How Much Does Motorcycle Gear Cost

How Much Does Motorcycle Gear Cost: A motorcycle can be a great way to stay safe on the road. But, there is one more thing you need in order for your ride to feel extra secure; good quality gear! You may find yourself paying from $700-$1300 and up depending on what style of product you are looking for.

You never know how much something will cost before buying because this topic has both high-priced equipment as well as cheaper options available depending on what type of gear people have in order to get them

It is always a good idea to buy gear that you know will work best for your needs. Make sure you get the right size and style of helmet, goggles or sunglasses, jacket, glove, pants, boots, or whatever else it may be in mind. safety isn’t ever compromised then there’s no need to worry.

Motorcycle gear is essential to staying safe on your bike. One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a biker, no matter how short or long a trip it will be, is wearing all protective equipment-even if just going 10 minutes down the road.

How Much Does Motorcycle Gear Cost

When you are gear buying, it is best to start off by making a list of each type of gear you’re interested in. Then work your way through the pieces and select what’s available for the amount of money that you can spend on them. I would strongly recommend getting all full-set equipment; this includes a helmet with visor or shield, jacket, gloves (leather), pants/shorts & boots–whatever will provide adequate protection from outside elements while still maintaining breathability and comfort.

Motorcycles are a lot of fun to ride, but it’s important that you have the right equipment. This list will outline what gear is crucial for your safety and how much money should be spent on each item.
here is the list of items which you can see and get the idea about the each product

1. Helmet

motorcycle helmet

Helmets are the most important safety gear when riding a motorcycle. It has been said many times in different posts that if you are going to be hitting high speeds and cruising down those winding roads then it is essential for you to have a durable and well-fitting helmet on at all times.

In case of an accident, you’ll be protected from head injuries with this gear (helmet). It’ll keep your brain cushioned against the hard ground, and reduce or avoid severe damage that could lead to permanent changes like memory loss.

Riding without a helmet is inconceivable. Although they come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges–from as low as $100 to over $1000!–you really get what you pay for when it comes to a high-quality bike helmet. The beauty about helmets within this price range ($150-$250) is that while still offering excellent protection without breaking your bank account.

2. Goggles Or Sunglasses

motorcycle sunglasses

Just like professional race car drivers, motorcycle riders need to take care of their eyes. Invest in some quality eye protection gear and you’ll be able to enjoy the ride without any worries about your peepers.

You will be glad to know that wearing a pair of motorcycle goggles is the best way to protect your eyes when riding.
Finding the perfect motorcycle sunglasses can be difficult and expensive, but for around $50 to $200 you get good-quality glasses made with excellent UV protection. They come in different styles as well.

Your glasses will usually last you for a while. If your budget is below $50, don’t expect to get an expensive pair of durable frames with great features. But if you want the best quality and advanced features that won’t fall apart in less than 6 months or so, then spending around $200 on them would be ideal.

3. Gloves

motorcycle gloves

Falling is a natural reaction for humans. The release of adrenaline and cortisol also occurs in our bodies, which releases the fight-or-flight hormone to help us survive any dangerous situation like falling down. However, if you don’t have your hands protected when catching yourself after tripping or slipping on something that’s slippery then serious injuries can occur.

You’re most likely to suffer severe harm to your hands in a bike crash. Putting on gloves before getting back up is an easy way to protect yourself from injuries! A good pair will provide excellent grip and abrasion resistance–and some even have armor at the base of their palms for better protection when you touch down during a fall.

There are a variety of prices for leather gloves, but you can’t go wrong with an average quality pair that costs around $40-$100. Higher-quality options may cost between $100 and up to as much as $200 or more.

4. Jacket

motorcycle jacket

A good-quality motorcycle jacket, made from tough and hardy materials to resist harm in the event of a crash is important. These should be used for safety purposes but can also act as fashion accessories that will make you look cool while riding your bike around town.

A motorcycle jacket is an indispensable outerwear piece for any biker. They keep you looking cool, and they also make your ride more comfortable in various weather conditions. Motorcycle jackets cost between $80-100 and $250 since an average motorcycle jacket comes in a variety of colors, styles, and features that will keep you comfortable during your rides.

5. Pants

Motorcycle pants are a must-have for riders. They provide more protection than regular jeans in case of an accident and will keep you comfortable on your long bike ride.
Pants Protect yourself from accidents with motorcycle pants.

Wearing riding jeans, just like a jacket and gloves, made of durable materials is best. Riding jeans include Kevlar for increased protection—but still won’t offer you as much protection as a pair of Cardura trousers with added reinforcements in high wear areas (ankles, knees).

The best, most comfortable riding pants on the market today are made from either leather or textile. They feature armor in all of your joints and a snug fit that’s sure to feel just right! The lower-end range will cost you around $100 while higher-end models go for about $200+.

6. Boots

Motorcycle boots are an integral piece of the riding gear puzzle. They keep your feet safe from debris and provide protection in case you fall off or hit a curb when speeding down the road.

Motorcycle boots are available in a variety of styles and price points to suit any budget. You can find a decent pair for less than $100 and if you prefer high-quality professional gear then those will cost anywhere from 200 dollars all the way up to several thousand.

7. Riding Suit

motorcycle suit

One-piece suits are great for racing, but they might not be worth the hassle.
A one-piece is the best choice for racing, it will offer you a comfortable ride. One-pieces are easy to change out of in-between laps and they’re great at keeping your body warm outside during winter months.

With a price of $1377, the Aerostich Roadcrafter is one of the most expensive motorcycle suits on the market. The suit has plenty to offer for those looking for protection and functionality while riding their motorcycles.

You’re not going to find many better products in this category than what’s offered by Aerostich: they have flawless customer service and only make high-quality clothing that’ll last you years if cared for properly

Can You Buy Used Motorcycle Gear?

It’s not always a good idea to buy second-hand gear. Sure, it may save you money upfront but what if the person who sold their gear couldn’t afford quality protection for themselves? You could be risking your own life just because someone else didn’t want to pay full price for some motorcycle clothes.
But buying a used gear may be good. It’s true that the quality will not last as long because it’s been worn in before you get to use it, but if your goal is simply to save money and have something good enough for now then second-hand would suit just fine. There are also some great deals to be found at any time of the year.

In our honest opinion (which we’re sure many share), investing in high-quality second-hand motorcycle accessories instead of new ones could prove more beneficial than expected–especially when considering price point per unit and longevity/protection offered.

Do You Need Summer and winter-specific Motorcycle gear?

A lot of people who are new to motorcycles might think they need specific gear for summer and winter. There is no need for specific gear but if you are riding mostly in summer and winter you need to buy all-season gear.

However, if you have summer gear you can easily extend the use of most summer motorcycle gear into fall and spring by adding a thermal layer or rain poncho when it starts raining.

What you need to know about motorcycle gear?

Motorcycles can be a lot of fun to drive; they give you an exciting adventure and make you feel free. However, motorcycle accidents do happen frequently, The motorcycle gear you wear should be the best available to protect your body against injury if involved in a motorcycle accident.
here is the table which is showing you the fatality rates from 2015 to 2019.

This data is collected from and according to they says that we collect the data from  U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Federal Highway Administration.

Why should you purchase motorcycle gear?

Motorcycle gear is necessary for motorcycle riders because you can’t control if you will be involved in a crash. but motorcycle gear can minimize the injuries of a motorcycle accident which will reduce the death rate
As you see in the chart that shows motorcycle rider fatality rates in our country (USA)

Motorcycle accidents have increased every year, especially there was an increase between the years 2009 and 2010, this increase is mainly caused by bikers’ inexperience or failure to wear properly-fitted protective motorcycle gear. Motorcycle accidents are usually caused by inexperienced motorcycle drivers who don’t know how to control their bike properly; they don’t drive within their limits of experience and skill level, often failing to use proper judgment when riding at high speeds on busy roads with vehicles that are going faster than them.

How to save money on motorcycle gear?

motorcycle gear can be rather expensive, especially motorcycle helmets. This is mainly because motorcycle riders are highly vulnerable to severe head injuries in case of an accident. The demand for motorcycle gear is high so companies have found a way to make motorcycle gear more expensive than it should be. you can get motorcycle gear at a reasonable price by seeing the product which we recommend to you.

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How much is too much for motorcycle gear?

motorcycle gear can be a bit pricey, so it’s understandable if you are trying to spend as little money as possible on motorcycle helmets and motorcycle jackets. Although motorcycle accidents can cost more than $10000-50000 in medical bills, motorcycle riders often think they have no choice but to buy cheap motorcycle safety gear because their financial situation is tight.

While saving money on motorcycle gear doesn’t mean that you should not purchase protective motorcycle gloves or other motorcycle accessories at all, buying the minimum will save you a lot of money. for instance, choosing one motorcycle helmet among dozens of them with the same outer shell and lining inserts won’t make much difference (except for price point).

Tips to for buying motorcycle gear

Tip1: It’s important to invest in good quality items because they will last longer and be more comfortable for you to wear. motorcycle gear that is made from low-quality materials will not protect you as well and can be uncomfortable to wear, especially when motorcycle riding in heated weather conditions.

Tip2. It’s important to buy motorcycle gear that fits you well, so it doesn’t interfere with your riding or cause any discomfort when you wear motorcycle riding. motorcycle gear that is too tight will be uncomfortable to wear and motorcycle gear that is too loose may not protect you as well during motorcycle accidents.

Tip3. Consider buying used motorcycle gear if you want something cheaper than new – just make sure it’s in good condition before purchasing motorcycle gear is constructed out of sturdy materials so it  can last for years

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