How Easy Is It To Drive A Motorcycle?

So are you about to start your motorcycle license? Maybe you’re thinking of finally giving it a try, but not sure how easy it is. Let me tell you! You should know that driving a motorcycle takes skill and practice, but the best part is that beginners can use motorcycles with automatic transmissions at first so they don’t have to worry about shifting gears. But if you want to feel more accomplished as a driver, then go ahead and learn how to shift all those gears on manual transmission bikes! Either way, I’m here to answer this question as an expert – if this sounds like something up your alley, read on…

so now come to the main question which is how easy is it to drive a motorcycle?

well being a motorcycle rider myself I would say that it is not very easy to drive a bike, you have to get into the habit of constantly checking your speedometer, rev counter, and also constantly checking your mirrors while driving. you also must give full attention to other motorists on the road because they may suddenly cut across your path, you will need to be careful while driving in order to keep yourself safe. You will need to be constantly aware of your surroundings, checking for any danger that could come up at any time. also, you have to be careful that you drive on the correct side of the road. Don’t let this discourage you though, because riding a motorcycle is something anyone can do. It just takes time and practice in order to become proficient at it.

the one thing which I would love to share is that driving a motorcycle is easy once you ride it for at least a month, at first I was a little bit scared of it but after riding for a month I never felt more confident on the road. especially when you ride a motorcycle and that ride is your first ride then it’s so scary but again once you ride a little more then you will feel more confident and comfortable.

after riding a motorcycle for at least one month you will feel like I am an expert riding motorcycle but you are not you have to be careful at that time too.

one more thing that can help you to drive a motorcycle is that before taking the test give your bike to a professional who knows how to ride riding school it will make it difficult for you because they know everything about motorcycles and during the test, you feel difficulty but if you practice with an expert teacher then definitely you can pass your test with flying colors, I am saying this from my own experience.

How Easy Is It To Drive A Motorcycle

how long does it take to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

it honestly took me two months to get the motorcycle to drive confidently, but it is not necessary that it will take you the same amount of time. It would depend on your skill and dedication to driving. If you want to learn then practice everything that I have mentioned above, give riding lessons to yourself every day for at least half an hour and if you can do more than that then yes! definitely, you can learn motorcycle riding very fastly.

if you drove Cycle then it will be easy for you to ride a motorcycle, as compared with Cycle it is much easier and more comfortable to drive.

if I talk about gear shifting then it is not very difficult to shift gears because every bike has only one clutch and one brake pedal so without thinking a lot you can move from first gear to second gear and third gear…I have never seen a bike that has more than five gears so you don’t have to worry about it.

so yes, I would say that driving a motorcycle is not very easy but not a difficult task as well! you just have to be careful and learn from your mistakes then after practicing for at least one month you will become an expert rider.

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is learning to ride a motorcycle harder than a car?

I would answer this question with a yes and a no because it depends on you. If you have driven a car before then it will be easier for you to drive a motorcycle but if you have never driven any vehicle before then driving motorcycles will be difficult for you.

you can say that riding is much easier than driving cars in the city traffic Because in the city roads are very busy like in San Francisco there is always a traffic jam. when I was 21 years old I got my motorbike license and at that time I also had my car license so on hot summer days which makes traffic jams even worse I prefer to ride my bike instead of sitting in the traffic jam but still when I get free time only then I drive my car otherwise my bike is with me.

while riding a motorcycle is very easy but you have to remember that you should not speed up the bike and also should not brake too hard because there is less grip on the road as compared with cars.

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How do you drive a motorcycle for the first time?

Firstly, you have to drive your bike slowly and at first, don’t try to brake hard because most motorcycles do not come with ABS. (anti-lock braking system)

come straight towards the bike feel comfortable on it make sure that you are sitting comfortably place both feet on the grounding and give a good push from the backside which will make the bike move. keep a good distance from the bike in front of you and make sure that there is enough space for your bike to move.

if you drive a motorcycle then try not to carry any kind of luggage on the back seat because it will make your bike heavy and it will become difficult for you to control your bike at high speed.

always wear a helmet. there is nothing more dangerous than riding without a helmet on the road because you cannot afford to take any risk.

for more I will recommend you to watch this video it will really help a lot:


Is it normal to be scared to ride a motorcycle?

Yes of course it is very normal even I was scared to drive a motorcycle and my friends that had ridden motorcycles in the past was also afraid of driving one.

everyone has their own fears you cannot change them but when someone starts driving they overcome their fear because they know if they don’t then there will be no one else who can do it for them.

so what I suggest is that if you are too scared to drive a motorcycle then go slow at first and make sure that you don’t break hard because there is no ABS in motorcycles which will help you in braking.

always wear protective gear like helmets, jackets, gloves, etc.

if you really want to learn how to ride a motorcycle then don’t let your fears stop you from learning something new.

Is it necessary to be strong to ride a motorcycle?

Of course not, this is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about motorcycles.

when I started riding then I think that my legs were very strong because after 10 minutes of riding continuously on the road my thighs would start to hurt like hell but you get used to it. (no pain no gain)

so if you are someone who is very skinny and think that you cannot ride a motorcycle then don’t worry about it because there is nothing to be worried about.

don’t try to show off like if you break your leg then your bones will also break but If you start riding slowly and give time to yourself then everything will fall into place and soon enough you will become an expert rider.

Learning how to ride a motorcycle at this point in time is too late?

No, if you are not very old above 60 then it’s not late to learn to ride a motorcycle because you will not feel any age difference while riding.

if you are someone who is in their late 20’s or 30’s and think that it’s too late to start riding then don’t let your beliefs stop you from doing something new. it doesn’t matter what age group you fall into, but there are some people who will say that it’s too late to learn. Therefore, if you want to start riding, don’t let anyone stop you.


I would say that it is not very easy to drive a motorcycle. The first time I tried, both my hands and feet were shaking uncontrollably as the bike’s engine roared loudly in front of me. As I gripped the handlebars tightly with sweaty palms and pushed down on the pedal, slowly making my way forward, all around me cars whizzed by at high speeds. It was so nerve-wracking! But after some practice getting used to riding bikes for leisurely rides through town or just sitting back on an open road watching everything go by from behind handlebars, it became such a fun activity.

I hope that all your doubts will get cleared through this article and soon enough you will start riding. thanks for reading and appreciate my hard work by sharing this article with your friends on social media.

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