How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Motorcycle Seat?

Motorcycles are a lot of fun, but they do come with some maintenance that you have to deal with. Cleaning the bike, checking the tire pressure and chain tension, and washing it down after a long ride can be time-consuming. But what about reupholstering the seat? It’s not something that most people think about doing on their own because it looks so complicated. And while you could get it done at a motorcycle shop for an arm and a leg, where does someone who wants to save money go? Lucky for them there is an alternative.

here’s how much does reupholster of motorcycle seat costs:

The typical cost of reupholstering a motorcycle seat ranges between $80 and $150. This isn’t too bad considering that you will be saving money by doing it yourself or spending more at the local dealership. You should keep in mind, though, that the prices of new custom seats can vary from company to company.

Also, you have to keep in mind that the average motorcycle owner doesn’t spend a lot of money on their bike seats. Instead, they opt for a less expensive version that is made of vinyl or other low-quality materials that don’t require a professional touch. It may be cheaper to replace the seat without repairs, but it won’t last nearly as long and will probably look cheap when you compare it to a reupholstered model.

Here’s How To Reupholster Your Motorcycle Seat:

Reupholstering a motorcycle seat is pretty easy if you have the right instructions. With just some basic tools and simple instructions, anyone can do this and save a few bucks. There are plenty of tutorials out there that walk you through the whole process and show you exactly what to do. If you’re not wanting to spend the time watching videos then you can go to a shop and spend between $50-and $100.

we have found  the best tutorials for this:

Can you reupholster a motorcycle seat?

You can reupholster a motorcycle seat. It’s not that difficult of a job, but it does depend on the type of seat that you have for your bike. Not all seats are made the same and they aren’t easy to take apart. By all means, give it a shot if you feel confident enough, but if you aren’t sure then go to a shop and have them do it. if you don’t want to reupholster your motorcycle seat yourself then you can have a shop do it for you, but this will cost more money.

A reupholstered motorcycle seat makes sense when you consider that a new custom model can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas a good quality used one costs a fraction of that amount. This is especially true if you want to use the rest of your bike’s interior, such as floorboards and other parts because they will fit perfectly with a custom job. If you cannot afford this initial investment then get an inexpensive vinyl version from the dealer or online retailer and do it yourself to get something better down the road.

What Are Some Problems When Reupholstering Motorcycle Seats?

You may struggle with removing old upholstery from motorcycles seats because they are designed for it to be difficult. This may mean taking them to a professional or buying special tools to get them off. Once you have the seat off, though, it should be pretty simple to put the new material on and staple it into place.

If you don’t pay attention to the stress areas of your seat and try to reupholster them, then you could find yourself with a broken chair or even tears along the seams. You must use an old towel or other cushioning material when applying pressure to those areas as well as pushing down on the staples. This can save you from any kind of damage that would make your job pointless, but still, leave it looking nice.

Is It Worth It To Reupholster?

It very much depends on what you are looking for in your motorcycle seat. If you want to follow the traditional path of just buying a cheap vinyl version then you probably don’t need to bother with reupholstering it. However, if you have bigger plans for your bike interior then it is worth it to go the extra mile and get a custom job that looks good.

If money isn’t an issue then there isn’t anything stopping you from getting a nice leather or other material, but if cost is preventing this kind of investment then use something cheap until you can get something better. The main thing to keep in mind is that reupholstering doesn’t take too much effort or knowledge, so it can be done by anyone.

What Are Some Benefits Of Reupholstering Seats?

Besides the fact that reupholstering motorcycle seats is much cheaper than buying a new one, there are all kinds of other benefits to it. If you want something for your bike interior that will make it look like no other bike on the road, then this is how to get it. Even changing out just the seat can completely change your perspective when riding and open up a whole new world in terms of customization possibilities.

You can choose the kind of material you want for your seat, make it fit in with other parts on the bike, and use the proper tools to ensure that it is safe when you are riding. It can also take your customizations to a much higher level if you do all kinds of other things like painting panels or putting together an entirely new center console.

What are some materials that I can use to reupholster?

There are many different materials that you can use to reupholster motorcycle seats. Some popular choices include leather, vinyl/pleather, tweed, wool blend, denim, or faux suede. These give off a completely different look than what you would get from just putting on a cheap cover over the original upholstery, but this is why it is worth doing.

Not only can you take your reupholstering project to the next level with different materials, but you can also have a lot of fun by experimenting with them and trying new things that look good. This kind of customization will ensure that there are no two motorcycles that are exactly alike when it comes to their interiors, which is excellent if you want your bike to be unique in every possible way.


If you have a motorcycle and want to set your bike apart from all the rest, then reupholstering it may be just right for you. Not only is it much cheaper than buying a brand new seat, but also has tons of other benefits that can help you customize different parts of the bike as well as make it safer for riding.  Take the time to read up on all you can about this process, use plenty of cushioning material when reupholstering, and ensure that you are working with the best tools for the job. You will end up with a completely customized motorcycle that no other rider has ever seen before, which makes it worth any trouble you may have gone through.

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