What Are The Advantages Of Motorcycle Boots

Boots are important accessories for motorcycles. These are the only two parts that bear both with feet, and each of us knows only too well how much is riding with a pair of boots in the rain or in wet weather. They protect your feet from getting wet but also make sure they are not injured in the event of an accident. Furthermore, they go to protect our ankles against kicks for opponents riders when we have a spill on track days or information rides.

The most popular models include racing boots (buckles, zippers), motocross (almost always waterproof), touring (similar to trekking), enduro (textile) leather boots, and winter boots. Each type has its adherents and its detractors; It’s just a matter of taste whether you prefer waxed or waterproof leather boots, ankle boots, lace-up, or zipper.

In any case, what you want is a boot that fits well and is not too tight to restrict movement, but that has a fairly rigid sole so it will offer good support if we have an accident.

Motorcycle boots are primarily intended for the protection of our feet. It’s better to lose the shoe than to have your foot crushed in a twist of fate. Also, motorcycles do not have suspension springs, are based on a metal frame and hard pegs (footrests) which could cause serious problems to the rider.

Despite this risk, many riders prefer wearing street shoes. In fact, I regularly see photos of motocross riders who have adapted their boots only to ride on the road. But you have to be very careful: if you are wearing motorcycle boots with a soft sole, it is much more difficult to break and maintain good traction with your feet. This may even cause serious accidents.

Do not forget that there are different types of terrain where we go. For example, I prefer casual boots (with laces) for day-to-day use. But when I travel I take winter boots because they give better protection to my ankles against thorns and sharp stones.

When riding off-road or on track days, motocross riders wear waterproof boots made of clear plastic in order not to get water inside the boot. To reduce movement and improve security, they often use Velcro or zippers.

In short, for me, the choice of motorcycle boots depends on the type of trip I will do and what motorbike I drive. A versatile pair of boots should be chosen because it is very useful to have one boot for the track and another for city riding. As a minimum, you need to have a pair of trekking shoes and a pair of motocross boots (unless you are going to carry them all with you). After that, you’ll have to experiment with types, sizes, colors, etc. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste.

But below we mention 

The Main advantages of motorcycle boots 

1. Protection:

On the one hand, motorcycle boots are of great importance because they protect our feet against injuries in case of an accident. Suppose our foot slips on the asphalt when we hit a patch of oil or wet, Or another rider kicks us during a race for honor and duty. In both cases, it is likely to suffer a strong blow to your feet. If the sole were flexible enough, this would not be so dangerous. But if it’s a hard metal. We can only understand that it will hurt a lot.

Even so, there are carefree riders who prefer wearing only street shoes when driving their motorcycles and then complain that they look at how much pain with every bump. So what happens is that if we do not have protection from motorcycle boots, we may have greater discomfort than necessary, but not get hurt.

On the other hand, no matter how safe our boots are, it is important that they allow you to move freely because at speeds of 100 km/h will not be very useful if your foot gets stuck in the stirrups and brakes suddenly or accelerates. It’s true that so much freedom could result in a fall during a dirt path or something like that.

But I can assure you that most riders tend to lean forward as soon as they feel their wheels leaving the ground. If your feet are trapped in your bike, then this impediment should be free to fly through the air before hitting the ground with full force. The positioning of the pedals is often more instinctive than planned. So, if you have to be careful about your feet while traveling at 100km/h, then you probably do not travel much.

In short, it is important that our motorcycle boots protect us and allow us to move freely. And we also want them to be aesthetically pleasing so we do not have to leave them at home every time we go out with friends or family. That’s why I think there are three criteria in this product category: Protection, comfort, and style.

2. Good Traction:

There are many reasons to buy motorcycle boots that offer good traction. The most important is the safety of our feet against falls, but not only them. If you wear something else with a smooth sole and then put your foot on the asphalt (rainy days), dirt (off-road), or mud, The risk of falling is much higher. This obviously increases if we go more than 50 km/h because at that speed we lose control of the bike in fractions of seconds.

And it would be very unfortunate to fall over our clothes without even feeling it coming. That’s why I advise wearing special shoes for motorcycles when driving a car or motorbike, especially on wet roads. I have already fallen twice in my life using street shoes while riding a bike, and I can tell you from the experience that it’s not fun. If these shoes had more grip on asphalt, then my falls would have been avoided.

Of course, we also need to pay attention to other factors such as tire pressure or tires that do not work or lose grip for some reason. But if our footwear has good traction, It will give us a much better chance of staying on board when something goes wrong with our machine.

Why Do Motorcycle Boots Have Tire Zippers

What should we look for in motorcycle boots with excellent grip?

3. Sole:

The difference between good traction and a bad one is determined mainly by the quality of the rubber used to make our soles. If it is too soft or too hard, then it will not help much under normal driving conditions because it tends to lose its ability quickly on certain surfaces.

Therefore, the ideal material would be a special compound that combines good grip on both asphalt and wet ground (and mud). I’m sure you’ve seen those tires that have an interesting pattern when approaching a curve… That’s basically what we need from our soles, a kind of stitch pattern that helps us grip the terrain before our feet slip.

4. The upper fabric:

During the first contact with the ground and asphalt (in case of a crash), The upper fabric should not tear or stretch in any way to avoid injuries on your ankles or even further down… In this sense, I would recommend materials like leather because they are strong and durable, although some synthetic fabrics seem to have good traction as well.

But it’s best not to buy something simply for its appearance if we do not know if it has great performance when driving.  I hope this information can help you choose better footwear next time you want to buy some boots or shoes for motorcycles because at least around here there is no shortage of options to choose from.

5. WeatherProof:

The climate conditions of our country may be one of the reasons why this point is not as important to some people. I mean, here we do have winter and summer, but within these two seasons, there are usually very small differences in temperature. We can talk about a maximum difference of 2 or 3 degrees Celsius at most… So if you were thinking that buying boots with excellent insulation was a good idea because it would fit perfectly for both seasons, then think again!

Well, I think having something waterproof is much more useful than using special insulating materials because the differences between summers and winters here are so small I cannot even notice them when wearing boots. But when it rains outside,

I’m sure that no matter how warm or cold it is, I’ll still prefer to have boots with good waterproofing.

Well, it has to be something very sturdy and sealed from top to bottom so that no water can enter inside when driving on wet roads. Also, the upper part should not stretch much while walking because this could cause more problems than just impeding our view when we want to walk without our bike nearby. And obviously, they must always keep your feet safe and dry…

In terms of specific features, in my opinion, having removable insoles will be very helpful if you plan on using the same shoes for different types of weather. You won’t have to buy another pair every time you want to wear boots when it’s raining because you can simply take the insoles out and use those for dry weather conditions instead.

If you don’t care too much about the climate conditions of your city, then this will be less of an issue to worry about before buying a new pair of motorcycle boots or shoes. But I still recommend checking if they have waterproof soles and good grip on both asphalt and mud… Because that’s usually what we need!

6. Full Ankle And Foot Support:

It’s probably not the most important thing, but you don’t want your feet inside your boots to move around too much when you hit some bumps, right? That would be pretty uncomfortable and could even cause injuries if it happens very often.

For this reason, I think that having good support all around our ankles and feet is a must in any boot we consider buying because it will hinder any possible movements from taking place… And let’s face it, nobody wants their ankle or toes to get hurt just because they wanted some extra comfort!

Of course, this factor also depends on your shoe size. If you have really small feet then an oversized pair could prove to be problematic as well so try to find a model that fits them tightly.

I think the best way to check this feature is by trying them and walking around a bit. If you can feel your feet moving inside then they are probably not great boots for riding motorcycles. But if the upper part keeps them pressed against the sole of your shoes so that they don’t move at all, then you might have found something worth buying. 

7. Look Cool And Stylish:

Well… This one is not a necessity but it’s definitely something we should keep in mind before buying any pair of motorcycle shoes or boots. After all, if you’re going to spend your money on something then you might as well get something that looks nice and stylish too, right?

Another advantage of motorcycle boots is that you must ensure that your boots look cool and stylish. My opinion is to purchase those types of boots that look cool and stylish and you can wear them with any type of outfit. you must choose a color that is suitable for your wardrobe.

The design is not only stylish but also looks sturdy. You can wear these every day and you will find them more than perfect for your daily use. If you have already used the standard shoes in this regard then it will be better to change with the help of new things that give a new look.

If you’re just riding on normal roads and not taking part in any track days or other types of motorcycle events, then you might prefer to wear boots that are slightly more elegant, rather than the tactical style ones we see so often these days. I would say that for this sort of occasion it’s best to go with something like a pair of Rider Men Leather Motorcycle Boots. 

8. Comfortability:

This is probably one of the most important factors to consider when buying any shoe or boot for riding our motorcycles. After all, we are going to be spending lots of time wearing them and we don’t want this to turn into a bad experience because our feet start hurting after just 20 minutes on the road.

And even though comfort depends mainly on your foot size (that’s why it’s so important to find a good pair that fits you perfectly), there are still plenty of other details you should keep in mind before making your final decision.

Make sure they have thick soles with enough cushioning inside; If possible wear them around the store for a couple of minutes to see how they feel on your feet. Do some research online and read as many reviews as possible from other people who bought them before.

A good quality motorcycle boot will have the right amount of padding to not only protect you from road vibration but also provide a comfortable fit so your feet don’t ache. If you’re spending potentially hours on your bike every day, then this is an important consideration when buying boots. It’s also worth considering whether the boots need to be waterproof. 

These are the main characteristics you should consider because they will allow you to stay on the road for as long as possible without having to worry about what might happen during your next ride.


Motorcycle boots are a must for those riders who want to ride in style and comfort. No matter what kind of bike you have, I would advise you to buy motorcycle boots because they will protect your feet from many things. If you’re buying motorcycle shoes then make sure that they fit your feet perfectly and don’t forget to choose the color which is suitable for you. You should also look for other important characteristics such as comfortability and durability.

If you follow this advice then I’m pretty sure that within a day, you will find your perfect boots which will protect your feet properly and make sure you stay safe while riding on the road. Just keep in mind these above main considerations and choose one of the best motorcycle boots that suit your needs from Amazon or another website! Good Luck! Stay Safe.

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