How Long to Charge Motorcycle Battery at 2 Amps [Real Data]

Motorcycle owners spend a lot of time on the road and often need to charge their motorcycle batteries. This blog post will answer how long it takes to charge the battery at a 2 amps charger.

So now come to the main answer

The answer depends on the capacity of your battery. A typical bike battery anywhere from 8 amp hours to 15 amp hours would require 5 hours to charge at 2 amps and 2-3 hours to charge at 4 amps.

The capacity of your battery is an important factor. For example, if you own a motorcycle with an 8 amp hour battery and it takes 5 hours to charge at 2 amps, then doubling the charging rate (going up to 4 amps) will cut the time in half to about 2-3 hours.

The capacity also affects how fast your battery discharges when you start up a bike with a dead battery. At 2 amps, a motorcycle battery will lose about 5% of its charge every hour with the bike off. Going to 4 amps cuts that in half to about 2-3%.

typically you should charge your bike battery within 12 hours and if you leave it dead for more than 14 hours then the life of your motorcycle is reduced by almost half.

You can always try using a smart charger that controls both the charging time and charging rate. This will automatically turn off once the battery has reached full capacity so there is no chance of overcharging your battery.

The only way you can damage a motorcycle battery is by overcharging it so as long as you use a quality smart charger, you will not have any issues.

Additional Charging Information:

If your battery is AGM type or gel cell, then these batteries require a special charging rate and should not be charged at 2 amps unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. You should Always follow the manufacturer’s rated charging times and their amperage rates with their recommended chargers to avoid damaging the battery.

In order to maintain the battery’s charge, It’s important for us to stick to the motorcycle manufacturer’s charging instructions. You should keep in mind that your motorcycle battery will maintain its charge for much longer. if it does not stand for extended periods of time without being charged.

Experts Say The best way to prevent this from happening is by using a smart charger that can hold the charge, There are some chargers available in the market that come with the security feature and which automatically cut off once your battery is fully charged to avoid overcharging.

How long does it take to charge the motorcycle battery at a 6 amps charger?

The answer depends on the capacity of your battery, A typical bike battery anywhere from 8 amp hours to 15 amp hours would require 1.5-2 hours to charge at 6 amps…

while motorcycles with larger batteries (12 amp hour or 16 amp hour) would require 2-3 hours to charge at 6 amps.

Can You Fast Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

The answer is yes, you can fast-charge a motorcycle battery*. And, no, it’s not an ideal option.

Well, mostly. It depends. Yes, if you have the right charger/battery combination for your charging needs. No, if you are looking for a maximum speed of charge while trying bad ways- there are other ways to do it.

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How to Fast Charge Motorcycle Battery?

When it comes to charging the battery, motorcycle riders always go for the quick way out. Also known as fast charging, this method is used when you need your bike up and running right away.

However, just like any other method of charging a motorcycle’s power pack, fast charging also has its limitations. To ensure that you are able to get the most out of your bike.

you can use different chargers which is giving the option to fast charge the battery, so you don’t have to charge it for more than an hour.

Generally, motorcycle batteries need to be charged between 1-10 times their rated amperage. for example, a 12v 10ah battery needs to be charged at the rate of 1.2 amps to get it fully charged, while a 6v 4ah battery would need about 5 amps.

The optimal charging current for a motorcycle battery is 2/10th of its Ah or 2000mA for a 20Ah battery. Charging faster than this will not charge the battery further and will eventually decrease its life. So charging a 12Ah battery at 10 amps will not have an effect on how well it charges, but it may shorten its lifespan.

The smaller the current number, the more amperes of power are being supplied to the battery.

Can You Charge a Motorcycle Battery at 10 Amps?

Yes, it’s possible to charge a motorcycle battery at 10 amps. but we and also experts don’t recommend you to charge at 10 amps, because it can damage your battery.

if you do so then it will overcharge your battery, and too high voltage will damage your motorcycle’s electrical system.

Motorcycles usually have smaller batteries which are of 4 to 6 volts. To charge a motorcycle battery at 2 amps it would take up to around 8 hours. while if you charge the same battery at 10 amps then you can get it fully charged within an hour or two.


The size of the battery you have on your bike will dictate how long it takes to charge. If you’ve got a typical 8 amp-hour or 15 amp-hour motorcycle battery, charging at 2 amps would take about 5 hours and 4 amps would take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the quality of charger that is used. Just remember that with any given power supply (like an outlet), higher amperage means shorter charge times but also more wear and tear on your electric system, so be sure to choose appropriately for what suits your needs best! Please do comment below if this article was helpful in understanding the time needed for charging batteries – we’d love to hear back from our readership!