How To Sell A Motorcycle Privately

Selling an in bike privately is not as simple or easy as you think it is. Here in this article, I will help you understand how to sell your motorcycle or motorbike privately and more importantly make the process easier for yourself by giving you some tips.

We will cover everything from what you need before selling, the best places to list your bike for sale, and all the legal paperwork required for both buyers and sellers. Let’s not wait any longer- let’s do this!

I decided that since there are many different kinds of motorcycles available now on the market (Scooters, Sportbikes, Dirt Bikes, etc.) each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages – so instead of making one huge generalized article which would most likely be filled with information irrelevant to everyone – I will be making articles on individual motorcycles.

now the first thing is why to sell the motorcycle privately we will come later how to sell motorcycle privately.

Why sell motorcycles privately? and what’re their benefits

There are a few reasons why you would want to sell a motorbike privately, and the main one is that it will save you money. You know your local dealer because of the sheer fact they are in business long enough or you just live close enough must be able to offer you less than what they could if you were selling your motorbike privately 

The second reason is much easier access for potential buyers, unlike listed on an online auction website where people need to search through thousands of bikes – if someone wants to buy your bike from Craigslist, eBay, etc., all they need to do is go there directly – no searching required. If posted properly, most private listings have direct contact methods such as phone numbers so buyers can call or text right away if they want to buy your bike.

This is just about the main benefits, I will cover much more in this article later. now let’s move to how to sell motorcycles privately easily and quickly for more money.

How do you sell motorcycles privately? – The step by step process

So When you are selling first of all you will need to do homework and research on the market price of your used motorcycle. This will be an important factor in deciding how much to ask for it.

Asking a price that is very high compared to the average market value of your bike means there are two things that might happen: you’ll either lose potential buyers because they think you’re asking too much, or you’ll be forced to drop the price as low as it already has been until someone agrees to buy it from you. On the other hand, if you find yourself unable to sell your motorbike after several months – even after lowering your initial asking price and doing a lot of marketing such as free classified ads online – then chances are you set your original asking price way too low which could have gotten more money for your bike.

This is why you need to do as much research as possible before deciding on a price for your motorbike – check out what other sellers are asking for similar bikes on various online forums in your area, or even ask some of them how they set their prices.

Now that you have the knowledge of market value, we can go forward with selling a motorcycle privately: Now the next step is to decide

where to sell your motorcycle

There are a few choices here, but I’d recommend Craigslist and eBay first.

Now let’s see how to sell motorcycles on craigslist:

The process is pretty simple – you just need to post an ad with relevant pictures of your motorcycle, but this is also why it’s important that you’ve taken care of cleaning the bike and making sure it looks as good as possible for the photo (even if it’s just a photo of the motorbike from far away). If you want better results make sure to click good photos

This brings us to another point –

Pricing your motorcycle

Now the next step is to price your motorbike – and this can be a bit tricky since you’re selling it privately, so setting the original price might not have any relation with what the bike will actually sell for. If you don’t set the price right, then people won’t buy it from you no matter how great of condition the bike is in and how much marketing you do online.

So now let’s compare prices between private sellers and dealers (let’s take a brand new Ducati 939 for example)

Dealer Price = $20,000 Private Seller Price = $19,000 Difference between Dealer Price and Private Seller Price = $1,000

Although this may seem like enough money to lose sleep over, if the bike has been stored indoors and covered by a motorcycle cover for the past 5 years – chances are it won’t be in very good condition. That being said, you shouldn’t set your asking price too low either because it’s never a good idea to undersell a product. Just make sure you have proper knowledge of market value before setting the price for your private motorbike sale.

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Negotiate price

So once you’ve posted an ad for your motorbike (on Craigslist or eBay), be prepared to get some calls, texts, emails, and replies from potential buyers. Always keep in mind that even if you have it listed for $8,000 – someone might message you saying they can offer you only $6,000 for it because of financial problems. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price with them as well as determining when and how the bike will be delivered after the deal is made. regarding delivery, I would either recommend a free meet-up location such as a parking lot at a local mall or restaurant around your area, and the next tip I will give you that don’t sell on those who are out of your state.

How To Sell Motorcycle Without Getting Scammed:

If you don’t know anything about cars, you’re a very attractive candidate for getting ripped off. Now I’m sure that there are many kinds of scams out there and some of them are unique to motorcycles so I’d like to take the time here and tell you how to avoid being scammed when selling your motorcycle

signs of scammy people

When you’re selling a motorcycle online there are always people who will try to scam you, but they usually fall into one of the following categories:

The email you have received has bad spelling and grammar.

saying that I am overseas and able to send your asking price via Paypal or wire transfer (who send full money usually people are negotiating)

forcing you to go to other websites

They lied about their phone number (when you call them back the number is no longer working) and

Their bank account information doesn’t match what was given in the email

protecting yourself from scams when selling your motorcycle If you notice anything suspicious like this I suggest that you don’t sell that bike.

Now Once you Complete all the steps then you will choose a meeting place to meet the potential buyer and sell the bike. make sure to choose the right place, a public place with lots of people is better than just a parking lot.

I would also recommend that you bring your own motorcycle trailer or a pickup truck and do the transaction there where you can’t be robbed during the process.

Now if two-party agreement then I’d like to suggest you should take their information, including driver’s license number, address, phone number and vehicle plate number (if they have one). You might need this information later so don’t forget to collect it once the deal has been made. And last but not least – have fun! Selling your motorbike can actually be fun when you’re doing it right so don’t get stressed and enjoy yourself.

Once Your Buyer Meets you. They Will Ask Some Questions so Prepare yourself for Those Questions:

Which Question a Potential Motorcycle Buyer Can Ask:

Do you know the history of this Motorcycle?

What kind of mileage does it have? Is it original or not and if not what is the correct mileage?

How did you get this motorcycle and how long have you had it?

how many owners have this bike seen in its lifetime (before you) – make sure to list any accidents, where they occurred, repairs are done, and their cost? If there are any special reasons why someone may want to fork over $6,000 on a used motorcycle-like sentimental value – then be sure to include it in your ad and mention that fact when talking to interested parties. While some people may see motorcycles as simply a piece of machinery (and it is).

why you’re selling it – are you moving on to a newer bike? Was this bike just not the type of vehicle you thought it would be?

so prepare yourself for questions like these and try to answer them as honestly as possible.

also, a potential buyer will ask for a test ride. be prepare

So before You Arrange Test Ride – Check Your Motorbike:

Make sure your motorcycle is running properly, especially the brakes, throttle, and clutch. also, check the tires for any damage or leaks in case of an accident you have to take responsibility. these things are really important so don’t skip them just because you want to sell your motorbike fast.

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Some Faqs

What is the best month to sell a motorcycle?

The best month to sell a motorcycle is in the summer when there are more people wanting to buy bikes than in winter. Also if you’re dealing with private sellers, it’s usually easier to negotiate on a sale during the summer holidays or weekends.

So I would recommend that you find a good time for your area, like after school lets out. That way you’ll get better results from your ads and won’t have as many issues finding buyers either online or locally.

What do you give a buyer when selling a motorcycle?

you will need to give a bill of sale and VIN  (vehicle identification number)

When you sell a motorcycle, whether through an ad or privately – it’s always a good idea to include some kind of gift with the bike – like a helmet, gloves.

Which websites are best for advertising motorcycles?

There are thousands of websites, craigslist is one the most popular places to advertise a used motorcycle. You can also try eBay and other online classifieds in case you want to sell your bike privately or simply don’t want to deal with strangers trying to buy your vehicle.

is craigslist is a good place to sell motorcycles?

Yes, it is. Especially if you’re dealing with cash buyers because they really don’t want to go through the hassles of financing and will simply pay upfront for your bike – especially if you try to sell it in their neighborhood or city where they already know the prices of local motorbikes.

How Much Does It Cost To LIst Motorcycle On Craiglist?

listing your motorcycle on craigslist is totally free and it doesn’t cost you anything either.

how long does your motorcycle ad stay on craigslist?

your listing will appear on craigslist around 30 days. a free listing will be deleted after this time if you don’t renew it.


As some of you may have already noticed. there are many ways to sell your motorcycle at a fair price, but the most important thing is to stay safe while doing it and not fall for scams that can ruin your day.

don’t give away information if they don’t send full payment in advance via Method That’s legit. I hope this article will help you find out how much your bike is worth and get fast cash for it. If this article was useful:  Please share this article with your friends and family. leave a comment below if you have anything to say. Thank you For reading – Good Luck!

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