How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Motorcycle Tank

Motorcycle tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but no matter what the size or shape, they all need to be painted at some point. How much does it cost to paint a motorcycle tank? The answer may surprise you. Read on to find out more.

The type of paint being used, the size of the tank, and the particular model are all factors that affect how much it costs to have a motorcycle tank painted. Depending on the type of paint and other materials needed, tanks can cost anywhere from $150 to $300. The amount of time required to complete the job will also impact the total cost.

Again The average cost of having a motorcycle tank painted falls within the $150 to $300 range, but many variables will affect the final price tag.

What Affects the price of a painting of the tank?

Many variables can affect the total cost to paint a tank. The type of paint being used, the number of layers being applied, and the model of the motorcycle all have a direct correlation with the price. The size and shape of the tank will also play a role in what it costs to have it painted. For example, if there is a lot of detail on the tank, it may require an additional cost to have these areas painted.

Getting a quote for painting a motorcycle tank is the best way to know what you are getting into financially before hiring someone to do the job. Many professional painters will offer free estimates so that you know exactly what you are paying for ahead of time. By knowing how much it costs to paint a tank beforehand, there are no surprises when it comes time to pay for this service.

What type of paint is used?

There are many different types of paint being used today by painters and customizers around the world. Since most motorcycles were made from metal, choosing a high-quality primer and base coat is important to achieve top-notch results. The base coat will do the majority of the work as it provides a foundation for the other colors. Any dents, bumps, or rust spots that were on the tank will also be filled in with this type of paint.

The primer is applied next and helps to prepare the surface of the motorcycle for painting. It does not require as many layers as regular paint but has an adhesion effect that “sticks” to metal surfaces better than any other kind of primer. The number of coats used here will vary depending on how much preparation was needed before applying them to the tank.

Another option is acrylic enamel which comes in different finishes including flat, gloss, and semigloss. This type of paint costs more than standard latex-based paints but is better in terms of durability and adhesion. It will not fade easily when exposed to direct sunlight nor peel off over time but can be more toxic than regular paint. These types of paints are generally used by professionals only since the fumes are strong and require proper ventilation for safety reasons.

What size is the tank?

It may seem that this is an obvious question, but the size of a motorcycle tank will have a major impact on how much it costs to have it painted. This includes not just length and width, but depth as well which will influence how many coats need to be used to cover any imperfections or dents that were on it previously. A smaller object requires less paint this will affect the final cost and the time it takes to complete the project.

Conversely, a larger tank will cost more to paint and take longer than smaller ones even if they have similar features or designs that need to be covered.

How many coats of paint are needed?

The number of coats used is directly related to how much it costs to have a motorcycle tank painted. More layers mean fewer imperfections after priming and base-coating are applied by the professional. It also means that everything will be colored evenly before moving on to the next coat. Any dents, rust spots, scratches, or other blemishes will become less noticeable as well with each additional layer being added to the tank.

Having three layers on any part of the motorcycle is usually enough for most tanks which include primer, base coat, then clear coat for protection. The more coats applied, the better it looks and the longer it will last before fading or scratching occurs.

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How many colors are used on a motorcycle tank?

The number of different colors that need to be painted on a tank will affect the cost as well. Painting a motorcycle gas tank is not an easy task since some areas may require one color while others have to be completely covered in another shade altogether. This is especially true when designs such as flames or other symbols adorn the surface of the tank which means multiple coats and applications to get all of them even and looking good.

Having more than one color used here can raise the price significantly so keep this in mind if you want your entire gas tank painted. A professional paint job will have more accurate results which will stand the test of time better than spray paint after being applied.

If a single color is used then you can expect it to cost less than having multiple ones added on top of each other. The work needed to be done is not as difficult so the price goes down, however, if there are more colors involved this will affect the final cost of the project.

What type of paint is best for motorcycle painting?

As mentioned before, choosing a high-quality primer and base coat is important to achieve top-notch results. Any dents, bumps, or rust spots that were on the tank will also be filled in with this type of paint while preparing for additional colors. Acrylic, enamel, or lacquer-based paints are usually chosen since they provide excellent coverage and can last for many years with proper maintenance.

Priming the motorcycle gas tank is never 100% effective at hiding imperfections which means that some areas will still show signs of use, even after it has been painted several times in the past. To resolve this issue, most painters will sand down any rubber coating on top of the metal surface to get rid of scratches and rust spots. This will leave you with a practically new-looking gas tank that appears glossy when finished.

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How Long Does It Take To Paint A Motorcycle Tank?

The time needed to complete a single paint job depends on several different factors such as size, shape, and style. Any symbols or designs must be outlined first as well as any other additional features that may appear on a tank. The fewer coats of paint being used, the less time it will take to complete this particular job since it is easier to cover imperfections with a single application compared to three or four.

Motorcycle gas tanks tend to have several different colors and design elements that need to be covered which takes longer than usual because of all the effort involved. A-frame could also be painted at the same time so the total cost goes up from having more work being done in one sitting rather than doing smaller areas at a time which helps keep costs down.

generally, painting the motorcycle tank will take 1-2 hours since there is usually not a lot of detail to look for. If it has more sections and curves then the time needed will go up but remember that it also raises the cost of having it done by a professional too.


The time to complete a job and the type of paint used will affect the cost of having a motorcycle gas tank painted. If you have any damage done to your gas tanks, such as rust spots or dents, these will need to be fixed before painting can begin. Keep in mind that any customized designs and/or symbols adorning the surface may also impact the final price so this should be taken into account when discussing it with a professional company or individual who specializes in this area. The average cost for motorcycle gas tanks is $300 since several factors determine how much it will end up costing at the end of the day.

If you want your motorcycle back on the road then investing in getting its fuel tank painted is well worth the money. If you plan on selling your motorcycle then having it painted before doing so will net a higher asking price since this aspect has been taken care of and the bike looks virtually brand new. The material used also determines how long it will last before it needs to be touched up again which is why primer, paints, etc are always high in quality since they are meant to last many years without needing any touch-ups.

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