Who Makes Extra-Wide Motorcycle Boots?

There are several companies making extra wide motorcycle boots. At least these 8 companies I am aware of (if you find any others, please post in the comments below). These are all very popular boots with riders needing extra wide shoes.

Generally speaking, the following companies make extra-wide motorcycle boots

  1. Alpinestars
  2.  TCX
  3. Sidi
  4. Harley Davidson
  5. Belstaff
  6. Gaerne
  7. Dainese
  8. Daytona
  9. Falco
  10. Icon (also known as ride icon)
  11. BMW
  12. Polar Foxx

and there are other companies as well that are making extra wide motorcycle boots, you should check them out as well.

Companies That Makes Extra Wide Boots


Alpinestars is one of the most common brands for extra-wide motorcycle boots. Alpinestars makes all kinds of types of footwear, but they are famous for having their flagship model which is called the “Tech 10” Boot with a size range from US 8 to US 14.

Before buying you should measure your feet and check the size chart. Alpinestars are popular for making high-level boots that are used by professional road racers


TCX is another famous brand that makes extra-wide motorcycle boots. TCX currently doesn’t have a flagship model but they do have wide shoes in their assortment. so you can find some models for your feet with different size ranges. TCX is good for riders who are looking for variety in their boots because TCX makes many different types of shoes. the boots are very much popular for their comfortability.


Another company making extra-wide motorcycle boots is Sidi. Their boots are not so cheap, but they are light and tough. So, if you have a chance to try Sidi boots I recommend doing that.  They are expensive but they might be worth the money. The best thing about them is that you can get different colors.


Harley Davidson has been making shoes since the 1940s so they know what is going on. so they have several shoes in their lineup with different price ranges. make sure to check the size of every boot before buying one. Harley-Davidson boots are not as popular as Alpinestars and Sidi but they do have some fans. Which boots are best for you is up to your personal choice.


Belstaff is a British company that has been making shoes since 1930. Belstaff boots come with several features like waterproofing and insulation which make them interesting for riders.  Belstaff footwear seems to be a good fit for riders with big feet. Their boots have a nice-looking exterior and tough soles which create a great


Falco makes fantastic and durable boots designed for motocross racing, but they also make very good street boots. The boots are fairly expensive but you will get a high-quality boot with good features. but keep in mind that these boots are not as comfortable as Alpinestars and Sidi. This company is a young company which started operating recently.


Italian brand Dainese also makes extra-wide motorcycle boots in several lines which range in price. They also produce a very popular and expensive boot so if you have a lot of money to spend then buy them. but keep in mind The Dainese boots are big and the soles are thick which makes them heavy. but they also provide insulation and waterproofing.


Daytona is another famous company in the motorcycle world. They make wide boots with different price ranges and different size ranges. so you can find their shoes in your budget and in your size. So if you are looking for a brand that makes great shoes then check out this company.


When it comes to foot protection G.F.X from Gernes is as good as it gets in the world of motorcycling as far as I know. They make very stylish and comfortable motorcycle boots with a size range from US 10 to US 16 which is a really nice thing because some other brands don’t go that far. Gaerne also makes shoes for foot protection but they are not cheap, so if you want to buy something more affordable you can go with some other brands. Gaerne boots are very popular among hooligans and streetfighter riders. and they are also very popular in the off-road world. so you can use these boots for motocross racing.

Icon: (ride icon)

This is a company that makes motorcycle boots specially designed for cruisers and they are very popular for that. Their boots are not too expensive and they also have some different models in the assortment. If you know anything about motorcycle boots you probably heard of the company because they are pretty famous.


Now this one is pretty interesting. BMW boots are very expensive because they make them in Germany (they were born there) and now they decided to take the next step and start making high-quality motorcycle boots for off-road use.  They suggest riding in their boots when driving a motorcycle. so if you have more money you can buy the BMW motocross boots and ride safely.

Polar Foxx:

Foxx is a company producing extra-wide motorcycle boots that don’t have too much brand recognition but still, they produce good stuff with different models available in their lineup. If you want to buy something like that then give it a shot. The company’s boots are designed to offer good performance at an affordable price. and you can get them in your size. That’s what you want right?

Important Notes

All these brands, companies, and products are just some of the motorcycle boots that are available in the market, you can find many other brands and companies that sell motorcycle shoes. but all of the above-mentioned boots are worth checking out.

In the end, the boots that we wear should be comfortable and should fit well while providing protection to our feet in case of a fall. so make sure to check the size chart of your favorite boot before buying it, because if you end up with boots that are too large for your feet you will not be able to wear them and that would be a shame.

so if you don’t want that then always look for the size chart of any product that you are about to buy and make sure that your future shoes fit well. Buying motorcycle boots online is not a good idea because you can’t try them on first to see if they fit well, so it’s better to buy them in a local store. but nowadays online buying is also a good choice as well. so Amazon is a place where you can buy anything and of course, motorcycle boots too. if you go to RevZilla then make sure to check out their motorcycle boot selection. Shoes of all brands and in a variety of models are available there. They both are good for motorcycle gear shopping.

remember that buying a pair of good quality shoes for motorcycling will provide you with comfort

In the end, if you want to buy good motorcycle boots then do some research and find out what is available in your area. Once you find something that fits your needs, buy them and enjoy your ride!

What Is an Extra-Wide Boot?

Boot manufacturers have a clear definition of the width of their boots. In general, they classify their boots according to “normal” and “wide” fit. simply 2E is the “wide” in the industry. while 4E  is “extra-wide”.

If I Need a Wide Boot, How Do I Know If I Need It?

There are many factors to take into consideration. If you do not know if your foot is too wide, the best way to find out is to try on boots of different widths. The most common problem with wider feet is that they slide forward in normal-fit boots.

If You Do Not Have Wide Feet, Can You Wear Wide Shoes?

Yes, it’s bad for you. If your foot slides forward, the shoe can’t support it properly and will break down quickly.


Now you know that there are quite a few companies out there making extra-wide motorcycle boots. It will be quite hard to find them on regular retail sites like Amazon or eBay, so if you want to buy something like that then it’s best to go with some local dealer of these brands. Some brands also have their own websites where they sell their products directly so you can order there too. If you are thinking about buying one of these for yourself or someone else, help us spread the word by sharing this article or simply let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Cheers!

thanks for reading and good luck.