Cost to Mount and Balance Motorcycle Tires (6 Keys to Know)

Motorcycle tire mounting and balancing prices

The Overage Cost of Mounting and balancing the motorcycle tires (front & rear tire both) is from $40-50 but I will suggest you not give more than $50 for mounting and balancing the motorcycle tires.

If the motorcycle mechanic quotes more than that I will suggest you take the wheels by yourself so this way the charges will become even more down.

I and My friend goes to 21 Shops and quoted the price some of them were quoted $50 but some of them quoted $130-150. (the price also includes a tire disposal fees)

However, some shops will charge zero if you buy a motorcycle tire from them. but again it may charge you a little bit for mounting and balancing but it will be up to $20.

In Some Places, the Shop’s owner will try to charge you more, but they may give you the best price to beat their competition in some areas. Another Fact is That in Large Cities,s the charge for mounting and balancing motorcycles will be way higher than in small towns.

How much will you give for mounting and balancing motorcycle tires if you ask me: I won’t give more than $50. (it depends on my area).

The Reason Why Shops In Cities Charge More Money

There is one reason that shops in cities charge more.

It’s because in the cities there are more customers than in small towns, Therefore, they don’t care if someone goes to another shop or does it themselves. But if someone agrees to pay $150-180 Then the Shops will Earn More Money.

But compared to Small towns where shops didn’t have Many Customers they agree to Mont and balance the Tires for less money.

Who Can/will Mount Motorcycle Tires

The tire shop has a skilled worker who can mount and balance tires.

But what happens if you want to mount and balance your motorcycle tires see below

How You Can Mount and Balance Your Motorcycle Tires

Almost everyone has a motorcycle and all motorcycles come with tires. Tires play a crucial part in the comfort of your Motorcycle, if you have even one flat and need to be repaired then you can surely imagine how much discomfort it brings.

Today, our focus is on motorcycle tires, more specifically mounting them and balancing them properly to ensure that they run smooth and last long.

If you happen to be new to mounting motorcycle tires or have not done so before, some things should put you at ease.

All mounting equipment required is readily available from shops. The only challenge might be identifying the information given on the tire sidewalls which will help find the correct matching specifications for mounting and balancing your wheels.

Mounting and balancing motorcycle tires is very easy. If you want to pay someone else it will not good at all. But to do it, you will need some special tools to mount and balance motorcycle tires which is 

  1. Valve Core Tool/Remover
  2. Tire Irons
  3. Rim Protectors
  4. Windex
  5. Compressed air
  6. Carpet/milk crate
  7. Harbor Freight
  8. Bead Breaker

And to Balance your motorcycle tire you need a Balance Stand And Wheel weights

When mounting motorcycle tires it’s important to let the air inside the tire out. To do this, use a long-bladed screwdriver and insert it into the valve stem hole located at the center of the wheel mounting area.

Push firmly on the tire bead to make sure there is good contact with the mounting surface as you press down on its air chamber. This should cause an audible hissing sound which will alert you that all of its air has been successfully released from inside.

Then spray a little Windex around the tires after doing that remove the tube from the rim while doing this put the tire irons to do it easily remember some tires can be easily removed with two iron tires but some may be removed with the three tire irons

Then remove the tire and repeat this process for the other side of the tire as well.

Once you remove the tire it’s time to put another tire into the rim. 

But before doing that I will suggest giving some heat to the tire you can do it in two ways. One is the sun and the second is the hairdryer.

For a more in-depth method, I will suggest watching this video it will help.

Why You Need Balanced Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycles need to be balanced so that they are able to spin smoothly while you are driving. If the tire is not properly aligned, it will shake violently when it spins too fast and throw your entire ride off-balance with its vibrations. This can become dangerous over time as more problems crop up from a poor balance.

Most people don’t know but tires can be very dangerous to have unbalanced. There are many negative aspects of having an unbalanced tire, such as not being able to control your motorcycle properly.

Luckily professionals can come to check on how well-balanced they are for those who need help with these things or just want their ride smoother in general by using weights when needed!

Advice On Balancing Motorcycle Tires How Often?

Balancing tires is an important part of keeping yourself safe on the road. From time to time, you may need your tire balanced in order to prevent any problems and make sure that they are not wearing out too quickly.

Manufacturers recommend having them checked every 8,000-10,000 miles depending on factors like driving habits or terrain conditions which can increase wear and tear more than on normal roads.

Tires must be rebalanced periodically because there are many different things that affect their balance such as air pressure changes due to weather fluctuations between seasons but also uneven

Rough roads can quickly unbalance your tires and throw them off track. If you are regularly driving on rough terrain, then it is important to get your tire checked more often than the recommended 10,000-mile interval.

Rough road conditions may be closer to an 8000-mile frequency of balancing for optimal performance that will help avoid any unwanted blowouts

The off-balance signs on a motorcycle are often difficult to detect unless you’re paying close attention. If your bike is making odd noises like an unusual vibration, it’s time for new tires or adjustment of the wheel alignment. (rear-wheel or front wheel)

As long as you keep things in mind and look out for signs that things are off-balance, then life will be easy! Signs such as weird vibrations when accelerating can indicate there might be something wrong with newly installed tires – so don’t forget about them.

Should You Ever Mount and Balance your motorcycle Tires Yourself?

Mounting and balancing tires is not a job that you’re going to be able to tackle yourself in most cases.

Unless you’re an expert with access to the proper equipment, it’s best left up for professionals who can do the work and make sure your ride stays safe on all terrain. They’ll have everything necessary from tire changers, rotations machines, mounts/balancers you name it!


Conclusion paragraph: Today, we’ve learned about the cost of mounting and balancing motorcycle tires. We hope you found this information helpful. If so, please share with your friends on social media or in-person today to help them make informed decisions when it comes time for their next tire purchase. Thank you for reading our blog post have a great day!