How To Remove Baffles From Python Exhaust [Few Hacks]

Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for their iconic sound. The roar of the engine and the rumble of the exhaust is a signature part of what makes them so appealing. One way to change this tone, while still keeping that powerful sound, is by removing baffles from your Python exhaust system. This will make it louder without sacrificing any power or performance on your bike.

The following steps outline how to remove baffles from your motorcycle.

you can go about doing this yourself at home:

  1. Make sure you have gathered all tools necessary- You’ll need a screwdriver and wrench
  2. Also, make sure your exhaust is cool when you are doing this
  3. and then just put WD-40 and then let them for around 10-15 minutes before you are trying to pull the baffles from python exhaust
  4. And then remove the two bolts with the help of the Allen tool
  5. Locate and remove bolts with the help of the Allen tool
  6. Once you do that then force the baffles to yourself so they will be removed from the exhaust
  7. and you are done it’s so easy like this

Baffles come in different sizes colors and materials but essentially do the same thing
A baffle is a tube that goes inside your exhaust system to help lower the DP level as well as create a little bit of backpressure to give you the extra horsepower and prolong the life of your engine

Is it bad to run a motorcycle without baffles?

Air baffles are a common component of modern motorcycles, but what do they actually do? When you’re riding your motorcycle without the air baffle in place, there’s not enough airflow to keep all that horsepower going. The momentum is broken up and therefore power degrades as well. But if it doesn’t change your AFR too much then go ahead free up some movement for better flow.

What are the signs that my exhaust system is baffled?

The easiest way to find the leaking area of a pipe is by looking through it from behind. The baffles on pipes have two common styles: “washer” style and “baffle”. If you see any tight bends in your exhaust system, remove them before examining for leaks because they will obscure visibility. And the baffle looks like this.

After removing the baffles, can you put them back on the exhaust?

The baffles on some aftermarket exhaust pipes are easily removed and replaced. If these parts of the pipe aren’t removable, it is not as simple for amateurs like us to put them back on once we’ve removed those pieces. The best thing you can do if this happens is taking your motorcycle in front of a qualified mechanic who will be able to install the baffles correctly with ease instead.

Will I damage my bike by removing baffles?

Removing the baffles can cause a number of side-effects such as running leaner and hotter, which increases wear on engine components. The power curve will also be altered when removing these essential parts from your motorcycle exhaust system.

A less fuel-rich mix means that hot burning is more likely to happen in an engine with removed baffles leading to an increased potential for damaging emissions along with a decreased performance at low RPMs or idle settings

My stock motorcycle exhaust is not loud enough. What can I do? (You don’t need any special tools)

Using the electric drill, insert a hole saw into the metal. Make sure to cover up any gauges with cutting oil or WD40 before you start drilling so that they don’t get damaged and are able to measure air pressure accurately once finished. Once your bore is large enough for vise grips, attach them from inside of the exhaust pipe – this way it will save on time spent trying to reattach them after removing parts later in step four! If either side seems tricky at first glance (like those pesky baffles), go ahead and repeat these steps until everything falls out easily onto your work surface below without damaging anything else nearby.

On a motorcycle, what does a baffle do?

Exhaust baffles are made of metal and function to reduce noise by canceling or muffling the sound produced. They offer an alternative solution for those who live in a community with strict laws about how loud motorcycles can be, but they do not protect against emissions as well as other solutions like being fitted into your motorcycle’s existing exhaust pipe.

Do quiet baffles affect performance?

Quiet baffles are the perfect solution for those who need a streetable sound, but still want to retain that deep throaty rumble. You might lose high-end power or torque and will notice it on the dyno – you’ll never feel it when cruising around town at 3rd gear!

You can’t get any quieter than with these new Quiet Baffles from K&N as they won’t impact performance (horsepower or torque) like other aftermarket mufflers would. The tradeoff being is this: if you’re looking for an exhaust system that’s not overly loud and rumbly then go ahead; buy one of our great products which have been designed specifically so there isn’t too much noise pollution coming

Are motorcycle baffles worth wrapping?

Wrapping your bike’s exhaust is a quick and easy way to reduce the noise emitted from your motorcycle. This prevents you from attracting unwanted attention in public areas, saving yourself some money by preventing fines for violating local ordinances that restrict excessive noise levels. So yes it’s completely worth wrapping.

What is the effect of baffle size on sound?

Sound travels in waves that can be disrupted by a baffle. If you’re looking for something with more high-frequency, then take the straight-through pipes with no mufflers/baffles route–a smaller diameter pipe will give you that snappier sound, and larger diameters will resonate at lower frequencies.


The goal of this article is to show you how to remove baffles from your Python exhaust. This process can be done using a few tools and will not take very long at all. There are some simple steps that should be followed in order for the baffles to come off without damaging them or getting yourself hurt in the process, so make sure you read through these directions before trying it on your own motorcycle. If any questions arise during the removal process please contact us via email with as many details as possible. We would love to help answer any concerns that might get in your way while removing those pesky baffles out of your Python exhaust system.

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