Textile Vs Mesh Motorcycle Jackets (In-Depth Analysis)

A motorcycle jacket is one of the most important pieces that you can own. It will protect your body from the wind, rain, and any other elements that may be thrown at it. You’ll want a tough but lightweight option so you don’t get too hot when out on the road – which is why a textile or mesh jacket might be perfect for you! The question then becomes: what’s best? Textile or mesh? We’re here to help answer that question for you. 

What is Textile Motorcycle Jacket?

A textile motorcycle jacket is a protective outerwear for people who ride bikes. Textile jackets are made of cotton, polyester, or nylon and they are also known as hardshell jackets. Textiles have become very popular with riders because it gives them more freedom to move while riding. Textile motorcycle jackets use high-quality fabrics and the material is rugged. Textiles are affordable than leather as well as make you look trendy. Textiles are available in kids’ collections, men collections, and women’s collections which make it easy to buy one for your wife.

The other advantage of the textile jackets over mesh is that they keep you warm in cold weather, unlike mesh which provides better ventilation during hot summer days but not much regarding protection from wind chill or weather.

Benefits of Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Textile is a hard material that offers great protection Textiles are very durable Textile jackets don’t have to be dry cleaned Textile motorcycle jacket has better ventilation than mesh Textile motorcycle jackets come in many colors and design Textiles protect you from rain Textiles provide wind protection Textiles are less expensive

What is Mesh Motorcycle Jacket?

Mesh motorcycles jackets are the latest trend among bikers. Unlike textile, mesh jackets give freedom to airflow inside the jacket which allows you to enjoy open weather conditions. Mesh material used for making these jackets is spandex or similar fabric materials. These kinds of jackets come at relatively higher prices than textile on average but they have some distinct advantages over textiles including:

Benefits of Mesh Motorcycle jacket

Mesh motorcycle jacket keeps you cool in hot weather Mesh motorcycle jacket is lightweight mesh material looks trendy and gives unique look Mesh motorcycle jackets are more breathable Jacket material allows sweat to evaporate quickly

In terms of safety, there is no difference between textiles and mesh. They both provide great protection from crashes and injuries. Both have the same design except for the choice of fabric used for making these jackets.

Textile jacket key features

  1. provides great airflow for hot summer rides
  2. removable windproof and waterproof liner
  3. better ventilation
  4. Textiles are less expensive
  5. gives us more freedom to move while riding

Mesh motorcycle jacket key features

  1. keeps you cool in hot weather
  2. Mesh motorcycle jacket is lightweight
  3. Breathable Materials

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket and Textile motorcycle jackets Costs

Mesh motorcycle jackets are more expensive than textiles. It is because of the high-quality material used in making these jackets. You can expect to spend $100-$250 on a mesh jacket compared to $70-$150 for textile.

Some may argue that mesh provides better ventilation while textile provides greater protection from weather and cold weather, but it all depends upon your personal choice whether you want to look trendy or be protected against different kinds of weather conditions with minimum time wastage and maximum comfort level.

Which Provides Better Protection Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Or Textile Motorcycle Jacket?

In terms of protection, there is no difference between mesh and textile. They both provide maximum safety against injuries or death in case of a crash or accident. It all depends upon your personal choice whether you want to look trendy or be protected against different kinds of weather conditions with minimum time wastage and maximum comfort level.

Those who love mesh and those who prefer textile, keep in mind that both can offer great protection if you buy them from a well-reputed brand.

Which Is Best For Winter? Mesh Or Textile?

When it comes to winter riding, we all want to be warm during our rides. It doesn’t mean that your jacket should completely block the airflow but allowing some flow inside is considered better than the complete absence of ventilation. 

In winters, it’s best to wear liner garments underneath the motorcycle jacket which will help you stay warm and cozy during cold weather conditions of the winter season.

so definitely Textile Motorcycle jacket is best for the Winter season

Which Is Best For Summer? Mesh Or Textile?

In summers, we prefer having a well-ventilated jacket to keep us cool and fresh during long summer rides. Mesh is considered best for hot weather because of its ability to maintain an optimum temperature inside the jacket while letting in free air circulation which ensures cooling especially when there’s high humidity outside.

Which one is better? Mesh motorcycle Jacket vs Textile Motorcycle jacket?

As discussed above, mesh motorcycle jackets are used for hot weather while textiles are made to offer protection from cold temperatures especially during the winter season. It depends on your need which one should you buy.

Things to look for when buying a Mesh or textile jacket

  1. Materials: The material in both mesh and Textile jackets are different, Although they both provide the same amount of protection the textiles will only offer that protection if it is made out of high-quality materials which means you should look for brands which use high-quality fabric to make their products so that your body gets maximum safety from injuries even during the toughest crash. When buying a textile jacket try to go for 2 or 3 layers as these jackets are built according to the layering concept. Pick an outer layer of good wind resistance to stay dry during rains and cold weather conditions while the inner layer can be thick thermal insulating material to keep you warm in winters. On the other hand, mesh jackets work best when using them in hot weathers
  2. Ventilation Options:  If you are planning to buy a mesh jacket make sure it is made out of perforated fabric or mesh material because they allow free air circulation inside the jacket. The holes in the fabric allow fresh air to flow from the outside through the inside helping your body stay cool and dry during hot weather conditions while preventing sweat buildup on your body. When buying textiles, jackets with good ventilation options come at a higher price so keep this thing in mind when choosing between them
  3. High Visibility:  Mesh motorcycle jackets need to have high visibility features if you plan to use them in night rides or others, especially when there’s a poor street light. This way they will help you be highly visible on the road and make your fellow riders aware of your presence. There are many select varieties among mesh motorcycle jackets that come with LED lights attached to maximize safety during a ride.
  4. Comfort: While others prefer complete wind protection, some want their body parts exposed for superior cooling ability. The important thing here is comfort assurance according to the weather conditions wherever you plan to ride on. For example, On hot days all you need is a full-coverage air circulatory mesh jacket
  5. Removable Liner:  Some people prefer using their mesh jacket as an outer layer while others use it on its own. If you are in the former category, look for a jacket that has a removable liner so that you can use your jacket with or without a thermal insulating inner layer.
  6. Fit & Sizing:  If you feel hot and don’t want your body parts covered completely, try buying a full-size mesh motorcycle jacket because they allow good air circulation and help to keep your body temperature cool in summer. However, if you love the cold weather go for slim-fit textiles as they offer superior wind resistance to regular-sized jackets plus give comfort assurance when riding at high speeds.

Pros and Cons Of Mesh and Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Pros of Mesh Jackets:  Mesh jackets are popular because they provide full-body protection while offering superior ventilation during hot weather conditions. They also come at a lower price than textiles but make sure to use them in hot weather only. Maybe you can try using them in the winter season if your body gets cold easily even on cold windy days. 

Cons of Mesh Jackets: Their outer layer is not as thick and warm as textile jackets therefore they won’t be able to protect you from chilly winter winds or any wet weather conditions, the good news is that mesh motorcycle jackets are less expensive than their textiles counterpart so it’s not an issue for many bikers out there. The main con here would be full-body protection that they lack compared to textiles and their fragility during a strong crash.

Pros of Textile Jackets: They protect your body from cold winds, rains, and other wet weather conditions while allowing good air circulation inside the jacket. Can be used in winters as an outer layer or with an inner liner but make sure you’re not riding at high speeds if you choose to go this way

Cons of Textile Jackets: When it comes to textile jackets there are more cons than pros mainly because of their thick build which makes them feel heavy when worn and limits your body movement on the bike. Another con would be its high price which is certainly off-putting for some riders who want protection from the elements but don’t want the extra weight on their body.


You should always take the time to do your research before making a purchase. The more you know about what you are buying, the better chance there is that it will be a good fit for your needs and lifestyle. We hope this in-depth analysis has given you some new insight into these two popular jacket styles so that you can make an informed decision on which type of motorcycle jacket best fits your situation. And if we missed something important or left out anything crucial – let us know! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our thoughts on any other aspects of textile vs mesh jackets that were not covered here.