Heated Grips vs Heated Gloves (Pros & Cons)

A comparison between heated gloves and heated grips is the focus of this blog post. This post will discuss how each one works, its pros and cons, and which one might be best for you.

This article will help motorcycle owners make an informed decision on what type of heated gloves or grips they need for riding in cold weather conditions.

Here’s the Deal:

Heated Grips

Heated grips are heating elements that are placed on the handle of a motorcycle. These heating elements get heated with essential bike parts like battery, controller, and resistor. These heated grips make your ride more comfortable in winters.

As we know that motorcyclists feel cold in winter seasons because of wind blowing on their faces while riding their bikes for a long time they feel pain inside their hands so this product is useful for them to remove it.

The hand becomes more hardened when the rider rides his bike in the winter season so he cannot hold the throttle properly so this product helps him to grip firmly on the throttle by warming up his hand through its heating elements so that he can ride his bike for a long time.

These heated grips come with alloy clamps that allow you to attach them to any type of handle and easily remove it. These alloy-mounted clamps make your installation more easy and simple.

This heated grip is made up of high-quality copper wire which provides its heating according to your demand. If you set the temperature low then these elements will not get hot that quickly or vice versa. You can adjust the temperature as per your demand because this product gives you the option of adjusting the heating element’s voltage according to your need.

This product is also waterproof so it can bear wet conditions also but still, we suggest you cover it with an anti-water sheet because water affects electricity badly so we don’t suggest you use it in rain.

There are many brands of heated grips available like oxford, WonVon, Koso Apollo, etc. Easily fits most motorcycles just screw them and replace their original handlebar which is attached to the handlebar so buy according to your need.

Mostly used in winter seasons as these grips produce heat very rapidly which feels good on cold days. These forced motorcyclist riders to ride their bike where it’s too cold outside like -18 degrees etc.

This grip gives a warranty of years but it depends on your brand and model so check all details before buying any heated grip for your motorcycle.

These grips consume very little power as compared to other heating devices like seat covers, socks, etc. Nowadays most of the new motorcycles come with pre-installed wiring for these types of heaters so you don’t need extra wiring connections but some bikes don’t have wiring for this feature so you have to install it by yourself.

If you use grips at top speed then its battery remains long life and the same thing happens when we turn off the grip, the battery automatically saves its power.

These heating grips work on 12 volts of electricity so never try to connect them with 24 volts of your motorcycle’s electrical system because these will damage the internals of your heated grips and always check polarity while connecting any new device with a motorcycle’s electrical wiring system.

These heating grips can’t produce much heat as compared to other heating devices like seat covers etc but still grip is the best option for winter riding on your bike.

How Heated Grips for Motorcycles Works?

As we know that heated grips are composed of heating elements on their handle so while riding your bike in cold seasons this grip heats up and produces heat which can be felt by the rider on his hand so while you release the throttle grip stop producing heat automatically.

These work very fine so these are mostly used in winter seasons when it’s too cold to ride a bike without a heating element on a motorcycle.

Heated Grips vs Heated Gloves (Pros And Cons)

How To Install Heated Grips For Motorcycles?

These heated grips are very easy to install because these are plug and play device so all you have to do is you remove the handle grip of your motorcycle than split them into two halves now take out the material which is inside handlebars now attach new handlebars with it through wiring connection now again mount grip on the handlebar or much easily done by buying pre-made handlebar which already attached with your bike’s model so just replace it with old one.

Now shoot these newly installed heated grips on both sides of its handles then connect them via wires put back insulation materials into their place now fix the whole thing on the handlebar with original fixing tools mount its plastic parts on the handlebar now fix the inner parts of grip install new throttle tube back with these buttons and levers which means you are done.

How To Charge Heated Grips For Motorcycles?

The charging process is also easy as installing the above-mentioned procedure so forget your battery, unscrew it from the whole thing then take out the charging point from inside the housing cover of your motorcycle.

Now connect a charger to this port and wait for one hour to charge fully. That’s it now shoot them in their place just reverse the process which you have done while installing these heated grips on your motorcycle.

This method works excellent for most motorcycles but some bikes have non-removable batteries, these bikes have to charge their batteries via the bike’s ignition but some new heated grips come with an extra battery pack and have their charging port on handlebars which can be charged by connecting a charger directly on it.

So these are the best features of heated grips where you only charge through the bike’s power supply or if your grip has its own charging point then you can easily charge it without removing the battery from the housing cover.

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What are the pros of heated grips?


  • Simple to install
  • Multiple temperature settings for temperature control
  • Looks and feels good
  • There are several models to suit different grip preferences
  • well-established company offering warranties and service
  • They’re easy to install with basic tools
  • Heated grips are a great convenience when riding, especially when it’s cold. 
  • The grips do not need to be charged or carried around
  • On the heated grips, you can wear any gloves you like

What are the cons of heated grips?


  • Cluttering up the handlebar with something else
  • Control adjustments while riding can be distracting
  • Incorrect operation drains the battery more
  • When the system fails, an overly reliant rider may not be able to survive
  • Heated grips are probably not suitable for very thin bars
  • Hands can still get quite cold on a bike in winter
  • Beware! Heated grips are not suitable for use with gel type hand grips as they are conductive
  • The palm is warmed, but the back of the hand remains cold
  • Due to their permanent installation, heated grips cannot be transported

Heated Gloves

Gloves are one of the most important pieces of winter gear. Our hands might not be as critical to survival as our core or our feet, but they’re still very important! It’s no secret that when it comes to gloves, we can’t afford to skimp on quality.

If you’re losing feeling in your fingers because you chose a cheap pair of gloves at Target to last you through this winter season (and if you’re not doing anything about it), then you need to read more because I have some great options for hand protection that won’t break the bank.

The Zippo Heated Gloves are, by far, the best gloves I’ve ever used for nearly every possible task. They’re water-resistant, extremely durable, and they have a nifty little pocket on the back of each glove that’s capable of holding either 4 AA batteries or an optional 12V cigarette lighter power cord that lets you plug into your vehicle to keep your gloves charged while outdoors. 

Motorcycle gloves are used to protect the hands from harsh weather conditions. There are few other uses for these gloves as well, but the main purpose remains unchanged. These days’ motorcycle riders have a good number of options available in terms of these gloves, which makes it difficult to choose them at times.

In this article, we will discuss a few important factors that can help you buy the best-heated motorcycle gloves for yourself. This is not just another review about gloves but contains all the possible information you need before buying one.

Heated Gloves are very helpful during the winter season. If you are planning to buy one for yourself or your loved ones then choose wisely because if you get better features then it would be great for them as well as you can use it longer.

As mentioned earlier, there are different factors that have to be considered while buying heated gloves but these three things (output rating, battery life, and warranty) play a crucial role in selecting the right product.

It is a common myth that a glove has to be thick and heavy to provide warmth during winters or cold weather. But trust us, modern-day technology provides various features and at the same time, it makes gloves lightweight and thinner as well.

There are various features of a heated glove, which have to be considered. These major features are discussed below:

Heat source

There are two types of heat sources available in modern-day motorcycle gloves that you should look for while buying one. One is the electrical heating element and the other is a chemical heated element. Wires do not go all across like an electrically heated glove but only cover certain parts like knuckles, fingertips, or palms.

Both of these heating sources are good enough to provide warmth during the wintertime and the user can choose between them on his own preference.

Heat intensity

Some factors help you regulate the heat intensity of your heated motorcycle gloves. You have an option to adjust the temperature according to weather conditions outside.

There are certain things you should consider while selecting a heat intensity grade, so it does not harm your skin in any condition. If possible consider getting a glove with adjustable heat intensity grade for better control over it.

It also helps when you intend to buy one pair of gloves for multiple seasons instead of buying separate pairs every season just because they have different heating grades.

Wearable options

Heated Gloves come in various forms and you can choose one among them as per your preference. There is a wide variety of gloves available with touch screen compatible tips, which allows you to use your phone or any other device without removing them from the pocket.

These gloves are water-resistant as well, with a special coating that keeps your hands drier for a longer time. They also come with adjustable cuffs so it fits on your arm and wrist perfectly.

Battery life

Motorcycle gloves come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. Although most of them have two batteries, one is placed on the left side and another on the right side to provide better balance when it comes to heating elements.

Generally, it does not take time to charge these batteries but still, if you intend to use a heated motorcycle glove for long rides then consider buying ones having a quick charge feature so it recharges faster than regular charging time.

There are also gloves available with replaceable AA or AAA batteries but they surely cost more than normal ones. It is always better to go for lithium-ion battery heated motorcycle riding gloves because these can be changed easily and provide warmth up to 4-6 hours easily. 

Most of the heated motorcycle gloves have battery indicators that tell you about the remaining power in handwarmer batteries. You can also check this with a voltmeter if it is not available on the glove itself. Other than these, some products come with USB charging ports for mobile devices or GPS which you can use when your motorcycle gloves are plugged into any electrical outlet at your home or office. 

What are the pros of heated gloves?

  • Hand warming option that can be reused and recharged
  • Easy on/off heat settings that deliver up to 140°F of heat
  • The battery should be able to maintain 113°F heat for six hours
  • Replaceable with a brand new battery for years of use
  • Designed with a water-resistant nylon material 
  • Be sure to keep your hands protected from the elements
  • A warranty is also included, as well as machine washability
  • A high-quality carbon fiber heating system and leather palms
  • Compatible with touch-screen devices
  • It is possible to recharge one lithium ion battery anywhere between 300 and 500 times
  • Heat your hands quickly, conveniently, and cheaply 
  • Heated gloves are portable and can be used on any motorcycle
  • Not only does it warm the palm, it warms the whole hand
  • You can also use it to keep your hands warm on other occasions
  • Moreover, they are durable
  • Providing protection from the elements
  • Capable of being waterproof
  • Providing comfort for your hands
  • Protects the skin from dryness
  • Allow you to spend more time outside

What are the cons of heated gloves?


  • A heated glove will cost you more
  • Hand warmers that are disposable
  • Batteries must be recharged when they run out.
  • For extended use of six hours, a new, charged battery was installed
  • It is bulky and less flexible to move your hand with gloves on
  • Battery charging is a hassle. Prepare ahead of time


Thanks to brilliant minds, we can warm our hands in cold weather without having to worry about any injuries. Heated gloves have been a savior for people who love to ride motorcycles in the winter or fall seasons.

However, if you are planning to buy one then be sure it meets your requirements and use them accordingly. Always test out heated gloves before using them for any long rides because sometimes they do not deliver up to their capacity due to low-quality batteries or faulty wiring.

Happy Riding!

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