Why Harley Davidson Is Losing Riders?

Well, Harley Davidson is losing riders because their bikes are too expensive, and they’re just not as reliable as the other brands. The other reason is that Harley Davidson bikes don’t meet the needs of their consumers. They just aren’t as fun to ride as other brands.

Reasons Why Harley Losing Riders

Harley Davidson Is Not The Most Reliable Brand

The reason for this is that, well first off, Harley Davidson isn’t all that reliable compared to other bike brands. Even though there are some very good reasons to buy a Harley, reliability should still be one of them!

And people aren’t riding their Harleys because they’re too big and heavy. It’s not always better to have a bigger engine! More power does not equal more fun. The only thing that matters is how much you can enjoy what you ride.

Harley Doesn’t Have As Good Of Customer Service Compared To Other Brands?

Another reason why people are switching over from Harleys to Japanese motorbikes is that Harley doesn’t have as good customer service when it comes to basic maintenance like oil changes and ups. The average rider only spends $1,000 a year on maintenance and Harley just doesn’t want to put that much into the bikes.

Not Much Performance?

Another major reason for this is because Harleys don’t have as good of a performance as Japanese bikes do. Even though there are some very powerful Harleys out there, most people who ride Harley really don’t care about the speed or power as much as they do about comfort and style.

Parts And Accessories Are A Problem

The last problem with Harley Davidson’s is that there aren’t many parts and accessories available for their motorcycles like there are for Japanese ones. It takes too long and costs too much money to get custom-made parts or try and find them in general. You also have to put up with ridiculous prices.

The Price Is Way To High

The price is the biggest issue with Harley Davidson motorcycles. Most people just can’t afford a motorcycle that costs $20,000-$25,000 when there are other bikes out there for half the price or less that have equal or better performance and reliability.

Harley Davidson Doesn’t Have Fun Bikes?

Another reason why Harleys losing riders is that they don’t have any fun bikes in their lineup besides sporty ones like Sportster’s, Dyna’s, Softails, etc., but not many people ride around on those. People want fun exciting bikes! That is their main goal in life after all right? Why buy a Harley when you can buy a Yamaha or a Honda for much less money and have just as much fun on them?

Harley Doesn’t Get The Job Done For Riders Anymore

Harley is losing riders because their bikes don’t get the job done anymore. They may be nice to look at but that’s about it. There are more reliable and performance-oriented bikes out there that cost way less than Harleys do which is why most people are getting rid of their HD motorcycles and buying something more practical like a honda, Kawasaki, or Suzuki.

Why Harley Davidson Is Losing Riders

Harley, Is Not The Easiest To Modify?

Another reason why people are switching over from Harleys to jap bikes is that modifying their Harleys can be a pain! You have all these restrictions on what you can do with your motorcycle which really stinks if you’re trying to make it perform better or even just try out different things with it. It takes too long and costs way too much money if you are trying to make any major changes at all.

if you want to customize Harley it can cost from $1,000 to $12,000. it also depends but that’s what the average is.

Why do some people dislike Harley Davidson?

Some People dislike Harley Davidson because most of their motorcycles are too big and heavy, they break down more often than most other brands do and the high prices don’t make them any more fun to ride. Also, there aren’t as many parts and accessories out for Harleys like there are with the Japanese bikes which is another major turnoff. Also, Harly Is Making Cruisers and some people don’t like cruisers so that’s why. nowadays people like to ride sports bikes.

and some people saying they are too loud and out of style.

Is Harley-Davidson is in trouble?

Harley-Davidson is really is in trouble. Despite being an American company for over 100 years, Harley has struggled to adapt to the changing times and is slowly losing its once-massive fan base. The companies total revenue is dropping.

The big problem is the decrease of Harley owners. Their once-loyal following of riders is slowly migrating to Japanese, German and other bikes.

Harley is going in decline from last 17 quarters and it is going to be a major problem.

Is Harley Davidson in bad shape?

No.  They’re a big company. They’ve been around since the beginning of powered transportation and they have about 31% market share in total motorcycle sales, which is pretty good. (source)

They have had some issues with the economy as well as people turning to smaller bikes for commuting, but their main problem right now is that there aren’t as many young riders as there used to be.

Bikes are going down in price every year due to competition from other companies making cheaper brands, but Harley also raised their prices a lot during the recession so everyone was feeling it worse than them.

But yes, I would say they’re still a successful company overall and should be able to bounce back if they figure out what new markets there are with people who want to ride.


so these are the reason why Harley Davidson losing riders. But most of them still love their bikes and still riding. Also, not all riders switch to other bikes. I still think motorcycles can be someone’s passion and someone’s lifestyle, so you don’t need to ride a Harley Davidson for this.

I’m not saying that HD is in trouble (though they are), but the reasons are given here certainly will lead to

so what you think about this?

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