Why Do Motorcycle Boots Have Zippers? [Explained]

They’re intended to keep off water and road grime while providing easy, protective entry. They also provide an option for venting, which is good in warmer months or climates. And they make getting the boot on and off easier.

zippers boots also give the stylish look and protections that the riders want.

Motorcycle Boots have zippers for protecting against road grime, getting boots on and off quickly, venting boots, and adding protective materials such as shin plates or knee sliders.

At present time a lot of boots come with zippers. Some people have the opinion that zippers are not comfortable. Actually, when it comes to motorcycle boots you do want them to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. Zippers are the most practical option especially given how they allow for easy on and off of your feet. 

So why would someone choose a boot that lacks a zipper if it’s obvious that zippers make boots more convenient? Well, there are a few reasons for this actually!

For one thing, some riders prefer the look of lace-up boots over those with zippers. Even though we’ve listed what seems like quite an advantage in our eyes, some believe it isn’t enough reason to sacrifice the look of the boot.

Another important thing to consider is that boots with zippers might require more break-in time or at least some adjustment before feeling comfortable and secure when biking. Lace-up boots in comparison are very easy to adjust, you just have to choose a size and go! If we were referring to motorcycle casual shoes instead of boots, then lace-ups would definitely be our first choice for these reasons alone! We’d choose something that requires less fiddling so we can get on riding as soon as possible.

And as we mentioned before, there are some motorcyclists who use boots just for style and they might even be aware that their feet can become vulnerable in case of a crash! They might know that they’re required to wear protective gear such as helmets but what about their feet? How much protection is for motorcycle shoes since many people often forget to consider them a part of their safety gear? It is worth mentioning that one should never rely on any type of footwear while riding;

therefore, in the case of motorcycle shoes you need to ask yourself a simple question: are they actually going to protect your feet in case of an accident? If the answer is no then why not bother putting them on? They might look good but considering how much attention motorcyclists put into proper protection for their bodies, it seems odd to ignore protecting your feet when riding. Motorcycle shoes have very good ankle support and usually provide good protection which can result in not serious injuries.

Motorcycle Boots with zippers provide easy entry into motorcycle boots which helps riders get their footwear on quickly while providing added protection from mud, rocks, and other road debris compared to traditional lace-up boots. 

Most of the high-end street motorcycle riding shoes utilize a zipper closure system that also provides rear tab hard shell reinforcement over the Achilles tendon area that can be used to release your foot if it becomes trapped under your bike by pulling up on the tab and kicking out with your heel

Always try to choose a boot that is over the ankle for maximum protection and style. If you are looking for the convenience of a motorcycle shoe but want extra protection in case of an accident, then our top choice would be Moto Boots with zippers. 

They are easy to put on and take off every time while offering secure connections with their zippers which keeps them from opening up under your feet in case of any emergencies. Next Best Option: 

Motorcycle boots with a lace-up closure system provide security and stability when riding due to the snug fit around your ankles, they also offer good resistance to wear and tear due to high-quality upper construction materials used by premium brands.


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