Does a Rear Motorcycle Tire Need to Be Balanced?

When I read tires, I always think they are very important elements of a vehicle. They provide traction and stability. I always ask myself, “How important are they to you?” when I look at them.

In my opinion, the importance of tires is proportional to their size. The bigger the diameter, the higher the cost per square inch, and the more important they become. Of course, this does not mean that you should put them in the back instead of the front.

Yes, the Rear motorcycle tire needs to be balanced as any other wheel when it comes to air pressure and suspension geometry. It’s basically the same as balancing your car tires. you should balance your rear wheels and front wheels both so it will keep you in control if you’re riding on rough roads or off-road trails. You also have to make sure your tire pressures match each other.

Balance your tires so you don’t get poor handling and reduce unnecessary wear. Also if your tires go flat you’ll know right away! The balance will ensure your tires align properly and run smoother. Check your tire warranty and see what kinds of adjustments are covered. If you buy an inexpensive set of four new tires, you may need to adjust the inside and outside treads separately. Most manufacturers include detailed instructions on the product. Try to avoid buying used tires unless you’re certain that they were originally balanced correctly.

Balance is necessary for the safety and longevity of your tires. Without it, the uneven weight distribution between the two sides will lead to loss of traction and therefore, unsafe driving conditions and accidents. Besides, if tires are not properly balanced, there will be increased heat and wear rates. So always make sure you do this before driving off.

By doing balancing the tires, it will help maintain the overall condition of the tires. A poorly maintained tire could cause damage to the tire itself or even worse, the rim.

Balancing is done by using specialized equipment which has a sensor to measure the distance between the hub center and rim edge. It takes into consideration how much offset is present in each wheel and calculates the exact amount of imbalance needed for correction. Once you receive the results, you just have to add or subtract weights to achieve perfect balance. For example, if one side of the motorbike weighs more than the other, simply add weight to bring them back to equal levels. It’s recommended that you check for balanced tires every 6 months since there might be a bit of wear and tear on the rubber around the bead.

Balance of your vehicle ensures its proper working order. An improperly adjusted vehicle will cause problems like wobbling, vibration, steering issues, etc. Not only does it affect the driver but also the passengers. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, it’s always imperative to keep up with the maintenance and repair procedures. Balancing is one such task.

Tires play a key role in determining whether or not a car can perform well. If your tires are damaged, then chances are it will be uncomfortable driving. Additionally, if you’re going to purchase new wheels, make sure to check if they come equipped with balance assemblies. These assemblies make sure to correct any unwanted vibrations caused by irregularities in wheel alignment. If you want to improve the performance of your vehicle, then consider replacing old tires with some new ones. This way, you’ll enjoy better handling, less wear and tear, and improved fuel efficiency.

You can find balance kits at most local auto parts stores for a reasonable price. Be sure you try different sizes before you decide which one works best for you. It should come out after checking the rotation speed of the engine. In general, the slower speeds require low pressures (usually 40psi) while the faster speeds require high pressures.

I would say that it’s very important because most accidents happen from rear tire crashes, I think balancing your rims helps because it gives you better traction and handling. also if u haven’t bought new tires yet try getting those on first… they are expensive though.

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How do you balance a rear motorcycle wheel?

Step 1: Start by removing the wheel nut, so you can remove the wheel.

Step 2: Remove the brake drum and brake shoes, so you don’t get stuck when inserting the inner core tool.

Step 3: Remove the wheel rim, so you can put it on the static balancer stand and find a heavy spot.

Step 4: Put the wheel onto the balance stand, the wheel should be completely centered.

Step 5: Use an outer inner core tool to detect the position of the wheel. The position should be about an inch away from the rim. Also, use the inner core to ensure even pressure.

Step 6: Adjust the outer core if necessary.

Step 7: Check the positions of both cores again. Make sure they’re positioned correctly.

Step 8: Insert the inner core, until it touches the rim. There may still be a gap under the center point. That’s okay, just continue adjusting as needed.

Step 9: Press down evenly on the end of the inner core.

Step 10: Place a mark on the inside of the rim where the cores touch.

Step 11: Measure the distance between the marks and adjust accordingly. If there’s no difference, press harder.

Step 12: Repeat Steps 9-10, this time pressing firmly against the outside of the rim, near the edges.

Step 13: Apply more force to the inner core than in the previous round.

Step 14: Again measure the distance between the centers, and adjust according to the measurement. This process must be done over and over until all readings match.

Step 15: Assemble everything back together, re-install the wheel nut, brake drum, and brake shoes.

Balance stands are available from many tire shops, or through online sellers like eBay. Some manufacturers include these tools as standard equipment, so you might find them already installed when you buy your bike. You can also install them yourself, although sometimes you’ll have to remove your front wheel first.


To sum up, it is recommended to balance the wheels once a year. Don’t forget to take off the wheel nuts and brake drums too. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary noise and vibration during the process. Balance stands are only two dollars, but they cost much more than that if purchased separately. So, if you can afford to, balance your wheels instead of buying new ones.

Good luck. Happy Riding.