How Does Motorcycle Steering Lock Work?

Motorcycles are a common sight on the roads and highways of America. They come in all shapes and sizes, from dirt bikes to Harley Davidson’s. And they use different types of steering locks to keep them under control. As your motorcycle enthusiast, I am going to tell you how these locks work so that you can be an informed driver when you see one on the road ahead.

There are two main types of motorcycle steering locks: front wheel brakes and rear wheel brakes, which are used for both powered motorcycles as well as those without engines or power assists. Motorcycles with engine power have hand-operated front brake levers while those without use foot pedals are mounted on the same side as their handlebars. So what does this mean for the bicycle rider? Since most motorcycles have hand-operated front wheel locks but feet-powered rear wheel locks, it means that if you are on a bike and lock up the brakes on both wheels of your bike, there is at least some chance you can get close enough to push them over.

Some Motorcycles have steering locks that are fairly easy to defeat. With the built-in power assist, a bicycle rider could easily push over most motorcycles equipped with front-wheel locks. But what about those without? In this case, you would have to get close enough to put your foot on the ground and push them over — not an easy task.

Most motorcycle steering locks are designed in such a way that it is nearly impossible for a bike rider to get close enough to push them over, much less push them. Some locks are practically indestructible while others can be easily removed with the right tools, but not without making some noticeable noise. So unless you are looking for this type of attention, your best bet is to use another mode of transportation.

Motorcycles are meant to be ridden, but bicycle riders should remember that roads are for both motorized and non-motorized vehicles. Always make sure you are riding safely in accordance with the laws of your state. Use defensive riding techniques when on the road to stay safe.

Is steering lock effective for motorcycles?

Yes. Steering locks are effective for motorcycles: if you use the right lock. The other critical factor is how you use it. You should place your motorcycle in a location where it can’t be pushed around, such as an uphill so that even with power assist, it’s difficult to push over, and also make sure to cinch down the steering lock like a belt, and never put it in the “lock” position while your motorcycle’s ignition is on. If you think about all of the motorcycles that end up getting stolen every day, it makes sense why these precautions are necessary.

You should also make sure to use gear such as disc locks and security chains when leaving your motorcycle unattended for any length of time. Another option is to invest in pre-paid security monitoring services through companies. And finally, whether you yourself own a motorcycle or not, always practice good situational awareness when on the road so you can avoid potentially dangerous situations involving bicycles, motorcycles, cars – anything!

A bicycle rider would have quite a bit of difficulty pushing over most motorcycles, but for those without engine power, they can be fairly easy to push over. A good motorcycle steering lock prevents this from happening so you don’t end up with an expensive loss like most bike thefts nowadays.

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how to use a steering lock on a motorcycle

A motorcycle lock is a major investment and an attractive target for thieves. It’s also difficult to find enough room on your bike to fit both a steering lock and a disc-brake locking device.

Fortunately, (for us) manufacturers of the latest generation of disc locks have started making their devices steerable, that is, you can still turn your handlebars through 90 degrees with the lock fitted thereby making it easier to maneuver into those awkward parking spaces.

Using a steering lock can protect your motorcycle, but it’s important to learn how to use one the right way. The last thing you want is for your purchase to fail when an opportunistic thief tries to steal your ride.

Here are some simple steps on how to properly use a steering lock on your motorcycle:

  1. Choose your parking location wisely.

Parking your bike in a well-lit area is best for obvious reasons – you’ll be able to see if someone’s lurking around and it will also attract the attention of passersby should something go wrong. If you have a garage or other enclosed space, it would be wise to invest in motion sensor lighting so that as soon as a potential thief gets near your motorcycle, it’s already too late for them to do anything.

  1. Assemble the lock properly before you mount it on your bike.

Inspect the U-bar or crossbar of your steering lock and ensure that it will be able to fit through the holes of your brake rotors. If you need to make adjustments, you can use the Allen wrench that’s included with your purchase.

  1. Secure the U-bar to your handlebars or brake rotor.

Once you’re happy with how it fits, tighten the lock onto the motorcycle using another Allen wrench (or coin if one is readily available). Make sure that there are no spaces between the device and your brake rotor or handlebars. There should be no movement whatsoever.

  1. Turn the lock before you engage it.

Some steering locks require you to turn the key counterclockwise before engaging it while others need to be turned clockwise, so make sure to reference your user manual. If yours does not have a hexagonal hole on the side, check if yours requires you to turn it counterclockwise. If so, please do not forget this important step!

If your steering lock has a hexagonal hole on the side that’s located near where you insert the key to engage the device, all you need to do is just screw it clockwise until it reaches the maximum tightness.

  1. Lock it up!

Once you’ve turned your steering lock into position, insert the key and turn it clockwise to lock the device.

Store the key in a safe but accessible location on or near your motorcycle if possible. You don’t want an inconvenience like this at the wrong time and there you have it:

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A motorcycle steering lock is the best way to protect your beloved ride from would-be thieves. Since it’s difficult to find enough room on your bike to fit both a steering lock and disc brake locks, consider choosing one that can turn so you don’t have to choose between the two.

You should also always take full advantage of other anti-theft and safety features like alarm systems, tracking devices, and insurance. However, while these other security measures can’t guarantee 100% protection for your motorcycle, a steering lock can at least provide very good anti-theft protection.

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