start a motorcycle, you simply connect the battery to the ignition circuit of the motorcycle. Then, you remove the key from its place so that the motorcycle can’t be run. On top of this, you also lock the rear wheel which stops the motorcycle from rolling down. Then you jump on the back seat of the motorcycle, sit straight and then lean forward. After doing this, start pushing the engine. The key has been removed so the engine won’t stop when you push the starter switch.

Other than these, you may use many other techniques like tapping the starter handle, pressing the clutch pedal, etc. These are only a few examples. But the bottom line is that all these ways are equally effective when it comes to jumping a motorcycle. So, choose one of them and give it a try.


So, we hope our guide was useful enough for helping to jump a motorcycle. If you still face any problems while trying out the methods mentioned earlier, feel free to ask us through the comment section below. We would definitely help you out. Thank you.