Which Motorcycle Tires Last The Longest (Top 5)

Maintaining the best tire pressure will extend the life of your tires, but it’s also important to know which motorcycle tires last longest. Read on for our list of top brands and models that are worth every penny!

Motorcycle owners often find themselves weighing their options when it comes to buying new motorcycle tires. If you’re looking for a good deal, there are many different manufacturers out there with affordable offerings. But if you want quality without paying too much or sacrificing anything, then these five brands should be at the top of your list:

the No1 in the list is:

Metzeler ME 888 Motorcycle Tire:

Road riding motorcycle tires are made of a compound that retards the wear, even when you’re pushing them to their limits. There’s no need for heavy-duty touring motorcycle riders to have two sets of tires just because they want good mileage on long trips. Metzeler ME 888 Motorcycle Tire offers excellence with durability and weight savings, making it one of the top choices for high mileage enthusiasts. these tires are very smooth and very long-lasting. also great under wet conditions.


  • The Metzeler ME 888 tires are known for their comfort and grip, which is why they’re frequently used by motorcycle manufacturers in OEM applications.
  • They have excellent performance on dry roads while maintaining good grip in wet weather. It’s the ideal choice for long-distance motorcycles that travel through both urban and highway roads.
  • These are very good quality tires at a great price so I would recommend them to anyone who rides for pleasure or commutes 5+/- miles per day on road surfaces that aren’t extremely rough or bumpy.

Pirelli Angel ST Motorcycle Tire

With the Pirelli Angel ST Motorcycle Tire, you’ll have Faster braking and superior handling and these incredible tires are long-lasting are just three things that give this tire its edge over others in the category. Plus, it features long durability for when your rides take you on a journey across the country. The reinforced high-density rubber will help keep you rolling while never turning heads because of grazed knuckles or sore feet. these are good for riding on the highway.


  • These are smooth, long-lasting tires with excellent grip and handling that are important to me when it comes to my sportbike.
  • This tire is really great overall! I would definitely buy this tire again!
  • This is a fantastic tire, especially for the price. It has smooth, predictable traction and is very comfortable. In the dry, it’s outstanding in terms of grip and inspires lots of confidence when leaned over.

Michelin Pilot Road 2 Motorcycle Tires

This all-in-one tire is perfect for the Motorcycle in your life that loves to wander, whether you’re hunting down breathtaking natural wonders or just looking to escape town. Never be unprepared for what’s lurking on the next roadway because these tires will keep you prepared with their enhanced wet weather traction and braking capabilities. The Michelin Dual Compound Technology will always leave you pleasantly surprised with its incredibly quick warm-up time, enabling better grip no matter where you are or what kind of environment it is, so it’ll feel like you never left home at all! With an extra 20% lifespan than the 2CT variant, this sleek black beauty is something that every traveler should have!


  • These are great-looking tires, with a harder compound on the sides for cornering.
  • These are definitely good tires. I live in a very hilly area and these tires give me excellent traction without the fear of losing grip.
  • Excellent compound and construction and they look badass on my bike!
  • amazing traction dry or wet. feel confident with these.

Kenda Cataclysm Bias Motorcycle Tires

Be the envy of your fellow bikers with these sleek, steel lines wrapped around your tires. With grooves designed to move water away from your treads and resist excessive wear, you’ll be cruising for miles without grabbing that spare tube or rolling down an embankment. When it gets wet (or dry), get a grip!


  • These tires grip the road really well. They’re also pretty quiet for a dirt tire.
  • Best traction brand on the market today!
  • The Kenda Cataclysm Bias motorcycle tires have been great so far.
  • These are well-made tires. The tread pattern provides excellent traction in dry or wet conditions, with superior handling compared to the stock tires that also came with my CBR650F. I’ve had them on for about 2 months now, and they seem to be wearing very evenly. No cracking or uneven wear in the tread. I have yet to notice any difference in noise level coming from the tires while riding.

Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tires

the Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tires. Made by and tested for Americans. So you can keep enjoying everything your country has to offer because these tires are up to the task of handling it all with stability, softness, and a long lifespan that’s deserving of an American rider. Seriously, these babies have more life span than just about any other tire out there so you don’t need to worry about replacing them anytime soon. At this price point, what could be better? these tires are pretty great and I’ve had no problems with them so far.


  • Love the grip and ride.
  • Michelin Commander II is a great tire for sport-touring riding
  • A dependable tire with a good price point, have been running this model on my bike for two seasons now. This is a well-balanced sport touring tire that can handle a variety of conditions from twisties to rain grooves in midwest highways to salt-stained roads near the ocean. Great overall value from Michelin!
  • Great grip, smooth ride, and long life. This tire makes the bike feel glued to the road.

The benefits of going with a premium tire over a budget one

They are obvious. Better grip, better handling, less noise. and value for money the premium ones provide pretty well, more of peace of mind.

However, it is not always prudent to go with the most expensive tire on offer. You need to do some research and find out which one suits your individual needs best!.

How To Choose the Best Tire for yourself

The tire is the only thing that comes in contact with road and ground, so it must be as hard as possible. so you need to know what kind of climate do you ride in more often. also, don’t forget about possibilities such as tire wear and damage due to potholes or off-road riding. also tire compound is very important, you need to choose the best one for your riding style.

you shouldn’t necessarily go for the most expensive tire. Getting the best one is very important but you should do some research to make sure it suits your individual needs.

when choosing motorcycle tires think about such factors as how often do you ride, what’s the weather like where you live, what kind of road surface do you ride on more often (wet roads or dry), how far are you willing to commute every day on your bike? keep in mind that even though there’s no difference in quality between a budget option and a premium one, better grip means less tire wear which also means they will last longer so in the long run they are cheaper. don’t forget about the different compounds, that’s a very important factor. It should be suitable for the riding style and conditions you usually face.

aspects to consider when buying tires

The tire isn’t just a matter of comfort but also safety so you must carefully consider each aspect.

the first thing you shouldn’t neglect is grip quality, no matter what kind of tire it is:  racing,  standard or off-road one. next is wet weather performance, remember that bike can skid if the road surface is wet enough, and don’t forget about noise level because some people find the quiet sound soothing while others might get annoyed by it. then we have tread life which affects how much money you need to spend on changing your tires after a certain period. finally, the last thing is the tire compound type which also affects durability, grip, and noise level.

there are different aspects to consider when buying motorcycle tires, not only comfort because it’s vital for safety as well.

factors to consider when buying new motorcycle tires.

you should carefully review certain factors before choosing a new set of tires for your bike. the first one is the grip quality, don’t forget it’s a matter of safety so you must make sure they are good enough. The next thing is wet weather performance which also affects road surface water drainage from the tire, then tread life which is a very important factor.

because after a certain period you will have to change tires anyway and if that happens frequently then this will become expensive in long term. there’s also noise level but some people might find the loud sound soothing while others might get annoyed by it. finally, compound type affects durability and grip so be careful when making a choice.

Aspect Ratio:

Aspect Ratio is a measurement of the height of a tire sidewall as it relates to the section width. The greater the number the taller the tire.


Now, you know how to choose Which Motorcycle Tires Last The Longest. we showed you the best brands for them and explained what to look for when making a purchase. keep in mind these tips when choosing tires. don’t forget about safety, comfort, and grip quality because they play the most important part in your riding!

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