What Is A Motorcycle Air Cleaner?

what is motorcycle air cleaner?

A motorcycle air cleaner is basically what it sounds like: a device for filtering particles from the air passing through it, an air cleaner that filters the air and passes the clean air to the motorcycle engine. Simply a device that cleans the engine air.

It’s usually just called an “air filter,” by those who don’t know what else to call it, and what “filter” actually means in this case.

The reason you need a motorcycle air cleaner is that the air entering your vehicle/engine has lots of contaminants, such as dust and bugs, and these have to be removed from there before going into what your motorcycle engine breathing.

Otherwise, this could badly harm your motorcycle engine, or either it can cease the engine of the motorcycle. This component can be found on pretty much all motorcycles in the world because without this device or this part the motorcycle will not run except few kilometers.

;what is motorcycle air filter

Dust and other particles are prevented from entering an engine by an air filter. Air filters are usually manufactured with heat-cured, resin-infused paper or foam which catches any undesirable particle before they accumulate to such an extent where your engine will not be able to get enough clean air.

again it’s simple the device that cleans the dusty and dirty air for the motorcycle engine

how does motorcycle air filtr works

different types of motorcycle air filters

The three main types of air filters used by motorcycles are Paper, Oiled Gauze, and Oiled Foam. The vast majority of road bikes come with a paper filter as standard but off-road models use an oiled foam for the best protection against dust and other debris that might clog up your engine.


Paper filters are a favorite for many bikes. They keep the air clean of any road debris, preventing it from entering the engine and causing damage to delicate parts. A paper filter is also very good at blocking out particles; in fact, their priority is protecting your bike by keeping those nasty dust-filled objects away from your precious engine. It’s important that they’re replaced when needed but thankfully there are ways to extend its life if given proper care – also never puncture the filter skin

Oiled Gauze.

This fabric air filter is coated in oil and designed to trap particles as the engine exhaust passes through. The more porous surface area of this type means that it can clean a system faster than paper filters, resulting in better performance for your vehicle’s peak torque and horsepower when fitted correctly. There are many benefits to oil-based filters, including the fact that they can be washed with soap and water after use. They also have a longer lifespan than paper ones.

Oiled Foam

Motocross bikes and off-roaders love oil-based foam. Its versatility means that it can be used in both dusty environments, trapping dust particles while still allowing good airflow; whereas paper filters would become blocked after minimal use, restricting airflow to the engine by reducing power or even preventing motor function altogether.

These filters are thicker and more porous than standard ones, which means maximum airflow. The surface is covered in oil to ensure particles don’t settle down on it, so when the air travels through them they’re removed efficiently. You can wash out these parts of the filter with water or another solution (depending on what kind you have) and re-oil them as often as needed for optimal performance.

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Air Cleaner Motorcycle price

The air cleaner motorcycle price is around $25-50.

we recommend you to go with a K&N motorcycle engine air filter because it’s providing good quality at a good price K&N engine air filters are a performance upgrade to your vehicle’s cooling system. They can improve airflow, maintain cleanliness and prevent rust from blocking valves or carburetors. Additionally, it’s washable and reusable and a U.S.-made product. That’s why you will get a 10-year warranty with K & N which is 50% more than the disposable paper filter that saves you money in the long run!

Purpose of motorcycle air Cleaner

The purpose of motorcycle air filters is to trap dirt and debris from entering the engine while it runs. Your bike will run better and last longer with an air filter. In order for a motorcycle engine to run smoothly, it needs clean fuel; free from dust, impurities in the form of solid particles as well as liquid contaminants. These contaminants can lead to damage or failure of your motorcycle engine.

How air cleaner works?

The motorcycle air cleaner is a device used on motorbikes to filter the air before it enters the engine give an example of how motorcycle air filters work (first sentence) formally, how a motorcycle air filter works is that it uses a nylon mesh to filter particles from the air the function of this device is to catch the dust particles and other debris in the air to prevent them from entering the engine. By doing so, how motorcycle air filters are able to extend the lifespan of the engine.

when to change the motorcycle air filter?

Most motorcycle riders spend their time on the road, so it is important to know how often you will need to replace your air filter. To figure out when this should be done, first consider where you are riding and what type of environment that may contain more dirt or dust than others. If a rider spends most of his/her time in an urban area with lots of traffic for example; they might want to change their air filter every 6000-7000 miles. If you ride through environments with more dirt and dust, you will need to change the air filter at least twice per year. because there would likely be some pollution from other vehicles as well as little particles floating around which can get caught in the filters causing them not to work properly over long periods if used without being cleaned off periodically. This same person might also take into consideration whether he/she was traveling through areas so that defending on the situation the rider can figure out when to change the motorcycle air filter.

Motorcycle air filter cleaning solvent

The PJ1 15-202 Foam Filter Care Kit is the best solvent for you available online. Provides foam filter oil treatment spray and air filter cleaner spray, perfect for improving the life of your filters by giving them a fresh look with enhanced performance in just seconds!

what can I use to clean my motorcycle air cleaner/filter?

If you’re tired of clogging the sink with dirty water, consider using soapy water to clean your air filter. The soap will break down any oil and grime particles on its surface for a thorough cleaning that takes less than 5 minutes! for more watch this video


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