Best Waterproof Backpack For Motorcycle Riders [2022]

Quick Overview





Nelson-Rigg SE-3040

  • lifetime warrently
  • extra large buckle
  • easy compressio with air purge valve

Reflective High Vis Backpack

  • well made and well design
  • high visibility reflective
  • a lot of space and very comfortable


  • Materialized with high quality eva & 600D film
  • Super lightweight
  • Scratch resistant and anti tearing

Motorcycle backpacks are the need of every rider and no matter if the ride is short or long. But ideally, the backpack will be waterproof and carry your helmet. The backpacks must be classified with different compartments to hold your things like laptop, mobile, clothes or other more. Things. Therefore we choose the best waterproof backpacks for motorcycles.

Top 7 Best Waterproof Backpack For Motorcycle Riders

1. Nelson-Rigg SE-3040 - waterproof Backpack For Motorcycle Riders


Nelson Rigg bags are made from UV-coated PVC 24 oz tarpaulin, so they have an electronic heat-welded seam to create a lasting product. Compression is easy with the watertight roll closure and the air purge valve. It can be closed using either the top closure or the bottom closure.

The inner sleeve can hold most notebooks and laptops up to 15 inches. This bag quickly converts to a waterproof tail pack with quick-release buckles. The backpack has an integrated front pocket to hold an optional hydration bladder and two sides mesh pockets to hold fuel bottles. Adjustable and padded backpack straps, airflow system, and back panel ensure comfort.

A large buckle keeps the roll closed in all conditions, and the backpack is a water-resistant fabric with a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime warranty and universal fit 
  • Designed from durable UV-coated 24oz PVC Tarpaulin
  • Extra-large buckle ensures roll stays closed in all environments
  • Electronically welded seams, water-resistant fabrics
  • Easy compression with air purge valve
  • The inner sleeve can hold most notebooks and laptops up to 15 inches
  • Integrated front pocket to hold an optional hydration bladder
  • The backpack straps are adjustable in three directions and padded for comfort
  • External bungee storage system and reflective webbing
  • Bag seal with two closures over the top and downsides

2. Reflective Backpack, High Vis Backpack (waterproof)


It’s a high-visibility reflective and lightweight backpack designed for bike commuters seeking space and safety. This backpack is breathable because of the extra padding and the straps.

A light, water-resistant fabric makes it breathable. Aside from being easy to clean, it is also reflective. Include the high visibility waterproof backpack cover and a paracord survival keychain, and the helmet net that attaches to the bag (helmet holder backpack). This backpack is ideal for biking, skateboarding, riding, hiking, climbing, and it has a lot of space and is exceptionally comfortable for any sport. The Reflektor35 backpack has multiple compartments to hold everything you need.

Securely hold the laptop up to 16 inches and carry your water bottle of the two large stretch mesh side pockets, and the carrying net is included to hold a helmet, basketball, or soccer ball, etc.  


  • Made from water-resistant and lightweight fabric with multiple compartments
  • High-visibility reflective backpack
  • straps and extra padding make the backpack breathable to keep comfortable
  • A lot of space and highly comfortable for any sport
  • comfortable for riding, hiking, climbing, traveling, biking, skateboarding, etc
  • securely hold the laptop up to 16 inches
  • Include water bottle pockets and include a net excluding a helmet, basketball, soccer ball, etc

3. Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Molle Motorcycle Helmet Holder (waterproof)

A water-resistant 900D fabric is used on Seibertron’s backpack, but the zipper does not have waterproof properties. Backpack with thickens alloy zip and Molle system. Besides a Hydration Bladder Backpack, it can also be used as a hydration reservoir.

Excluding the full-face helmet, basketball, Seibertron water bladder, and so forth, but fitting the 2L water bladder. A large expandable main compartment with a mesh enclosure houses small gear; a zippered pocket holds small gear in the middle compartment; zippered pockets hold small gear in the smaller compartments (glasses, etc.).

The gear was secured with straps on the sides, top and down. The laptop compartment was not made, but the 17.3 inches laptop held on the main compartment.


  • Made of 900D water-resistant fabric
  • Backpack with thickens alloy zip and Molle system
  • Used as a Hydration Bladder Backpack
  • It has a large, middle, and small compartment
  • The bag has security straps 
  • Excluding the full-face helmet, basketball, Seibertron water bladder, and so forth
  • Fits well for riding, hiking, climbing, traveling, biking, skateboarding, and more

4. KINGSLONG Waterproof Laptop Backpack with USB Port for Travel (waterproof)


It is a unique design backpack made from high-quality EVA material and high-quality polyester fabric, and 600D film material, super lightweight and durable backpack. It is completely water-resistant, anti-tearing, and an anti-scratch backpack. The backpack is an elastic and breathable sponge fabric that ventilates perfectly.

It is more comfortable, distracts the press better, and the shoulder strap uses a thick breathable sponge. The interior Dimension is 17.3, and 12.5 inches fit up to a 17.3 inches laptop. You could use it for five to seven days in addition to its pockets and loops devoted to game kit mice, hard drives, keyboards, sunglasses, headphones, phones, USB sticks, and power banks.

You can conveniently charge electronic devices using the USB charging port of the power bank, but not charge the power bank itself backpack comes with an entirely lightweight and professional rain cover to keep your valuable item safe from rain. It also comes with a sturdy handle & adopts the double & enhanced sewing technology, especially for every force position, and offers comfortable carrying on.

The backpack looks slim and relaxed and provides an 18-month warranty that’s hassle-free and lifetime-friendly.


  • Materialized with high-quality EVA and polyester 600D film
  • Super lightweight and durable and equipped with various function pockets
  • Water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-tearing  
  • Sponge fabric with elastic, breathable properties that are perfect for wicking away moisture
  • Come with a professional rain cover to keep your valuable item safe from rain
  • Feature double and enhanced sewing technology & a sturdy handle
  • 18-month warranty that’s hassle-free and lifetime-friendly

5. Matein Travel Backpack Water Resistant with USB Charging Port


Made of water-repellent polyester material, the Matein travel backpack is high density and spacious. It’s a built-in USB charging port backpack. A USB charging port on the backpack allows you to charge your phone quickly.

This backpack has several storage compartments and pockets, including a compartment to hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches, a packing compartment for all your daily necessities, a front pocket that contains pens and key fobs, and a safety pocket on the back to keep valuable items safe. The multi-panel pad is thick but soft, and the shoulders straps are breathable and adjustable;

the back design is comfortable and keeps air flowing. Luggage straps allow backpacks to be easily slipped over suitcase or luggage upright handles. Its slim, excellent design makes it a great backpack for college high school students. And also comfortable for riding, hiking, climbing, traveling, biking, skateboarding, etc


  • Made from durable polyester fabric
  • The device is water-resistant and features a USB charging port 
  • There are multiple panels on the multi-panel pad
  • Shoulders straps are breathable and adjustable
  • Comfortable and keeps air flowing
  • Several storage compartments and pockets include a laptop compartment packing compartment and front pockets 
  • Comfortable for riding, hiking, climbing, traveling, biking, skateboarding, etc

6. KROSER Large backpack Travel Backpack For Women/Men


The KROSER backpack is made of good environment-friendly polyester fabric. In addition to its water repellent properties, this backpack also has a leatherette lining that’s quite durable. It has a larger roomy compartment to provide you with a separate space for a computer, wallet, clothes, and more items.

Fit up to a 17.3 inches laptop. But keep in mind this is not a small backpack. And it’s a big and large capacity backpack. Built-in USB port to conveniently charge your phone, iPad by the connecting power bank (power bank not included). The padded foam seems to keep the bag tightly to your back.

The logo and pliers are made of PU leather, an ergonomic design with adjustable padding shoulder straps. The sturdy handle offers comfort and care for a long time. Make your journey and traveling more comfortable by using this backpack.


  • Fabricated from good quality polyester that is environmentally friendly
  • The material is quite durable and water repellent
  • Separated space for computer, wallet, clothes, and more items
  • Fit up to a 17.3 inches laptop
  • Built-in USB port to conveniently charge your electronic devices
  • The sturdy handle offers comfort and care for a long time
  • The bag has foam padding, PU leather logos, easy-to-use handles, and adjustable shoulder straps

7. Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Travel Hiking And Cheap Backpack


Nylon fabric with water-resistant properties makes this backpack durable. One waterproof pocket is added to the main compartment to hold sweaty clothes, towels, and other things after swimming or doing exercise. Straps made of breathable mesh and sponge padding reduce shoulder strain.

It has multiple compartment design backpacks, including one main zipped compartment, one front pocket, two side pockets, and one small zippered pocket in the main compartment are enough to help you further organize things and large compartments help you to organize all your essential items easily.

A heavy-duty metal zipper and functional bar-tacks add long-term durability. The double-layered bottom piece provides added strength and increased capacity. Travel-friendly, hiking-friendly, and sporty.


  • Nylon fabric that is tear and water-resistant
  • One waterproof pocket 
  • Plentiful sponge padding help to reduce shoulder stress 
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps
  • Multiple compartment design 
  • The double-layer bottom piece
  • Long-lasting durability against daily activities
  • Comfortable for sports, hiking, and traveling, etc

Is it safe to wear a backpack on a motorcycle?

Yes, wearing a backpack on a motorcycle is safe for two reasons: first, the weight of the bag doesn’t affect the bike much, and second, the bag won’t fall off during riding. However, you should be careful about how you store your backpack when you’re not using it. Make sure the straps don’t catch on anything while you ride. Also, try to keep your bag away from the exhaust pipe, which could cause damage to the bag.

What are the pros and cons of carrying a backpack with me on my motorcycle?


You’ll have easy access to your stuff, especially in case of an emergency. Your hands will be free to hold onto controls. It’s more secure than having your purse strapped over your shoulder.


The extra weight may make it harder to control the bike. A heavy backpack may also restrict the movement of your arms and legs.

How To Choose The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack?

The backpacks play a significant role in the life of riders. The waterproof backpacks are essential for every rider because they want to hold their items and keep them protected from all weather conditions;

therefore, every rider must choose the backpack that needs to be waterproof, water-resistant, lightweight, and streamlined sturdy with different compartments. It should also allow for airflow to keep you cool, especially if you’re wearing protective gear.

Why are backpacks the need of the rider?

Because the rider wants to keep your items safe and protectable and the backpacks do their job perfectly and keep your items safe and protectable from water, dust, dirt and provide safety from all weather conditions because they are made from water-resistant fabric. And you can easily hold your items to help you in your riding.

If you’re looking for the best waterproof motorcycle backpack, take a look below to find your perfect bag. Our picks to help you in your riding and keep protect your items 


All of these backpacks have different features, choose the best for your needs but keep in mind the size, shape, safety, and suitability of the bag in various weather conditions.