Where to Put EZ Pass on Motorcycle?

Motorcyclists have the option of using an EZ Pass or a similar electronic toll payment system. But where is the best place to put it on your bike? Here are three options.

Option 1:

The most common place to put your EZ Pass on a motorcycle is in the front headlight. You can go to an auto parts store and buy the appropriate adhesive, or you might be able to use double-sided tape that came with it when you purchased it.

Advantages of this method

This method will allow the rider to use the device without stopping or getting off their bike

Disadvantages of this method

After years of weathering, some adhesive may lose its grip on the EZ pass making them fall right off of your bike onto the pavement. Other options include purchasing a new adhesive.

Option 2:

Another option is to attach your EZ pass to the back of your bike. There are adhesive options for this as well and it allows you to run the toll through an alternative slot. Some people use their rearview mirror, others find other places such as a handlebar or even a backpack to be convenient.

Advantages of this method

This option is quick and easy with little preparation required

Disadvantages of this method

Because they are out in the open, weathering may cause them to fall off onto the road making them more susceptible to theft. Other disadvantages include difficulty reaching them while riding.

Option 3:

The third method is to use a windshield adhesive pass. This option has the same benefits as attaching it to your front headlight but allows for less visibility to other drivers. Some riders take off the adhesive part of this type of toll pass, which leaves them with just the actual device that they can easily attach and detach from their bike when necessary. Because these do not stick out very far, visibility is not an issue for other motorists because it looks like your windshield wiper arm rather than something sitting on top of your motorcycle.

Advantages of this method

The easy detachment makes them quick and convenient at toll booths or any time you need to stop or go on foot

Disadvantages of this method

This option is just as susceptible to weathering over time. It may be difficult for you to reach the toll pass while riding your motorcycle making it more dangerous to use. Also, some new riders or people with less experience feel more comfortable with items attached to their bike rather than on them while operating their motorcycle. For this reason, they purchase adhesive windshield passes even though they do not require little preparation. They will work if left in the sun but are also easily removable if needed without leaving any residue or sign that you were using one at all. Additionally, visibility can be an issue because of how small they are and how far up on the windshield they placed.

All three options have their advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose is up to you and your personal preference. Adhesive options will be the most difficult to remove and do not always look good on motorcycles because they stick out too far making them more visible to other drivers, but they are quick and easy if you plan on using your motorcycle for everyday purposes such as commuting or errands.

Using EZ Pass with a windshield adhesive pass is beneficial in that it allows for quick detachment when necessary without any evidence of use or residue. Motorists can easily reach the toll while riding their bike which makes this option less dangerous than having an adhesive toll somewhere else on your bike where it is harder to get to without getting off. However, some riders still prefer the option of attaching it to their headlight for easy access.

What is important when deciding where to place your EZ Pass on a motorcycle, is that you follow the laws in your city or town.

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Do motorcycles need E-ZPass in New York?

Yes,  motorcycles and other types of two-wheeled vehicles need an EZ Pass in New York. You can apply for a motorcycle EZ pass at their official website – you must provide proof that you own the motorcycle, such as a photo of your registration,

Using EZ pass riders save $100 monthly which is a big amount for a lot of people.

Do motorcycles need E-ZPass in NJ?

Yes,  motorcycles and other types of two-wheeled vehicles need an EZ Pass in New Jersey.  You can apply for a motorcycle EZ pass at their official website – also you must provide proof that you own the vehicle, such as a photo of your registration.

How do I get an E-ZPass for a motorcycle in NY?

Motorcycles in New York State are required to have an E-ZPass tag in order to pay tolls. To do this, visit the website signup for the tag, and follow their instructions.

once you apply for the registration you will receive your Pass within 4-7 business days.

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You can always go to their official website, EZPass for more details regarding the pass. Hope this article will help you find out where to put EZ passes on motorcycles.

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