What to Wear for Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding (+15 Tips)

The first time I rode my motorcycle in the summer was probably one of the most uncomfortable times I could remember. The heat from my bike and all of that gear just made it worse, but as I learned more about what to wear when riding a motorcycle in hot weather, life became infinitely easier.

This is an article about how to dress for your next ride. We’ll talk about what you need to have on hand before you head out, what clothes work best (and worst), and maybe even some suggestions for other things that might make your ride more enjoyable. I hope this will helps!

So now come to the point of What to wear when riding a motorcycle in hot weather:

Wear The Following:

Wear Special Hot Weather Motorcycle Pants

Pants designed for hot weather riding make a huge difference in how you feel during your ride. They are made of much lighter material than jeans or chinos and have some features that help keep you cool while riding.

The first is venting, which most good pants will have on the inside behind the knee. These work like mini air conditioners by blowing air up and letting it escape through another opening—all this provides an incredible amount of cooling.

And if they don’t contain such a feature, look for mesh panels on the outside to do the same job!

It’s also important to choose pants constructed from quick-drying materials because if water does get trapped against your skin it can lead to blisters or worse.

Finally, look for pants that have zippers on the inside of the legs so you can unzip them from the bottom and let air flow through.

Motorcycle Gloves: (Hand Protection)

Motorcycle Gloves

A good set of gloves will make a big difference in how cool your hands stay throughout your ride. The best ones are made of leather because it breathes well and absorbs sweat to keep your hands dry.

They should still need to provide some protection, however, which means they shouldn’t be too thin or flimsy this just makes them uncomfortable over long distances.

Look for gloves with perforations or mesh panels so you don’t feel like you’re wearing oven mitts! It’s also a great idea to wear two pairs of gloves if you really want some cooling action in your hands that way you can remove a pair if they get too hot.

Performance Clothing:

Wearing performance clothing that wicks away sweat and dries fast is also extremely important on hot days. This includes both natural fibers like cotton or wool as well as synthetics like polyester, nylon, spandex, or rayon.

Pairing these with special summer riding pants will help you to stay really cool even when conditions get tough Layering your clothes is also a great idea because it gives you the option of throwing something off if something gets too wet or sweaty.

Boots and gloves are other key parts of any good hot weather riding wardrobe. Riding Boots, The best boots for motorcycles are made of leather and should have thick soles for protection. They should also have some venting to allow airflow and a stiff middle section so the boot won’t flop around when you’re walking around on your bike (which can cause blisters).

Good Motorcycle Boots:

motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots have thick soles and are usually constructed of leather so they breathe and don’t trap heat. They also come with some type of lining or padding to keep your feet comfortable while you ride.

Boots that lace up on the top portion (the shin) tend to be more protective because there’s less chance of something hitting them, but they can sometimes be tricky to put on and take off.

Motorcycle Helmets:

motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmets are absolutely crucial to your safety and should be the first piece of gear you pick up when you buy a bike. Since there’s not much protection on your upper body, it’s important that you protect yourself as best you can by wearing a good helmet!

Good motorcycle helmets will fit comfortably without pinching or chafing any part of your head. They’ll also sit fairly low on your forehead so you don’t have to worry about them catching wind and flipping up (that is dangerous).

A strap vent in the back will help keep air circulating through them so they’re less stuffy they should feel like a nice cool breeze is hitting just below the base of your skull! Finally, make sure they meet or exceed DOT standards so you can be as protected as possible while riding.

Motorcycle Jacket:

motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets provide an extra barrier of safety and protection from the wind, rain, bugs, other riders, or anything else that might get in your way. There are tons of options available depending on where and how you ride but they should all have a few things in common.

A good motorcycle jacket will be made of some type of sturdy material like leather for abrasion resistance or Cordura nylon to prevent tears from sharp objects. It’ll also include armor pads at places like the shoulders and elbows so you can stay safe even when you’re just commuting to work!

And finally, look for vents on both the front and back to help circulate air while riding zippers along the sleeves are a great idea for this too! Stay cool and safe as you ride and be sure not to buy a motorcycle jacket for the fashion trends or logo on the back. It should work well regardless of whether it’s in style because safety is your top priority!

Motorcycle Cooling Layer:

Motorcycle Cooling Layers are key to staying comfortable, especially if you live in a hot or humid climate. The idea is that they keep air flowing over your skin while also providing warmth at the same time.

The best summer and spring motorcycle jackets will have some type of lightweight layer like mesh or spandex on the inside, which wicks away moisture so it can evaporate quickly into the air. They come in handy when you don’t want a bulky jacket but still need something more than just a t-shirt to protect yourself from the wind!

Some Tips And More In-depth Explanation

Motorcycle jackets Keep us Cool:

When you’re riding a motorcycle in the hot weather, your body temperature will rise.

Your body is working hard to keep you cool because it’s so hot outside! When your skin gets sweaty, that makes things even worse because then the sweat cannot evaporate off of your skin and therefore your whole body feels sticky and gross.

The great thing about motorcycle jackets is they have vents on them (similar to car air conditioners) that allow air to flow through a vent directly onto your back and shoulders. The wind going across your moist skin will cool it down nicely.

Therefore, when the warm air from inside hits your back while you are riding, there will be an exchange of heat between the cool air hitting you from behind and the warm air that is already on your back from being inside in the store.

Wear a light-colored shirt to reflect the sun:

wear a shirt that is light in color so that the sun’s heat will have less of an impact on you. Some folks choose to wear dark. However, I believe it is more comfortable to wear a white-colored jersey because air can flow through it easier and therefore stay cooler. also learn how to sweat properly.

Wear motorcycle gloves to protect your hands from the heat. 

Motorcycle Gloves is One of the essential Gear when riding a motorcycle in hot weather it will simply keep your hands secure from heat and will also protect your hands in incase you an accident

Wear a helmet:

Wear a helmet as it offers protection from both the heat and bugs, which can be very irritating when riding a motorcycle. Again you know how important is helmet so make sure to use them.

Wear White Color Gear:

Wearing dark colors may seem like it would help with keeping cooler but this is not always true because black absorbs more sunlight than lighter colors do, so wearing darker clothes could actually make you hotter. so you have to choose your color.

Wear lightweight boots and pants, they will let the air flow through them so you won’t get hot as much.

So again use boots that are lightweight. So this will give you extra benefits

If possible carry water with you on your ride to stay hydrated:

if you need to make a long trip and you are planning on wearing thick clothing, then it is a good idea to carry some water with you because it gets hot.

Water will also help keep your body temperature steady throughout the ride because once the human body absorbs water, the heat will end from its surroundings.

Wear long pants to protect your legs from the hot engine:

Also, the heat can be very uncomfortable and irritating when riding a motorcycle. So wear long pants to help protect your legs from the hot rear cylinder.

Put sunscreen on and wear sunglasses or goggles to protect yourself from the sun:

always wear sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses will also help protect your eyes from the bright sun.

Also, applying for high SPF numbers on your skin can be pretty good protection from harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses are better for not getting any damage.

Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine before riding, which will dehydrate you more quickly:

Drinking water is always a good idea to stay hydrated, and especially when riding in hot weather because it will help keep you from getting dehydrated.

Water can be used to cool your body down after sweating a lot as well. So if you’re planning on doing some heavy riding for over an hour or so, staying hydrated is very important!

Also, caffeine is a diuretic and therefore it will make you pee more often and that means losing more water. And remember: Caffeine creates dehydration!

Take Rest:

Yes, Do Rest. If you think that you are getting dehydrated or even very tired, then stop and take a break. It’s better to be safe than sorry! & on a hot day be sure to take advantage of any shaded areas.

You can also go swimming:

If you are suffering from the heat, then go for a swim. Cooling down your body temperature is one of the benefits of swimming. Dehydration can also be prevented with it.

Maintain good hydration:

Know how much water you need to drink on a daily basis so that you will not become dehydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids (water or beverages)  is the best way to cool down your body temperature, especially when exercising in hot weather, and it’s one of the healthy habits everyone should develop.

If you are going for a ride make sure you are well hydrated beforehand and carry some water with you just in case you get thirsty as well. Also, drink lots of water after getting back from your ride because it helps flush out all the unwanted toxins from your body that were caused by riding your motorcycle.

some extra tips:

Do Not Ride In Night:

Maybe you are not looking for this tip but, if you have not seen it before, try to avoid riding your motorcycle at the night. The temperature may not seem hot but it’s can be dangerous for drivers and bikes.

What if you have long hair:

If you have long hair then use a bandana or even an elastic headband to hold it back. Wearing your hair like this will help keep you from getting hot because the air can flow through easier, which in turn makes your scalp less likely to get sweaty.


So that’s it.  I hope this article was helpful to you and I explained some things about how to stay cool while riding a motorcycle on a hot day. What other tips do you have for staying cool when riding your motorcycle?

If any of these tips helped out then please share this with other riders and let them know how they can stay cool while riding a motorcycle. Also, don’t forget to comment below with more suggestions that I might have missed out.

Thanks for reading. thanks again

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