How Much Does a Yamaha R6 Weigh?

The Yamaha R6 is a sportbike that was produced by the Japanese manufacturer, Yamaha Motor Company. According to Wikipedia, the company has been in production since July 1955 and it’s still being sold today although there are rumors of its discontinuation. but how much does a Yamaha r6 weigh? in this blog post we will take a look at everything there is to know about the Yamaha R6 motorcycle.

According to the official Yamaha r6 owner manual, the weight of the motorcycle with oil and fuel is 189 kg (417 lbs):

The new generation Yamaha r6 is very lightweight for a sportbike which makes it an ideal choice for track racing. Some claim that the rear subframe of the motorcycle can be easily twisted when cornering hard. Otherwise, most people who own this bike are very happy with it and give it great reviews.

Is Yamaha R6 heavy?

No, the Yamaha R6 is lighter than most sportbikes which makes it a great choice for racing. the R6 motorcycle weighs around 417 lbs, so it’s much lighter than other sportbikes so it’s easier to lift, carry and handle. If you are thinking of getting the Yamaha r6 motorcycle, do not worry about it being too heavy for you to handle or ride. generally, the weight of a motorcycle is not something that riders consider when buying a new bike. Although this is true, the weight does play a role in how well the bike will perform as lighter bikes are usually faster and handle better than heavier motorcycles. the Yamaha r6 is the perfect choice for riders who want a sportbike that performs well and will not be too heavy. with all things considered, the Yamaha r6 is a motorcycle with great specs for its price. if you are looking for a good sportbike, the Yamaha r6 is definitely one of the best in its price range.

Is the R6 uncomfortable?

Some people are naturally uncomfortable on sportbikes. They feel too small, too high off the ground and it can be difficult to find a comfortable riding position. for this type of rider, the Yamaha r6 would not be a good choice because it’s very similar in size to most other sportbikes on the market.

So if you think that the R6 is too small for you, then maybe you should consider bigger motorcycles like cruisers or adventure touring bikes which are more suitable for riders with bigger sizes. but if you are under 6 feet tall, the R6 motorcycle will be quite comfortable for you. personally, the Yamaha r6 is just perfect for me it’s very compatible: it’s worth mentioning that the R6 is very reliable, easy to ride, and does not have too many electronics that will break down often. You might be thinking that it’s the perfect motorcycle, right? well, there are some complaints about its expensive price tag but apart from that everything else works great.

Is an R6 a good beginner bike?

The Yamaha r6 is not recommended for beginner riders due to its size and aggressive power. However, there are people who have successfully started riding this motorcycle. If you’re a bigger person, it’ll be easier for you to get used to the R6 faster because of its similar weight compared to other motorcycles out there.

the good news is that if you are still starting off your motorcycling career, there are plenty of other popular beginner bikes available in the market today which are much better suited for beginners than sports bikes like the Yamaha r6. the Yamaha r6 is not a bad motorcycle for people who want to learn how to ride and eventually upgrade to bigger and more powerful bikes, but it’s definitely not recommended as a first bike.

the Yamaha R6 is perfect for experienced riders who are looking for a lightweight sportbike. Although it may be expensive for some of you, its performance, comfort, and reliability more than makeup for this small issue. many are also impressed that the R6 does not have too many electronics which would break down often. Compared to other sportbikes in its price range, this motorcycle really performs well and is definitely one of the best motorcycles in the market today.

What are some good mods for R6?

You can make modifications to your Yamaha r6 to make it perform better by adding aftermarket parts. One of the most popular modifications is installing a racing exhaust system that increases your bike’s power significantly while still keeping its lightweight design intact. This modification will allow you to take full advantage of all that power under the hood, so if you are into that then go ahead and do it! just be sure to follow all safety procedures when doing any modifications on your bike because you don’t want to put yourself and your life at risk.

If you know how to race your motorcycle properly, then installing race cams for r6 will be perfect for you. Race cams are built specifically to give out big horsepower gains, so if that’s what you’re looking for then go ahead and do it! but remember not to install too many parts on your bike which might make it less comfortable because comfort matters too when owning motorcycles like this one.


The Yamaha r6 is a great motorcycle if you are looking for lightweight sportbikes that are perfect for experienced riders. It has an expensive price tag but it offers great performance along with other benefits that will make your ride much more comfortable and safe in the end. also as I explained earlier the Yamaha r6 is not recommended for beginner riders due to its size and aggressive power. If you’re a bigger person, it’ll be easier for you to get used to the R6 faster because of its similar weight compared to other motorcycles out there.

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