Will Motorcycle ABS Prevent Stoppies? (5 Key Things to Know)

Yes, The ABS system is designed to prevent the wheel from locking and it does so by actuating the brake. The brakes are applied in small steps over short periods of time that increase braking gradually instead of suddenly, leading to a much easier ride for drivers who want stability when driving rather than worry about sudden stops.

Pulling stoppies is one of the most thrilling things about biking. An immensely popular trick in the world of biking, but many professional bikers claim that a stoppie is possibly one of their coolest tricks. To do it you slam on your brakes and with all your weight going to the front side there’s no way for anything but gravity to take over; consequently causing the back tire to raise off the ground as if flipping upside down. When everything starts to fall into place, the bike will tilt just before it does so.

This thrill can only be experienced with a bike that has ABS disabled because  ABS prevents stoppies which unfortunately for you means no longer being able to do them on your motorcycle since it’s not possible when the ABS is on your bikes. However, turning off the ABS can let you pull stoppies again. 

also you can still do stoppies if you does’t use the brake while doing stoppie

motorcycle stoppie

Is ABS Is Necessary For Motorcycles  

Anti Lock Braking Systems (or ABS for short) is a safety device that can help you avoid accidents. It is standard on most new motorcycles. However, not any country officially declares that ABS is necessary for the bikes. If you plan on riding a motorcycle, it’s best to make sure that the bike has this important safety feature. Switching from “ABS On” and “ABS Off” can be done whenever desired in these cases.

necessity of abs system depends on people whether you want or not the ABS in your motorcycle again for safety it’s a great feature to have

Some riders are hesitant to use ABS on motorcycles because the technology could be not a lifesaver in off-road conditions. If you plan to use an ABS-equipped motorcycle, you may not find that off-road ABS is intended for off-road riding. But the ABS has an on/off switch. If your bike has ABS you can easily on/off on-road or off-road. 

IS ABS is good for motorcycle

Yes definitely, When the Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) was first introduced, it created controversy. but This report released by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments in 2015 details its benefits on motorcycles as well as safety concerns that may arise from not having ABS systems installed.

The report is https://www.monash.edu/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/376742/muarc327.pdf 

It is possible that the technology of ABS could reduce motorcycle accidents and their consequences by 31%.

Currently, only around 20% of new motorcycles come with this important safety feature.

If current rates continue then from now until 2025 there will be 22% saved lives.

If all bikes would have ABS installed in 2018 we might see 35% saved lives. 

Now it is on you how important ABS is on motorcycles.

My motorcycle has disc brakes. Can I install ABS?

Yes, You may be able to add ABS brakes, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, it is not recommended for everyone(off-road bike) and isn’t guaranteed to work as well as a factory-fitted system. It can be a bit costly to install since you need more parts than just a brake pad or disc. In this case, ceramic brakes are probably a better choice or you should purchase a bike with ABS.  However, You can find out if your car or motorcycle already has these features or not by looking at their sticker on the inside or outside bumper/hood area. 

want to know about how much does it cost to mount and balance motorcycle tires

ABS on motorcycles good or bad

It is difficult to say good or bad but ABS has some features that are good like The ABS safety device can help you avoid accidents, and it is standard on most new motorcycles. We recommend making sure your bike has an ABS system before riding a motorcycle. They provide safety and prevent motorcycles from stopping. But they also have some bad features like ABS is not the best option for everyone and it’s hard to guarantee that you’ll get better results than a factory-fitted system would give. Plus, there are more parts needed than just brake pads or discs which can make installation pretty expensive if done by yourself. While ABS may not be the best option for off-road conditions, it may not have the best performance. 

ABS on motorcycle worth it

Yes, it’s worth it. On our roads, motorcycle accidents are the most common cause of fatalities. The IIHS found that ABS-equipped motorcycles had a 31% lower rate of fatal crashes than those without ABS, which is comparable to how helmets work in preventing motorcycle fatalities. If you’re looking for an extra safety precaution when driving your bike, this could be it. 

ABS is not a standard safety feature on motorcycles due to a lack of regulations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA). Although it is available as an option for those who want the added security, the decision leaves it up to the individual riders. It comes with braking assistance and stability control in emergency situations.

Among the most important bike features is the ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System. This feature helps you brake at any time without skidding and decreases your chances to get into an accident with a bike present. It also allows for better control while riding through water puddles in rainstorms so that when it gets too slippery even bikes can have some help getting around traffic.

Motorcycle abs


We hope that you will get some information regarding the abs system on a motorcycle. And will clear some of your confusion about the abs system on your motorcycle. I think in these modern days the abs system is essential for every motorcycle but unfortunately it’s not that. And the second news is fortunately when these days new motorcycle companies introduce new motorcycles they have an abs system installed by default which i think is so good. At the end just look at this video you will see how important is abs system is:

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