How To Prep A Motorcycle Helmet For Painting

Preparation of motorcycle helmet for painting could be difficult and you need to check some information’s before preparing your helmet for painting so check it out the steps are below


  • You have to first get into the removable parts of your helmet, which includes undoing all screws and removing any lens for easy cleaning. Lastly, you should do away with that strap under your chin because it’s not doing anything but getting in the way. 
  • Carefully remove the fabric interlining and set all pieces aside for now. Leave them in a safe place away from any paint on surfaces, to ensure that they don’t get stained with color.
  • It’s a bummer when you can not get certain rubber parts off your helmet. If this is the case, you need to tape them up because that the paint doesn’t come over the rubber and the rubber is not dirt.
  • In order to make sure the paint doesn’t seep through, some helmets the inner lining doesn’t remove you must cover-up and also cover up any spots where there may be a hole or seam. One way that we can avoid this is by masking off these areas before painting and carefully removing it afterward.
  • The old paint and glue must be removed first. This is done by rubbing a 400-grade sandpaper material on your helmet to get rid of any residue from past paint.

Masking Your Helmet

  • To make it easier to paint your helmet, you can use masking tape and old newspapers. Gather up some newspaper into a ball shape and stuff them inside the helmet. Use the masking tape to secure the stuffed-in paper balls so they do not come out when a painting is done.

Undercoat Your Helmet

  • apply an undercoat to your helmet. When completed, take a break after painting the base coat and make sure to wait until it is fully dry before you continue.
  • It is important that you don’t apply your final design until you are absolutely sure that the undercoat has dried.
  • When applying primer, make sure it goes beyond just covering up imperfections in the metal with 2-3 coats for maximum protection against corrosion.
  • You should also leave both the helmet and any primed surfaces overnight before doing anything else so they have enough time to dry out completely.

Use A Guide Coat

  • Paint the outside of your helmet with a flat black coat on, and let it dry.
  • Using a warm water bath and soapy 400-grit wet-n-dry sandpaper, soak the guide coat. This will remove any imperfections from your helmets such as scratches.
  • With great care, you hold the helmet in your hands and sand the helmet down smoothly using a block.
  • By now you have noticed that the guide coat remains in some areas it means it’s not completely smooth, so it’s time to sand down those areas where the color tinges are still present. Continue until there isn’t any of the black left on your surface at all.
  • After you’ve sanded your helmet, wash it clean and then coat it with a waxing compound to remove any grime that may be left behind.

Now the helmet is ready for the paint. Paint your helmet which paints you want.

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Can You Repaint A Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes You Can, the preparation we mention above follows step by step and paints your old helmet easily to look totally new. It’s common that individuals get their old helmets painted, old motorcycle helmet paintings help you to save you from the expense of getting a new one. 

Eventually, we have to replace our helmet paints or repaint our old ones as they become old or we become bored with them. These can be hard to find and expensive if you wish to buy a new one.

However, if you paint your old helmet that’s a maybe good decision.

How about painting your old helmet? Follow the old helmet preparation steps described above and customize your helmet.  

Can I Spray Paint A Motorcycle Helmet?

A motorcycle helmet can be easily sprayed painted. There are many spray paints available on the market that you can use to paint your helmet. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase these paints.

Can You Custom Paint A Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes, you can easily custom paint your helmet on your own choice. The cost of your custom paint helmet is about $30 to $40. If you want to personalize your motorcycle helmet, then paint it with a designer. It isn’t an easy thing to do and there are several factors to consider. One thing that will affect the outcome of this process is what type of surface needs to be painted (metal or plastic). 

There are legal and safety concerns that you need to take into consideration before going through the task of painting your helmet for fear of breaking any laws or putting yourself at risk. Must ensure that you do not break any law and take it into consideration before going through painting your helmet. 

Do you use a particular kind of paint on your helmets?

Customizing your helmet is a great idea. All you need are water-based acrylic paints and brushes, which will adhere well and are safe to use on the surface of any hard plastic or rubber material. ​Let it dry before applying the next layer and let layers properly bond to the surface of your helmet so that colors can last longer.

How Safe Is It To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet?

You can definitely do it, but you must avoid a few things. For instance, don’t use any materials that may damage the helmet and make them weak again like corrosion or other damaging substances would do if they come into contact with your shiny new helmet. If you face any hazards in your helmet or totally broke your helmet then the only option will be to replace the whole helmet because helmets cannot just be repaired when damaged so severely. 

it’s totally safe-but keep in mind not using anything on those safety gears that could hurt their integrity: whether through simple wear, tear from normal day-to-day


You’ve found the perfect motorcycle helmet for your needs, but it’s not in your favorite color. So we hope that you will find this information helpful. If so please share with your friends and family members. Also if you have any questions feel free to contact me and also you are free to comment below we will make sure that you will get your answer within an hour.

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