What Is a Motorcycle Swap Meet?

Swapping motorcycles isn’t something new. People have traded their old bikes for newer models for decades. Today, swap meets are popping up everywhere from car dealerships to flea markets. And with thousands of miles to cover and little time to spare, these swaps can get pretty intense. Find out where to go and how to swap some of your favorite rides at a local swap meet.

The Motorcycle Swap Meet or Mecum Auction is the ultimate place to trade your old bike for a new model. There are hundreds of events all across the country. At these events, you can bring your bike and sell it to other bikers who want to upgrade to a better model. The proceeds from the auction then go towards supporting charities or community programs.

 a swap meet is a private event organized by a group of enthusiasts that brings together people interested in trading motorcycles and their parts and selling them at discounted prices. Most often held outdoors near big cities, such as Phoenix, Arizona, or Seattle, Washington. Vendors may be individuals or small businesses offering motorcycles for sale or services related to the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles. A swap meet also provides an opportunity for owners to give away their unwanted motorcycles to others in exchange for money or merchandise. It’s a lot like an eBay for bikes. it’s generally safe. You will find a lot of bikers there looking to buy or sell bikes and just hang out. Be careful if they offer to take you on a ride after dark! Watch where you park. Parking is usually free but could cost $10-$20. If you drive, make sure to wear biking shoes. Some folks do not mind wearing flip-flops (though most would rather put their feet up). Bring cash. They will expect you to pay for gas and parking. Don’t let this discourage you though. Sometimes they hold auctions to help offset costs. Take some time beforehand to figure out what you need to sell. Do they want everything on your bike or just a few parts? If you really enjoy riding, you might consider keeping a few extra parts and getting rid of the rest. Many times they will even throw in good parts if you ask them nicely. But keep in mind they still want to make money off of you so don’t expect anything too nice. Good luck!


Swap meets are a great source of entertainment, especially when you’re into motorcycles. Besides being able to buy cheap used motorcycles, you can also sell your stuff quickly and easily at a swap meet. Also, once you’ve had enough of swapping, you can always check out the swap offers online. Just search for “swap” + your city name. Make sure you know which is a reputable site though.

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