How Much Horsepower Does an Exhaust Add to a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle exhaust systems are often a hot topic for debate. On one hand, they can help to protect your health and the environment. But on the other, many people argue that they decrease performance and reduce fuel economy. There is also concern about noise pollution from some of these systems as well as an increased risk of injury in case of a fall due to the added weight. In this article, we will take a look at how much horsepower does exhausts add to a motorcycle?

before going to a more in-depth explanation let’s shortly answer how much horsepower does exhausts add to a motorcycle:

it means that the amount of horsepower that you gain after installing an exhaust is almost negligible.

as for how much horsepower does an exhaust add to a motorcycle it really depends on many factors, including the type of system, your engine displacement, overall weight, etc. but most experts agree that even with all these variables considered there is only about 5% or (3-4 hp)increase in horsepower after installing an exhaust.

now, after saying let’s go back to the issue what is the correct answer for this question?

Well, it really depends on many different factors. For example, an engine that works at high rpm will have a higher increase of power output than engines at low rpm. That’s why some headers, which are designed to increase power at higher engine speeds, can be more or less effective than others even if they have the same capacity.

the next factor is the type of exhaust system that you’re using. For example, an aftermarket two-stroke exhaust will add more horsepower than a factory four-stroke exhaust for obvious reasons. And since semi-stock engines usually don’t provide enough power to use with full aftermarket systems riders often end up with no choice but to buy factory replacement parts like complete new exhausts and other types of upgraded components like forks, brakes, etc.

we should also remember that there isn’t exactly a formula for this question because everybody has different preferences when it comes to style, comfort, safety, and power. If there was one, then everyone would be riding the same bike with exactly the same engine.

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Does changing exhaust increase the horsepower of a motorcycle?

Yes: according to fortnine by adding an aftermarket exhaust to a motorcycle engine you will increase the power output of that bike. as you know, the engine of a motorcycle is responsible for converting fuel into power. this power comes out in 2 ways: 1 – by moving your bike forward and 2 – by doing wheelies! but it’s worth knowing that adding an aftermarket exhaust to your motorbike can increase its horsepower, although you won’t feel much difference when starting or accelerating. this is because the increase in horsepower is not very big, but if you are looking for a sportier ride or more power for stunts then it is worth buying one. the other thing to remember is that if you add a new exhaust or make alterations to your current one, this will affect the tuning of the bike and you’ll need to get it re-checked by a specialist.

Does exhaust make bikes faster?

Yes: adding exhaust to your motorcycle can make it faster.

they usually increase both horsepower and torque, meaning that the engine will work at a higher speed in order to produce more power (this is why exhausts are used in motor racing). this means that your bike will go faster than before, but you’ll have to consider that accelerating will be harder. if you are looking to accelerate faster then you should find out about changing the gears on your bike.

also adding an exhaust usually make the bike sound better, which can actually be a pro or a con. for example, some people prefer the sound of their petrol engine without an exhaust this is why many manufacturers don’t fit them right away. but if you are looking to go faster then it’s worth installing one because they will let your engine work at a higher speed.

can aftermarket exhaust damage engine motorcycle?

depending on what kind of exhaust you purchase there is a risk that it will damage the engine if fitted incorrectly. this is because an aftermarket exhaust must be specifically made for your motorcycle in order to avoid any problems with the fitment or the characteristics of your engine. if you are not sure about getting an aftermarket part then you should get advice from a specialist.

there are also different factors when it comes to installing an exhaust on your motorcycle, such as how many cylinders it has and the model (the more cylinders, the harder it is to add an exhaust). this means that you’ll need to find out about how easy it is before purchasing one of these parts.

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can you put any slip-on exhaust on a motorcycle?

you can’t add any slip-on exhaust to a motorcycle. it’s important that if you want to make changes to your bike, even if it is to add an aftermarket part like an exhaust, the fitment must be correct to avoid causing damage. this means that before buying a slip-on exhaust you should check if it’s made for your motorcycle.

when choosing an aftermarket part for your motorcycle, pay attention to its characteristics. this means that you should know the number of cylinders it has and other specifications before putting an exhaust on.

an aftermarket slip-on exhaust can be easier to choose because it doesn’t require as much technical knowledge about the engine as getting an original part or altering something.


An exhaust adds some horsepower to a motorcycle,  but the effect is small. However, if you do it right, you can expect a noticeable increase in torque and some speed gain as well. The risk of damaging your engine is possible, but not very high. Therefore, there’s no reason to avoid this modification as long as you choose an aftermarket exhaust specifically made for your motorcycle and adjust it carefully during the initial mounting phase.

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