How Much Do Motorcycle Classes Cost?

If you’re in the market for a motorcycle, one of your first considerations will be how much it will cost to get licensed and take classes. The good news is that the cost of motorcycle training varies depending on where you live, so it’s important to do your homework before making a decision. In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of the average costs for motorcycle classes across the United States. Keep in mind that these numbers are just averages, so you may find that some schools are more or less expensive than others.

Average Costs For Motorcycle Classes

the average cost of taking motorcycle classes is from $100-$350.

Keep in mind that this is just an average, so prices may vary depending on where you live and which courses you choose. Also, most courses require that you purchase your own gear (helmet, gloves, jacket). Motorcycle classes can also be significantly cheaper in some states than in others. For instance, in Arizona, you only have to pay $100-$150 to register for a basic skills class while it’ll cost at least $175 to get licensed in New Jersey.

Average Costs By State

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The average cost of motorcycle classes in each state around the country varies significantly by region – from a low of $100 in Arizona to a high of $350 in California. In general, prices are higher on the coasts and lower in the Midwest and South. Costs also rise as you move closer to major cities with large populations, such as Los Angeles or New York City.

average costs for basic rider courses

In most states, it’s mandatory to take a basic skills course before getting your license. These courses should prepare you to safely ride on public roads while also teaching you how to operate your bike correctly. Basic rider classes generally cost between $100-$200 but maybe slightly more in major cities or more populated states.

Also, the average total cost for a license checks out this list of the cheapest states to get your motorcycle endorsement.

the average cost for a motorcycle endorsement is $20-$40. The good news is that motorcycle classes are often only one part of the process; many states also require you to pass an eye exam and complete some paperwork before getting your license at the DMV. In most cases, all you have to pay is the fee, which ranges from $20-$40 in most states.

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Are motorcycle classes/courses worth it?

There’s no doubt that motorcycle classes and courses can help you get on the road safely and more effectively, but they’re not for everyone. As we mentioned above, most of these courses entail some pretty significant expenses (at least $100), so if you don’t plan on riding regularly or practicing what you’ve learned in class, it might be a good investment

If you do want to take classes, whether it’s because you plan on riding frequently or live somewhere with notoriously strict licensing laws (like New Jersey), your best option is to price out a few different course options and choose one that offers the best value for your needs. You may also want to research where the nearest testing center is – some schools offer free testing days once you’ve completed your class, which could save you some money.

Here are the cheapest motorcycle courses, according to your state.

As we mentioned above, most states require that riders take a basic skills course (ranging from $100-$300) before getting their license. If you plan on taking classes in more than one state, then there’s an easy way to comparison shop – just check out this list of the cheapest motorcycle training schools by state. This may not be 100% accurate; prices can vary depending on location and other factors. But it should give you a good idea if you want to find cheap classes near you.

How much does the MSF course cost?

the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) course here is the most popular and commonly taken course. Most basic motorcycle courses offer training through the MSF, which is a nationally recognized organization that teaches rider safety to people of all ages. It costs $100-$300 for the entire class.  Other, less popular, and often shorter classes might cost as little as $50-$150. sometimes the MSF courses can be free.

Is basic rider course difficult?

while there is no easy way to say how hard a specific course will be, most courses tend to be pretty difficult for beginner riders. However, we also want to clarify that the difficulty of any course varies significantly depending on where you take it and who’s teaching it.

the motorcycle education you receive tends to vary dramatically based on the school and instructor you choose (and some states don’t require any formal training at all). For example, most people find that small-town schools or instructors tend to offer the best training particularly if they’ve been around for several years and have developed a solid reputation.

basic rider courses generally found in rural areas tend to offer better classes than in larger cities. On the other hand, if an instructor has very few hours of experience or a poor teaching style, you might find yourself struggling to pass. In other words, even though courses are generally designed for beginner riders, the quality of the classes will vary from school to school and from instructor to instructor.


Most motorcycle courses are designed to help riders learn how to safely operate their motorcycles. But the experience you’ll get at one school might vary significantly from what you’ll find at another school, even if they’re located in your town or state.

If you plan on taking classes, it’s important that you do some research and find out which schools offer the best value for your needs; don’t just take the first option that pops up online. You may also want to ask about any potential discounts (like senior rates) or incentives like free testing days since those can save you money down the road.

it is best if people have proper training before getting on a bike for the first time because licensing requirements are so strict now. Fortunately, the cost of motorcycle courses has stayed relatively low. most courses cost between $100-$300. It’s worth checking out a few different schools and comparing prices, especially if you’re planning on taking classes in more than one state.

for those who don’t want to pay so much for the course, there are also some options where they do not follow the MSF curriculum but they still provide very valuable information about riding and safety. so it depends on your interest and requirements as well as what your schedule is like.

we hope that this article was helpful thank you for reading.

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