Do Motorcycles have Gear Indicators? (How it Works)

Almost all motorcycles haven’t had gear indicators. This can be confusing for new riders, and it is something they often forget to check in the manual before starting out on their first ride. The good news is that most motorcycles don’t have more than three gears, so there’s no need to worry about which one you’re in.  In this article, we’ll discuss what gear indicator lights mean when riding and how to know if your motorcycle has them or not.  Let’s get started! But in the future, I am seeing that hopefully this feature will come in a motorcycle by default so then you will not need to manually set up the gear indicators.

There are two types of gear indicators: hard-wired and plug-and-play.

A hard-wired indicator is an electronic component that needs to be installed by the manufacturer.  A plug-and-play indicator draws power from the battery and it needs to be installed by a qualified technician or a motorcycle electrician.

Do Motorcycles Have Gear Indicators

what is a motorcycle gear indicator?

A motorcycle gear indicator is a function that indicates the current gear of your bike. This feature was created to help riders easily and conveniently identify which gear they are in when riding their motorcycles. Motorcycles used to have this feature, but nowadays, some models don’t have them at all.

how does a motorcycle gear indicator work?

There are different features that manufacturers use in designing a motorcycle gear indicator, but the most common one is an odometer mounted on the tachometer.  Most of the time, this odometer is illuminated with a red light to tell riders what gear their motorcycles are in and if they need to change gears.

Gear indicators work by displaying the currently selected gear of the motorcycle in numbers.  The indicator will tell riders what gears they should be in by displaying a number or a few numbers. Most motorcycles have three possible indicators: 1, 2, and 3. But sometimes there are two more gear indicators, 4 and 5, that can be used depending on the type of transmission installed in each model.

A motorcycle gear indicator can be hard-wired or plug-and-play. This will depend on the model and year of your motorcycle.

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benefits of motorcycle gear indicators

The main benefit of a gear indicator is for the rider to know what gear their motorcycle is currently in.  This will prevent them from being caught off guard or slowed down because they are in a higher gear than what they should be in.  This feature is especially useful when riding on steep hills and while traveling at high speeds. A gear indicator can also be used to help riders identify what gears they should shift into, depending on the terrain and speed that they are traveling.  It will also tell them which gear they are in so that they don’t have to Confuse at all.

For those who haven’t had any experience riding a motorcycle before, a gear indicator can make it easier for new riders to remember which gear their bikes are in as well as how many gears there are in total. Lastly, a motorcycle gear indicator prevents novice riders from being caught off guard when trying to start moving or shifting gears without knowing which one is currently engaged.

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how much do gear indicators cost?

A gear indicator costs more than a regular odometer, which is around $30 and $50. A gear indicator can cost up to $100 or more, depending on the manufacturer and model of your motorcycle.

Do most motorcycles have gear indicators?

In our experience, most modern motorcycles have gear indicators. But if you don’t see a visible odometer on your motorcycle’s dashboard or tachometer, that doesn’t mean the motorcycle is not equipped with an indicator. If you do not have any visible odometers on your tachometer but there’s a tiny red light somewhere near it then this means that your bike has a gear indicator. but those indicators work limited.

Do you need a gear indicator on a motorcycle?

If you are a new motorcycle rider and you don’t have any experience riding one, then yes, a gear indicator will come in handy.  If your bike has this feature but it’s not illuminated, the manufacturer might have turned it off to prevent riders from being distracted while they’re on the road.

There is no reason why you should not get a gear indicator for your bike if yours already does not have one. As long as the indicator makes sense and is useful for you, there’s no point in getting rid of it because some models aren’t equipped with that feature at all. It just depends on what works best for you.

but if you are not a new rider then might this feature is not that helpful but again it depends on.


A gear indicator really depends on what works for you, whether or not you are a new rider. But if it’s there and you can turn it on, then by all means give yourself an advantage when riding your motorcycle.

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