How to Get a Salvage Title for a Motorcycle?

If you are reading this, then you are most likely interested in learning how to get a salvage title for a motorcycle. The process of getting the salvage title will depend on whether your bike still runs or not and whether or not it was considered unsafe at the time it was inspected by law enforcement.

if your bike is in running condition when you bought it from someone else, you can call them to ask for their title, otherwise, you’ll have to go through the state police to report it’s damaged if there isn’t any record of its ownership (stolen bikes usually end up with law enforcement). If there is no record of ownership and/or the bike doesn’t run, then you need to file an affidavit in order to get a title through the courts.

if your bike didn’t run when you bought it, check with your state to see if there are some steps you can take on your own before hiring an attorney.

Process of Getting a Salvage Title If Your Bike Doesn’t Run When You Buy It:

Step1: Apply for the salvage title:

you will need to go to the official DMV website of your state In order to pick the salvage title documents or check the DMV website of your state, most likely located in the government section.

You will find an application form that you need to fill out and that usually goes into a Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles fund.

The salvage department at the DMV is where you need to go for more information on how to get a salvage title.

the second step will be to Fill the document correctly and send it back to the DMV together with any required documents.

Step 2: Wait for the processing of your application form, which may take several weeks.

If you want to be sure that the process is in progress, you can always give them a call or stop by there in person and ask about your case.

Step 3: Pay the fee for getting your salvage title.

this step will depend on the rules of each state, however, you are most likely going to have to pay a small fee in order to get your salvage title processed.

If you need information about the cost or fees of applying for a salvage title through the DMV of your state, you can always contact them by phone or in person to get this information.

rebuilt title by the DMV.

The next step is to “Rebuild” your motorcycle. After having it inspected, some states will allow you to have a new title issued that says something like “Repaired Salvage Vehicle”. This will be proof that you have repaired the motorcycle and that you are now allowed to drive it on public roads (although most likely with restrictions). Other states won’t clear the salvage status of the bike altogether, which means that if you want to sell it in these states, you need to do so through a private sale without a title (in which case make sure the buyer knows about the bike’s history). Clearing Title First.

The first step to clear the title is to pay off any liens or loans that are associated with the vehicle. If you don’t, they could come back to haunt you later during the ownership transfer process.

the next step will be to find an inspection station in your area that deals with this type of inspection. The examiner will inspect your motorcycle and issue a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) certification form indicating that the necessary repairs have been made. This form is valid for thirty days. During those thirty days, you can visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles branch and apply for a new certificate of title by following some specific procedures:

Step 4: Fill out an application form

Fill out an application form and submit it together with other required documents such as proof of vehicle ownership, statement of repairs performed on the motorcycle, or a bill of sale.

Step 5: Pay fees associated with your application.

To find out more information about the specific requirements visit the website of your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles office.

Can a motorcycle with a salvage title be insured?

Insurance companies are not required to approve motorcycles with salvage titles for insurance, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Some would require you to have a “rebuilt” title in order to get insured.

if your motorcycle is fully operational and inspected properly, an insurance company will most likely agree to insure it even if it has a salvage title.

Is it worth buying a motorcycle with a salvage title?

Salvage titles can be a double-edged sword. Of course, the lower price of the motorcycle has its appeal, but it must be stated that you will more than likely end up spending as much as 2 times the purchase price if you try to repair such a bike. Additionally, many insurance companies refuse to insure motorcycles with salvage titles.

A motorcycle with a salvage title is not worth buying if you plan on making some repairs and reselling it afterward. If it’s your first bike and you want a bargain, then go ahead and buy it! Just don’t expect to get rich from the deal!

a motorcycle with a salvage title might be perfect for someone who wants to fix their own motorcycle without having to worry about insurance or needing to go through the process of getting it repaired.

the worst-case scenario is that you get a total loss motorcycle that can’t be driven on public roads, which means you will pay less for parts and won’t have to spend much on repairs.

If your state offers a “salvage title”, it pretty much implies that the vehicle has been in an accident resulting in damage significant enough to hurt the resale value. In this case, if you’re looking for a cheap deal, buying such a motorcycle might not be such a bad idea after all! Just make sure you double-check your state’s specific laws before jumping into action.


I hope this article has been useful to you in clearing up how to get a salvage title for a motorcycle. Even if it’s your first bike, make sure you take the time to read all about it and that you feel confident with everything before taking the plunge.