How Important Are Motorcycle Boots?

Motorcycle boots are definitely important. They protect your feet from debris kicked up by the tires, keep your feet dry in case of rain or spilled fuel on the ground and do a good job of keeping the heat in your toes. I’ll cover this more later but before you buy motorcycle boots, take a look at all the help they can provide you when riding.

Like any other piece of motorcycle gear, boots are also necessary for motorcycles. Besides providing protection, motorcycle boots are also comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time. Likewise, your boots should also be comfortable on long rides. When buying motorcycle boots make sure they’re proportional with the rest of your feet. 

Motorcycle Boots: How Much Protection they need to Provide

We all know that a good pair of motorcycle boots should be comfortable, but one of the most important aspects of any quality motorcycle boot is how protective they are. 

What exactly do we mean by “protective”?   This question can not be answered in a simple manner with a single answer.  We have to consider and evaluate the protection provided by different safety standards against the type of crash most likely for you as an individual motorcyclist.

Some people ride on long straight highways, while others may find themselves riding up winding canyon roads or even racing around tracks at high speeds. 

A very important aspect of safety in motorcycle boots is padding around your ankle bone.  A good protective motorcycle boot will have an area of thick padded leather there to protect your foot against breakage if you were to slide along a guardrail or pavement surface at speed. The tighter and lower cut the boot, then the more important this padding becomes as it can prevent serious injuries such as broken bones in your toes that could be caused by them sliding forward onto the toe pegs when wearing a wide and low profile boot while shifting aggressively during aggressive riding.

It’s also a good idea to look for a protective motorcycle boot with thick insoles that can be removed so that you can add an extra insole if you need more arch support, as well as some type of removable/replaceable footbed.  This will allow you to customize the fit of the boot around your foot and ankle so that it is both comfortable and safe.

The other thing I would recommend looking for in protective motorcycle boots is heel cups. These prevent your feet from sliding forward over the edge of whatever they happen to be resting on when stopped or at a very low speed (like at traffic lights).  With non-cycling boots, this problem is common due to higher heels causing your foot to slide back along the sole.

but with boots made for motorcyclists, the problem is more related to riding as they tend to have flat soles that won’t cause your feet to slide back….which means you need a heel cup on the sole of your boot.  What these look like (and what brands offer them) depends upon which brand and style of boot you are looking at.

Another important consideration regarding protective motorcycle boots is how easy it is to get them on and off without having to unlace them all the way down…especially if they use buckles instead of zippers or velcro closures!   This can vary from brand to brand, but there are some things that will help overall: 

  1.  If using a buckle closure, try several different buckle types before buying.  Some are easier to operate with gloves than others, and some are more likely to come undone when walking or while crawling about on the bike.
  1. If using lace-up boots, look for eyelets that are wide enough so that you can get a gloved hand in there to loosen/tighten them up quickly without having to completely undo the lacing from the bottom of the boot all the way up and vice versa if you need to tighten them at stoplights!
  2. A final consideration is something I don’t see often in protective motorcycle boots: Look for a steel or aluminum shank inserted into both sides of each boot for extra side-to-side strength 

There are other things like toe sliders, ankle protectors, electrical hazard protection, etc. but most of these are available on some boots while being absent on others…so they aren’t necessarily a make or break feature.

The main goal with protective motorcycle boots is getting something that is comfortable enough to be worn all day long, has adequate padding at key places such as the ankle bone, and will keep your feet safe from simple scuffing (and hopefully more serious injury) no matter how bad you crash your bike.

Motorcycle Boots

What About Waterproof Boots?

If you ride often or plan on traveling long distances then waterproof motorcycle boots may well prove very helpful. You can purchase these at any bike store, but it is always better to try them on first and see how comfortable you feel in them before you buy them. They should always fit snugly without too much room to maneuver your foot around.

I asked a lot of riders what they thought about waterproof motorcycle boots, and some were proponents of them while others just didn’t see the need for having waterproof motorcycle boots with their regular apparel not being made up of waterproof material as well.

When you are riding in wet weather it is always best to protect yourself from exposure to water since our feet can become very susceptible to diseases should we ride too long in wet shoes or be exposed to water constantly. These risks include blood clots, open sores, athlete’s foot, fungus, and other medical conditions that could develop if you spend too much time in contact with water.

Remember that although these boots may help prevent some of these problems they will not prevent all of them, so it is best to wear slightly absorbent socks as well.

Riding a motorcycle and getting wet is not what we want to get involved with while riding. But occasionally it just happens that even waterproof boots can’t help us completely avoid the water. It’s true…we do sometimes get our feet wet (especially when you are riding in a rainy area for long periods of time). I think it’s much better to have some waterproof gear if you ride during stormy weather like an effective pair of waterproof boots designed for motorcycle riding. 

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Are Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Really Necessary?

Many people have this question: “Is it really necessary to wear waterproof boots on a motorbike? Can’t I just use regular shoes?” In my opinion, the dryness of your feet is extremely important when you are riding motorcycles. Even if you can tolerate cold, damp feet for a short period of time, prolonged exposure will lead to situations where you may not be able to control well enough to avoid an accident.

A good motorcycle boot should form an air-tight seal around your ankle and at the top of your calf so that cold water does not get in. Additionally, your boots must be breathable so that sweat from your feet can evaporate. When the cold, damp skin is tightly enclosed in a motorcycle boot with breathable material and an air-tight seal, your feet will stay warm and dry for a long period of time.

This is a question often asked by motorcyclists who are new to the sport. The instinctive response is, “yes,” 

 Well, if you ride long distances in all weather conditions and get caught in rainstorms for hours at a time then waterproofing is probably worth consideration. I would also recommend waterproofing boots to anyone.

Common sense dictates that if you’re going to be riding in the rain for extended periods of time, say multiple hours or half a day, then the likelihood of your feet getting wet increases. For longer rides or inclement weather conditions like heavy rain conditions, this is when waterproof motorcycle boots become a better option.

A waterproof motorcycle boot will also provide an extra layer of warmth in cold weather. The faster you ride your bike the more energy you’ll burn off and so you’ll notice yourself getting colder quicker than others who are walking around. If you’re riding year-round in all types of temperatures, then I recommend having good winter gear to warm. you up if you’re feeling the cold.


Motorcycle boots are important for motorcycle riders. They keep your feet safe, warm, and comfortable in cold weather or when it’s raining. They protect you from the elements that can cause injury to your feet such as sharp objects on the ground like gravel or rocks. The best thing about wearing a motorcycle boot is they give you more control over the bike because they help with stability and traction on wet surfaces. If there ever comes a time when I have to choose between shoes and boots, my decision will be easy – I’ll always wear boots!
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