How to Junk a Motorcycle?

There may come a time when you have to junk your motorcycle. Perhaps it’s no longer running, or you’ve replaced it with a newer model. Whatever the reason, selling a motorcycle can be difficult, and sometimes it’s more practical to simply junk it. Here’s how to do just that.

The first step is to find a scrap yard that will buy your bike. Not all yards will deal with motorcycles, so call around and ask before you go anywhere. Once you’ve found a yard, they’ll likely want to see the bike in person before making an offer. This is because there are certain parts on a motorcycle that can be resold for profit – like the engine or the frame. If your bike is missing any of these key parties, the price you get will be lower.

If your bike is pretty banged up but still runs, it might get more money if you sell it in parts rather than as-is. That way the yard can make a profit on whatever they re-sell, even if that means selling individual parts. This is especially true for vintage bikes, which are worth more when sold piece by piece than whole because of their classic look and design.

The next step to junking your motorcycle is getting rid of any personal items or documents onboard. You need to remove all your belongings – things like spare change, CDs, toolkits, tire gauges, etc – so the scrap yard can strip down your bike without worrying about anything falling off or getting broken. The yard should give you a detailed list of what they’ll accept, and if your stuff is on the no-no list, take it with you or dispose of it now.

Lastly, remove any remaining registration stickers and fill out all the sale paperwork. Be sure to include a bill of sale that specifies how much money you’re getting for your bike – this helps protect both parties in case there’s ever a dispute over the sale price. Once you have all the documentation in order, hand it over to the scrapyard, sign off on the bike, and they’ll be able to legally move forward with scrapping.

That’s about it! It’s a fairly involved process but owned only if you want to get rid of your bike fast. Even if you don’t think you’d ever buy another motorcycle after this one, hang onto your documents at least – in case they come in handy later for selling or replacing your license plates. No matter what happens though, junking your motorcycle is an inevitable step when you’re ready to let go of it for good.

Can you sell a motorcycle to a junkyard?

Yes, you can sell your motorcycle to a junkyard With the right parts on it, you can. The more rare or unique your bike is, the better. It’s worth finding a scrapyard that deals with motorcycles before calling around on your own though. If there are no motorcycle-specific yards in your area, call up junkyards to see if they’ll buy bikes or just components. There are some types of engines and frames that don’t sell well because of their size, so be upfront about what your bike has if you want to get the maximum value.

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How much does a junkyard pay for motorcycles?

A scrap yard will give you the most money for your motorcycle if they can sell it in parts. This means getting an offer for each part, rather than the whole bike. Once your bike is completely stripped down, they might be able to make more of an educated guess about whether or not they can sell anything, and how much you’ll get paid at that point. If possible though, having them break up the sale into multiple parts is better in terms of getting the best price.

If there are certain parts on your motorcycle that are worth more when sold by themselves – like vintage engine or frame components. then consider removing these yourself before taking your bike to any yards so you can get a better price.

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How much is a scrap motorcycle worth?

Scrap metal dealers calculate their offers based on weight, not what kind of motorcycle you have. This means they’ll pay more for a lighter bike than a heavier one. It also matters how much steel is in your handlebars or engine – the more steel, the less money it’ll be worth per pound versus aluminum or plastic components.

The scrap metal dealer’s main concern is whether or not they can sell whatever part you’re selling, so if there are any doubts about that particular component being profitable then they won’t want to buy it from you – regardless of how high-end it might be or who made it.

generally scrap motorcycles worth from $150-$1000  depending on the condition, type, and year of your bike

A vast majority of parts dealers don’t deal with motorcycle parts at all though, so if you’ve got something hybrid like an electric motorcycle, then it’s definitely worth calling around to find someone who will pay you for what you’ve got. The same goes if your parts are highly specific like vintage dirt bike components or custom engine parts unique to certain brands like Harley Davidson motorcycles or Honda Goldwings.


In short, the best way to sell a motorcycle for parts is if it isn’t too old and has an easy-to-sell engine. In fact, the price you’ll get from selling your bike as a whole will be about 20% of what you can get if all the parts are still intact.

The most common question asked by bikers: “how much can I sell my bike for” remains unresolved though. Many people believe that vintage motorcycles have a higher price tag than other used bikes but this just isn’t true.

As a rule of thumb – any motorcycle with those four letters in its make is worth more than those without them because Harleys and Indians were historically considered to be “trendy” or fashionable.

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