How Much Does Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Cost?

This type of service can vary greatly in price. Dyno tuning will cost you around $250 to $350 Usd Now A Days and this would include getting your bike up to speed, recording a few baseline pulls, making your adjustments, and then recording a few more. This could vary depending on shop labor rates and what other work they have going on at that time. Also if you are doing modifications such as cams or camshafts it will take longer because they need to be done in steps and the dyno operator needs to make sure everything is ok after each one. And lastly, you need to factor in their hourly labor rate for tuning which usually ranges from $80-150 per hour depending upon location, competition, and how skilled the dyno operator is.

what is a motorcycle dyno tune?

Motorcycle dyno tuning is the process of adjusting your motorcycle’s air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, and throttle response to optimize its power output. Dyno tuning also makes your motorcycle run smoother and improves fuel economy. Correctly done, motorcycle dyno tuning will get you the maximum horsepower a motor can make from that particular combination of engine parts. It also allows us to adjust for modifications such as air filters, exhaust headers, cams, and camshafts so they work together most efficiently.

is dyno tuning a motorcycle worth it?

If you are building a custom or turn-key modified bike then yes, it is definitely worth it. You’ll get the maximum performance possible from your modifications. And if you’re just doing regular maintenance like replacing your air filter and spark plugs then no, it’s not necessary to have a dyno tune done (however I still recommend having a dyno tuning.

what does dyno tuning do for motorcycles?

A properly done dyno tune will increase your motorcycle’s horsepower, improve throttle response and smooth out the whole power curve. This makes it so much easier to ride because it rides like a factory stock bike with no surprises. Another benefit is it makes your bike run cleaner. The stock computer tends to lean out the mixture after parts are replaced which causes a build-up of carbon on your pistons and valves – decreasing the life span of those parts. Dyno tuning brings your air/fuel mixture back to where it should be so you don’t have any wear or damage done to those expensive engine components. dyno tune also makes good fuel economy and better drivability.

Does dyno tuning add horsepower?

Yes. First, you must understand how a dyno works. A dyno measures the horsepower at the rear wheel, not at the crankshaft as many people think. So even if your bike makes 100hp at the crank it could make 120 or more at the rear wheel because of drive train loss. Keep in mind all dynos are different so what one person gets on their dyno will vary from another but I’m guessing we’ll get about an 8-12% increase over stock which is typical for good tuning and parts replacement alone – without any other modifications (this doesn’t count cams or camshaft work). Also, remember mileage will also be increased slightly as well just by adding new air filters and spark plugs/wires.

Can a motorcycle dyno be used to check if parts are compatible?

Yes. A dyno machine measures how your bike performs as a whole under full throttle load at the rear wheel. This is just like riding it on the road except you have complete control of what’s going on and can make any necessary adjustments. The dyno sheet will tell you everything that is going on so you’ll see what each part does when combined with the other parts and air/fuel mixture, etc. It’s not always possible to know if two parts will work well together without testing them (i.e., intake manifold w/ carburetor or throttle body vs intake manifold w/ fuel injection). Dynos let experiment with different combinations at full throttle and an operator can make changes to things like jetting or air/fuel mixture on the fly.

When should you dyno tune your Motorcycle?

Dyno tuning your motorcycle before any upgrades is the best time when it comes to dyno tuning your motorcycle. If you do your work in steps where you first improve intake and exhaust flow then dyno tuning is still a good idea.

How long does it take to dyno tune a motorcycle?

It will take about 2-3 hours to dyno tune a motorcycle. The more experienced operator can do it quicker, as quick as 1-2 hours. This is just an average, some bikes will be faster (i.e., bolt-on mods) and some could take longer (i.e., oversize pistons or cams).

Can you dyno tune any motorcycle?

Yes.  In fact, many highways patrol police bikes that are dyno-tuned. The myth that only sportbikes can be dyno tuned is just that – a myth. Dyno tuning a motorcycle will increase its horsepower and torque output by increasing the efficiency of the motor. If you have a bum motor with high miles or abuse, or your motor was extremely poorly built from the factory (or perhaps a cheap Chinese knock off) a good tune-up on a dyno jet may allow you to squeeze 5-10% more power out of it if all else remains equal.

Is dyno tuning necessary?

No. Not at all. In fact, you can make a big horsepower increase from carefully selected bolt-ons and tuning by hand with a good map.


Dyno tuning your motorcycle is essential if you have done any modifications to your bike. It also ensures that all parts are working together as designed and desired. If you don’t do a dyno tune then there’s no way of knowing how the modifications will work or even if they worked at all! Not having a dyno tune isn’t the end of the world but it may cause damage to your engine so be sure not to get caught off guard.

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