Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots? With (Pros & Cons)

Doc Martens’s boots and shoes have been around for quite some time now.  And so, you might be wondering if they’re good motorcycle boots.

The answer is: Not really. Doc Martens’s boots and shoes are well-made. And so, they do offer a certain degree of protection in the case you crash your bike and fall over while wearing these shoes or boots.

But here’s the thing: They simply aren’t made to be motorcycle riding footwear.

The soles just aren’t thick enough or stiff enough to protect your feet from rocks or debris that may get kicked up into them while you’re riding across rugged terrain at speed.   

the doc martens boots are specially made for people who are standing a lot for example for laborers and sometimes office workers

So, what you need to look for is motorcycle-specific footwear that’s made to offer protection and support while riding your motorcycle across all sorts of terrain.

Specifically, what you’re looking for is: Thick and stiff rubber soles Shock absorbing heels And protective toe boxes, true-to-size fit, And if possible, adjustable cuffs at the top of the boots or shoes for extra security.

When you look at your doc martens boots you can see that the sole is not thick enough to protect your feet from rocks. Also, they are too loose because there are no adjustable cuffs.

another reason is that doc marten’s boots are a little heavy so you can feel the weight of your boots when riding. Which is another reason that doc martens are not good motorcycle boots.

Well, what you’ll discover is that this type of footwear/boots won’t be cheap… But the price of your safety is never cheap. If you can afford it, get yourself good boots made specifically for your motorcycle.

Or better yet, two or three pairs so you always have one available to wear ASAP after crash damage renders one pair un-wearable.

you can wear any shoe on your bike as long as they are not heavy and loose. you can wear your doc martens boots on your bike and you can also go for a ride with them.

but it can’t replace boots which are made for motorcycle riding. if you want to get the best riding experience, get yourself some good motorcycle boots/shoes that will give you more protection and comfort while riding.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Doc Martens As Motorcycle Boots


  • All-day comfort
  • Look good with everything
  • Tough and durable and last for years
  • Easy to walk in/ lots of ankle support


  • Not motorcycle-specific
  • Not suitable for off-road riding or dirt bikes  
  • Would not provide enough foot protection if you crashed your bike
  • Heavier than boots made for motorcycle riding
  • Not as much shock-absorbing as motorcycle-specific boots

The Verdict :

Doc Martens are great shoes, but they are made to be comfortable, stylish, long-lasting work boots/shoes that are worn all day. They aren’t motorcycling boots. You can wear them on your bike if you want. But they won’t offer the kind of protection other footwear will give you should you crash while riding.

Can I Ride In Doc Martens?

Usually, the answer will be: Yes.

But that doesn’t mean you should.

When it comes to your personal safety and comfort, you need to consider doc martens bad motorcycle boots. Because:  

1) they’re not made specifically for riding a motorcycle.

2) In case of an accident, they provide less protection.

And so, if you want to ride safely and comfortably, get yourself some real motorcycle boots.

Nowadays there are many options out there which you can choose from.  Research your options and see what fits you best.

Don’t forget to read reviews and customer feedback before you buy.

Why Should I Wear Motorcycle Boots Instead of General Boots?

Well, that’s a question of personal preference.

Motorcycle-specific boots are usually made of more heavy-duty materials and they offer better protection than regular hiking boots or work boots. That is why you should choose them if you’re planning to ride your motorcycle across rocks and debris.   

However, it all comes down to personal preference. So, I can’t tell you what footwear will be comfortable for you while riding.

Also, keep in mind that the type of boot/shoe might influence the type of motorcycle you can buy/ride. For example: If go out and get yourself a full-on adventure touring motorcycle then it would make sense to also get some good adventure touring boots/shoes which provide decent off-road traction.

However, you do not need to buy the most expensive boots. You can start off with some nice-looking motorcycle-specific shoes so long as they have protective features and are made of tough materials.

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What Are Doc Martens Boots Used For?

Doc Martens boots are used for hiking & working.

They are available in a lot of color combinations and designs.

doc martens boots are an iconic fashion statement that has been around for decades.

they are made from leather & Pvc materials and they have an air-cushioned sole with a steel shank.

they are usually very durable and strong.

but they should not be used for riding motorcycles because they offer little protection.

They do have an adjustable cuff at the top of the boot but that does not provide enough support while riding a motorcycle.


Doc Martens are nice-looking boots/shoes. But they should not be used for riding motorcycles.

They offer little protection in case of an accident and they are also heavy to wear while riding a motorcycle all day long.

If you do plan on wearing them while riding, make sure to only go out for short rides at slow speeds.

That way, there won’t be any problems with your feet getting too hot or the boot slipping around inside the shifter.

Also, keep in mind that Doc Martens are made from leather & Pvc materials which will get damaged if they come into contact with water for prolonged periods of time. So, avoid rain at all costs because it might spoil material and result in your shoes/boots coming apart.

pairs over short periods of time because they wear out quickly or because they got damaged/destroyed when you crashed your motorcycle.

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