How to Sell a Motorcycle Without a Title?

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to sell a motorcycle without a title.

In some cases, especially in motorcycles from the ’50s and ’60s, the owner of the bike may not have the original title to their motorcycle. In this circumstance, it can be daunting for prospective buyers to purchase such a bike. This step-by-step guide will help you through making an electronic bill of sale if you do not have any other documentation giving you ownership of the vehicle in question.

You Cannot Sell a motorcycle without a title you will have to create a title in order to sell motorcycles in the united states of America so in this case, you will have to create the title for your motorcycle without a title you can’t sell your motorcycle.

follow the following process on getting a new title for your motorcycle.

How to Get Title for Your Motorcycle

Step 1: Go to the local DMV TO create a title for your motorcycle:

first of all, go to the local DMV  and obtain a vehicle title. After you obtain the form for the actual title, fill it out with all of your personal information – just like on an actual title. However, do not sign this new “title” that you are creating because it is not official or binding in any way. In other words, do not sign it as the owner of the motorcycle as this is not your official title.

Step 2: Fill out a bill of sale on your new “title”

fill out a bill of sale for the motorcycle with all the pertinent information about the bike. Include things such as year, type of vehicle, VIN, and engine size. You will also need to include your name, address, and phone number. This is a form that will be signed by the buyer of the motorcycle – not you. Obviously, in this bill of sale, do not put any information about you being the owner or titling holder of the bike because this is not official. This is simply a bill of sale. Fill in whatever you feel is necessary to complete this step.

Step 3: Make sure the buyer signs the new “title”

The third step involves giving your newly created, non-official motorcycle title to the buyer of the bike. Have them sign it in front of you and witnesses (if there are any available). Their name should be signed exactly as it appears on their ID – preferably their current address too. This documentation will now prove that they own the vehicle under state law as well as federal law (via the certificate of ownership that was created as part of this process).

Once both parties have signed, take some photos with all parties present and keep those for future reference along with copies of the bill of sale. Do not mail in this new “title” with the DMV at the same time you send in your actual motorcycle title. Keep it separate. You can now mail in your real title to the proper department, wait for it to process, and then they will contact you about how to get your real title.

Motorcycles dealerships and some other establishments can also do this for you, in order to do so you should contact the establishment and ask them if it’s possible for you to do…this can save you a lot of time and effort.

What does it mean when a motorcycle doesn’t have a title?

A motorcycle doesn’t have a title when it has been branded as stolen, was caught driving on false plates, the owner failed to maintain the proper registration and/or license fees associated with owning and operating a motorcycle, and then transferred or sold their motorcycle (title) to another person. If you are having problems selling your motorcycle because it does not have a title, then the best solution is to create one.

the process of creating a title can be done by yourself or by contacting someone who can do so for you, but it will cost money. some people also take advantage of this situation by selling their motorcycle without a title just giving the owner papers for it to look legit. so you might want to be careful where you buy motorcycles because there are lots of people out there trying to scam you.

Is it worth buying a motorcycle without a title?

It’s not worth buying a motorcycle without a title; however, it is possible to do so. If you attempt to sell the motorcycle in the future and it turns out that this particular motorcycle has no title then be prepared to spend some of your money and follow the government’s guide on how to create a title for your motorcycle. a title is the most important document that you can have for any vehicle, without it the transaction will not be able to be completed. so make sure you take your time and do it correctly.

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Now you know how to sell a motorcycle without a title. It is not as hard as it sounds, you just have to make sure that all the steps were done correctly and legally. If you are thinking about buying a motorcycle from someone else, make sure they give you ALL of their documentation for the motorcycle. The last thing that you want to have to happen is for them to try selling or giving you a stolen motorcycle, so be careful and take your time with this process.

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